Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 30

Third person's point of view

Slowly opening her eyes, Hazel looked at her surroundings in alert, her eyes quickly falling on the head of blond hair sitting on the chair next to her bed. A choked sob escapes her lips followed by loud cries.

Hearing these, Jax quickly woke up, looking around in alert. When he saw the tears that were constantly leaking out of Hazel's eyes, he rushed towards her. This caused her to flinch and press her body more into the headboard of the bed.

Seeing this, Jax slowed down, sitting on the edge of the bed, he raised his right hand to touch Hazel's cheek, at first Hazel flinched but soon relaxed under his touch which confused her to no end. Why does his touch feel so nice? She thought to herself.

"Are you okay now?" Jax asked as he looked at her with a sad expression. She didn't say anything except nodding.

"Who are you?" she asked, looking straight into his green eyes, her eyes were void of any emotions except fear and confusion.

"I'm Jax, the beta of red dawn pack." he said, still not breaking eye contact, he felt as if he was mesmerized by them. Seeing this, Hazel quickly tore her gaze away from him and looked at her lap.

"Why do we have a connection?" she asked still looking at her lap. Hearing this, Jax took in a deep breath, releasing it through his nostrils, the action was followed by a heavy sigh.

"Y.. You are supposed to be my mate. But I don't know how it's possible since my mate had rejected me." he said, his heart aching with each word. It felt as if the wound on his heart had been teared open making him gasp for air.

He took in quick breaths, his hand on his heart with his eyes clenched tightly. Hearing his rapid breathing, Hazel looked up and her eyes widened at Jax's sight. She moved towards him hugging him.

Jax felt two tiny arms wrapping themselves around him, he opened his eyes to see Hazel's head touching his chin. He felt a lot more calm now, wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her back, careful to not hurt her.

"My mate died during the attack on our pack. We had only been together for a week or so." Hazel said quietly, she was surprised that she wasn't stuttering like she would when she was with those rogues. Just thinking of them, she felt fear course through her veins, her body getting engulfed with the horrifying feeling.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Jax said whilst stroking her hair. He felt her head move as she shook her head mumbling something incoherent.


"I said, not your fault." she said once again, this time more audible. Jax sighed. He didn't know what to say. He was at a loss of words.

"May I know your name?" Jax asked when he remembered that he was still yet to know her name. Hazel pulled away from him and sat back in her previous position. The sudden disappearance of the warmth making her want to hug him again but she controlled herself.


"That's a very pretty name." he said, a barely there smile made its way on Hazel's face.

"Thank you." she said as she looked at her lap, a question that was continously revolving in her head that she so badly wanted to ask but didn't know if she should.

"Do you have your wolf?"

The sudden question surprised Jax a little. His wolf was there but he just didn't talk to him much, only did when Jax felt like killing himself or just screaming at the top of his lungs, wanting to take all the pain that was filled in his heart.

"I-I do. But he doesn't talk to me much. He is there but I feel as if he's not. He wasn't even able to recognize our con..." Jax says but stops when he realizes something, his eyes widening to a specific point.

"You don't have your wolf." Jax asked, more like stated. This was the reason their connection wasn't very strong and his wolf hadn't detected it.

"I.. I don't know if she's alive. After..." Hazel took in a deep breath before continuing, "After our pack was attacked and my m-mate was killed, she just dissappeared. I think she is healing herself but I just don't see or get to talk to her. I miss her."

"She was the only one I would've had when I was with those rogues. But she left me too. I was all alone." Hazel said, her voice breaking as she said each word, a lump forming in her throat making it hard for her to get the words out.

"I'm sorry." Jax said as he looked down at his lap, scared to look up because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle the pain that he would see in her Hazel orbs.

"it's... Not your fault." she said, her each word was laced with pain. It made Jax just want to hold her against his chest and tell her that everything would be alright but he knew he couldn't do this, he knew it wouldn't be this easy even if he tried very hard. But he still was hell bent on making everything right. He was going to go to extents for Hazel. He would go to extents for her.


The brownish colored liquid moved around in the glass as he lightly shaked it, his eyes looking at nothing in specific, just staring straight ahead.

There was pin drop silence on the room, not even a single sound could be heard but for Xavier, the demons that were continously rattling at their cages, shouting at him, screaming at him all the heinous acts that he had done, it felt as if a war was going on in his mind, one where he knew he was losing.

You destroyed her.

She doesn't deserve to be with a monster like you.

She could've had such a great life but you destroyed it.

You forced yourself on her.

You locked her in the dungeons.

You starved her for days.

She screamed and screamed but you never listened to her.

You never trusted her.

You are a monster.

She was just like a light but you took her light away and covered her with your darkness.

She was like an angel but you, a demon, clipped her wings and caged her.


Those words broke the last string of sense that Xavier had. The glass in his hand crushed as he gripped it too tightly. The blood seeped down his hand, falling on the carpeted floor but he could care less.

He wasn't like his father. His father was the reason he was like what he was. No, he couldn't be like his father.

Xavier continously shook his head saying no. His head fell back on the chair as he let out a little sob, his eyes closed but they quickly opened when he heard the door open. Who dare enter the room even when I had told them not to?

Xavier was about to yell at the person but all his words died down when he saw his angel standing there, looking at his hand with wide eyes. His eyes moved to his hand, the blood was still continously falling but he didn't feel any pain, no the pain in his heart was far too much for him to feel this type of pain right now.

Annabelle rushed towards him, her eyes were now filling with tears as she took careful steps towards him as if even her steps would hurt him.

Annabelle rushed towards him, her eyes were now filling with tears as she took careful steps towards him as if even her steps would hurt him.

"W-where's the first aid kit?" she asked, wincing at the sight of blood. Why is she caring for me? Even after I had done all those terrible things to her. When I didn't care, why should she? He thought.

"In the bathroom." Xavier murmered, Annabelle nodded and left to get the kit. Entering the bathroom, she started searching for the kit, it was a struggle since her hands were trembling badly.

Finally finding the kit, she headed outside of the bathroom. Her eyes met Xavier's quickly before she shifted them away, she didn't want to look him in the eye. The regret she was feeling wouldn't let her.

She opened Xavier's palm with much reluctance, knowing that when she would see the cut, she wouldn't be able to handle it.

An audible gasp escaped her lips as she looked at the large shard of glass that was now sticking out of Xavier's hand. She opened the kit and took out the tweezers.

She took the piece of glass out and put it on the tray, the whole shard was matted with blood making her wince.

After taking all the shards out, small and large ones, Annabelle wrapped his hand in the bandage. Not a single word was shared between them. But what surprised her even more was that not even a single hiss or sound escaped Xavier's mouth as she pulled all the shards out.

"Why did you do this?" Annabelle finally asked the question that had been continously bugging her. Hearing her, a sigh escaped Xavier's throat as he looked at his hand with his eyes narrowed.

"It was an acciden-" he started but Annabelle stopped him, "An accident? Are you kidding me? You did this because of me, didn't you?"

Not hearing a reply, Annabelle laughed, it was more like a sob mixed with a sarcastic laugh.

"I know you feel guilty for whatever you've done. But hurting yourself? Do you think that would make me feel any better?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt yo-"

"No! Don't, stop... I know you didn't want to hurt me but you so accidentally did." she said, her voice held pain. He instantly regretted what he had done.

"Please, don't apologize again. I know you would've have your reasons but if you are hurting, j-just please tell me. I'll try my best to help." she said when Xavier opened his mouth to apologize again.

"I will. I promise." he said, he wasn't so sure if he would keep his promise but he would try his best to. But he didn't want to hurt her. But wouldn't it hurt her if he didn't tell her either? He was so confused between the two decisions.

"Even if it hurts me, tell me." Annabelle said as if reading his thoughts. Xavier looked at her with his mouth slightly open, he was an alpha so he could block his thoughts easily and never let the block down. How did she know then?

"It was a guess." she said shrugging lightly. Xavier nodded, closing his mouth as he turned his attention back to his bandaged hand. His thoughts drift off to the girl that they had found.

"How is she?" he asked trying to change the topic and for once it had actually worked. A little smile that was sad but also had a hint of happiness in it appeared on his angel's face.

"She's fine now. You know jax might be her mate." she said as she smiled at him, this time a little brightly.

"That's great. But what do you mean by might?" he asked, the smile on his angel's face diminished a bit hearing his words.

"Jax said that he feels a connection but it's not strong. When I asked him what he meant, he said that it might not be his place to tell it." she said as she frowned at her own words. She seemed as if she was trying to figure out what Jax had meant.

"That's very peculiar. I haven't heard such a thing before." Xavier said as he tried to think of such a thing he must've seen before.

"Me neither but I'm glad that he has a mate now." Annabelle said, a small smile adorning her features causing a little smile to appear on Xavier's face too.

"It's good that we have our beta female now. But are they interacting? It might be hard for the girl after know what." Xavier said, his throat closing as he took the final words out. Seeing this, Annabelle pursed her lips but didn't say anything.

"Jax was there when I left the room. I'm not sure if he is still there. But one thing that om sure about is that Hazel will be happy with Jax." she said, a bright smile on her face once again. She sure looked happy for her friend and Hazel. How couldn't she be? After all he was one of her bestest friends and so was Hazel to her now.

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