Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 33

Annabelle's point of view

We were currently sitting in one of Xavier's car. I wore a pair of black jeans with a maroon turtle neck sweater and black boots.

I looked as the familiar surroundings of the pack house passed away. Xavier, once again, wasn't going to tell me where we were going.

I leaned against the cold window, taking in my surroundings. We were once again, in a place unknown to me. I wasn't worried that he would kill me but the slight unease was still there.

After what I had said, I had expected him to be angry and he might just take his anger out on me here. That was something that I wasn't looking forward to.

The car finally stopped in the middle of nowhere causing my heartbeat to increase. Xavier gets out of the car but I just stayed glued to my seat.

He opens my door causing me to flinch and lean in the car seat more.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you angel." he said, a frown etched on his face. Taking in a deep breath, I passed my hand to him. He held it gently as he pulled me out and led us into, once again, the Forrest but this time it was different.

I looked down at the ground to avoid falling since there were little twigs and rocks everywhere. I felt Xavier come to a halt after a while, I didn't look up since I was trying to take a twig that had somehow attached itself to my jeans. I felt Xavier lean down next to me as I struggled to remove the twig.

"Look up"

My breath hitched as I looked up. There was a table with two chairs, the table had a meal that was covered. What surprised was the beautiful lake behind the table. It was big and the water seemed so clear. It just made me want to go run towards it and put my feet in it but it was winters so I couldn't do that.

"Shall we take a seat?" Xavier asked from next to me, I nodded my head as I looked down at my jeans to see the twig was gone. Did he remove it?

He led the both of us to the table, he pulled a chair out for me to sit. I sat down not before thanking him to which he gave a polite smile that held sadness. It made me feel guilty but I knew I couldn't live here for now. I needed a break. I felt bad for leaving Hazel, she wouldn't have anyone else but I knew that Jax would take good care of her.

Xavier removes the lid covering the food, the mouth-watering smell of the lasagna makes me want to just grab the whole dish and eat it alone but I knew I couldn't do that. I didn't want to look like an animal who has been starved for days in front of Xavier.

Xavier took out the lasagna and dished it out on my plate as well as his. His eyes were fixed on the lasagna and mine on his.

"Aren't you going to eat?" I frowned in confusion and looked up at Xavier to see him looking at me with a small smug smile. I then realized that I had been caught staring red-handed. My cheeks reddened due to embarrassment.

Without saying anything, I focused on my food. A low chuckle escapes Xavier's mouth, it felt as if I could feel the smugness rolling off of him. Evil person.

"The food is good." I said trying to change the subject subtly and for once it actually worked. Xavier smiled happily hearing my words. He must've made the meal this time as well. He was a really good cook in all honesty.

"S-so you want me to drop you in the morning or...." Xavier said trailing off in the end. I thought about his words for a while. I wanted to inform Hazel because I didn't want her to think that I had left her.

"In the evening if that's possible." I said, a small smile which partially contained happiness arose on his face as he nodded his head eagerly.

"Anything for you angel."

I felt my cheeks heat up once again at the name that he used for me. I returned my focus again to the lasagna, not once leaving my eyes from it.

"I-you seem uncomfortable." I hear Xavier say, I finally divert my attention towards Xavier who was already looking at me with those calculative blue eyes.

"No, I am perfectly fine. Why do you say that?" I say tilting my head to the side. He looked down at his plate before mumbling incoherent words.


"I said, you are just quiet and seem to be in a daze. I am sorry if I forced you to come with me here." he said and that moment I realized that I had been acting like a sour patch. Do not ask me how that example came to my mind, it just did.

"I.. I am so sorry that you got the wrong idea. I actually want to be here. It's beautiful in here." I said looking at my surroundings in awe. It was a very beautiful place. I felt honored to get to see it.

"I'm glad that you like it." Xavier said, I looked at him, nodding with a smile on my face. The water of the lake was so clear, you could probably see your reflection in it.

"If I may ask, how did you find this place?" I asked, looking at him curiously. He just slightly shrugged, his eyes falling on the clear and sparkling water if the lake.

"Honestly, I don't even remember myself. It was a long time ago. My mother used to bring me here with her sometimes, she and I would play here together in the water. I used to love playing with her wolf, it was one of my favorite things ever. After she...passed away, I used to come here some of the times in remembrance of her and to just escape everything that was going through my life." I just looked at him with a sad smile.

"Wanna play a game?" I asked, he looked at me with a playful smile and nodded. I thought for a while what to say because I actually didn't know which game I was talking about.

"Questions. Just questions. I don't know, something like that? I ask you a question and you answer then you ask me one." I take a deep breath after finishing my rant. My cheeks redden as I head Xavier chuckle. Really? Just questions? What's wrong with me?

"Okay, so may I go first?" he asks and I nod my head, looking at him curiously.

"If you get a chance to have a pet, what would it be?" he asks, I nod my head as I think for a second. When I was little, I always wanted a cat or dog but with time, it changed.

"A koala."

I look at Xavier to see him looking at me with a small smile and adoration. "Why are you so damn adorable?" he says, I open my mouth to answer but close it when I realize what he said.

"So," I clear my throat before continuing, "What's your dream pet?" he bites his lips as he narrows his eyes, looking deep in his thoughts.

"A dog, a golden retriever to be specific." he says, I nod my head. I honestly didn't expect him to like golden retrievers, well, I didn't expect him to be kind either so I guess we are discovering a lot of stuff these days.

"If you would have any job other than being alpha, what would it be?" I ask with curiosity. Xavier looks at me with a playful smile.

"Isn't it my turn to ask?"

"Oh, it is. Ask, I'm sorry."

"I'll just ask the same question you asked me, so what did you want to be?" he asked as he looked at me with his head slightly tilted, curiosity shining in those midnight blue eyes.

"Well, I wanted to be a teacher, I love little kids so being with them would just be like a dream come true to me." I said with a slight shrug. I had always adored kids and also dreamt of having my own ones but after what had happened, I wasn't so sure.

"I would've wanted to be a doctor. It was just one thing that I found very interesting." Xavier said, I nodded at that even though I couldn't imagine him being a doctor. It just felt weird.

I know.

I slightly jump at his voice in my head as I put a hand on my chest. I seriously wasn't used to these sudden messages in the middle of my thoughts.

"Honestly, many people wouldn't expect me to be a doctor. I am the big, bad alpha that everyone fears, not someone who would save lives." at that moment, I felt my heart ache, his eyes held pain and sadness. I felt bad for thinking what I had.

"Don't feel bad. It's not your fault, I mean I wouldn't myself think that someone like me would be a doctor." I nodded as I looked down at my meal. I suddenly felt guilty even though I shouldn't but I did. I even felt bad for him, he was forced to chose this lifestyle, he was forced to be like what he was.

I looked up when I saw Xavier standing up, I decided to follow his action but stopped when he gestured for me to stop. He moved to the basket that lay on the grass covered ground.

He took out a box, I looked at it with confusion. Haven't we eaten already? What was in it?

He returned to his seat, opening the box that consisted of chocolate cake. A wide smile appeared on my face at its delightful sight.

I looked at him with hopeful eyes, waiting for him to put cakes on the plates that I hadn't noticed until now he brought as well. He cut a slice of the chocolate goodness and put it in one of the plates then he cut another piece that he dished out on the other plate. Passing me a plate and a fork, he silently ate his own cake.

I grabbed the fork before practically stabbing the cake with it. I picked the piece of chocolate goodness and stuffed my mouth with it. I honestly didn't care if I looked like an animal, I was hungry.

I ate my cake like the complete animal I sometimes become. As a few pieces of it rested on my plate, an idea struck me. A mischievous smile made its way on my face as I picked the piece up with the help of the work.

I saw that Xavier was still focused on his plate, looking deep in his thoughts. I swung my hand back before moving it forward, the chunk of cake flew in the air before landing on Xavier's cheek, he looked up with wide eyes, startled.

A series of laughs escaped my throats as I looked at his startled face, I was happy that he was deep in his thoughts because if he wasn't, he probably would've noticed it.

He gave me a playful glare, "I'll get you for this." he said before standing up from his chair, I laughed before getting out of my own chair and running away. The cold breeze blowing my hair with it.

I heard footsteps catching up on me and I ran as fast as I could. I hid behind a bush, holding my breath so he couldn't hear me and luckily he didn't. I stood up from the bush and looked around to find no one.

A triumphant smile made its way on my face as I carefully walked back to where we were seated. I mean, I didn't want to get lost and that was probably the most safest place. I didn't want to get eaten by wild creatures that had inhabited these woods.


A startled scream escaped my throat as I stumbled back and slipped backwards, my hands reached forward and gripped on anything available and that so happened to be Xavier's shirt.

We both fell in the water, Xavier had his hold on my waist as he brought me to the surface. I took in deep breaths, the water was cold, very cold.

I look at Xavier and glared at him while he looked at me with a wide grin. He didn't even seem bothered with the fact that the water was practically freezing.

"You-you evil being!!" I yell at him as I shivered. Xavier brought my body closer to his so I could feel the warmth he was radiating but it wasn't helping much.

"I have been called worse and you started it." he said laughing as I glared at him. I smacked his bicep as I looked at the water surrounding us, the reflection the the moon shone on it making it look so serene.

"It does." Xavier said as he looked at me with adoration, water droplets covered his face, his shirt that was fisted beneath my hands also was soaked.

"Yea, it does until a specific someone pushes you into the freezing water." I say, glaring at Xavier. He just laughs at my attempt of glaring at him.

"You started it and don't do this, you look extremely adorable... Makes me wanna kiss you." he murmured the last part but I still heard, my cheeks warmed up at his words.

"I-i t-think we shou-"

"Can I kiss you?"

Xavier blurts out and I look at him with my lips slightly parted, his gaze travels to my parted lips, his eyes visibly darkening at the sight. At that, I smacked my lips shut as I looked around him.

"I-I don't know." I say, I hear Xavier sigh before his arm around my waists drops slightly. Before he could completely remove it, I do something I probably wouldn't have ever expected to do.

I kiss him.

I kept my lips on his just for a few seconds before parting away but before I had the chance to completely back away, Xavier's lips were on mine again.

My eyes widened as his lips moved against mine. It wasn't one of those deep kisses but it was not a peck either. I slightly move my lips against his, feeling my body heat up.

He parts his lips when both of us were out of breath. Resting his forehead against mine, he tucks a wet strand of hair behind my ear, I could feel his warm breath fan my face.

"You don't know what you do to me." he said as he helped both of us in getting out of the water. I look down at my clothes that were completely soaked, the cold wind hit my soaked self with full force.

"And what do I do?" I ask slightly confused at his previous words as I try to dry my clothes which wasn't going so well.

Xavier turns around, looking at me with a small smile before whispering some barely audible words, I had to strain my ears to hear them.

"A lot of things."

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