Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 34

Annabelle's point of view

I woke up slightly early so instead of deciding to go back to sleep, I thought it would be better to start my day.

I went to the bathroom, taking a warm and relaxing shower. After that, I brushed my teeth and wore my outfit for the day that consisted of a pair of jeans that were folded right above my ankle and a ginormous sweater that reached almost below my knees. Even though it was huge, it was extremely comfy.

I didn't tie my hair as I would, usually. I just let it down in soft waves. The house was slightly chilly but not much. I looked outside the window of our room to see kids playing around even though it was super early. Kids. Never get tired. I so badly wanted to go down and play with them but I controlled myself.

I hear movement behind me and turn to see Xavier sit up in the bed as he rubbed his eyes in hopes of awaking him.

"Good morning."

"Good morning, angel." he said, I smiled as he stood up from the bed and headed straight to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on after a few moments.

I decided to give Hazel a visit if she was up. Opening the door to our room, I headed out, I looked around and saw that most of the people had now woken up and were already starting their assigned jobs.

Arriving at Hazel's room, I lightly knocked at the door, praying that she wasn't sleep because if she was then this would've disrupted it.

The door opens and I see Hazel standing there in one of the outfits that I had given her. She looked slightly better than before, of course the exhaustion her eyes held was still there but there was also a shimmer of happiness.

"Hey, good morning." I said, she gave me a small smile before returning my greeting and gesturing me to come inside. I stepped inside the room and my gaze quickly fell on the room that had practically not a single speck of dust.

"How are you?" I said, turning around and facing Hazel who moved towards the bed and sat down, gesturing me to sit down as well. I did.

"Been better, I suppose." she said, I nodded with a sad smile. She looked down at her lap, fumbling with her fingers.

"I want to try and be happy but I can't." she said, her voice was barely above a whisper but I still heard it. Her words pained me. What she was feeling was all too familiar to me.

"What's holding you back?" I asked as I looked at her with a soft smile. She looked at me, her eyes held pain, immense pain.



"M-my mate, he d-died. Rogues killed him." she said and I felt my heart ache at her words. Losing your mate hurt. More than someone could ever imagine. I know I couldn't understand the pain she was going through but I could tell that it would've been terrible.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." I said, she just shook her head saying it wasn't my fault.

"I-you want to have breakfast downstairs with us?" I asked, I wasn't sure if she would like to come but it would be good for her own self to get out.

"I guess." she said with a slight shrug. Seeing this, a bright smile forms on my face as I pull her in a gentle hug. She slightly stiffens but relaxes after a few moments.

Her frail arms wrap themselves around me and moments later, I feel tears soaking my sweater as her shoulders shake with each sob. I feel my own eyes starting to get watery.

I rub her back in a comforting manner while both our tears stream down our faces. After a while, she pulls back, wiping the remnants of tears on her face, I copy her action, taking in a deep breath.

Aren't you going to come for breakfast?

I hear Xavier in my mind, there was a hint of worry in his voice. After replying to him, saying that I will be there, I look at Hazel to see her taking in deep breaths with her eyes closed.

"Shall we go?" I asked, she opens her eyes, nodding her head at me before standing up shakily. I hold her hand and we both exit her room.

Arriving downstairs, I see Xavier and Jax talking about something that was probably related to the pack. Both of their heads snap towards us, Xavier's eyes remain on me while jax's on Hazel.

I can feel Hazel growing uncomfortable so I look at Jax, silently indicating him to stop looking at her like the way he was, although he was just looking at her with longing.

We both sit down, Hazel sits down next to me while Jax in front of me. Xavier was, as always, sitting on the head chair, his eyes were fixed on me as he gave me a small smile which I returned.

Xavier puts a little of everything on my plate before eating his own food. I ask Hazel what she would like and she just replied with 'anything would be fine' so I placed a little of everything on her plate.

We all started eating our food in silence, occasionally Jax would steal a glance at Hazel. Xavier was busy typing on his phone, a frown was settled on his face as he looked at his phone.

"I will take my leave, I might be busy in the office so if you need anything, feel free to ask." Xavier said, standing up as looked at the all of us. Mostly at me.

"See you later then." I said with a small smile. Seeing this, Xavier also smiled back at me before leaving the dining area. My eyes snapped towards Jax who relaxed himself in his seat as he let out a long 'phew'.

"Thank God, he's gone now or else my back would've broken off with the way I was forced to sit." he said as he skidded down the chair to a point where his feat were touching mine. I look at him incredulously. Was he for real?

"Straighten up this instant and are you crazy! What if Xavier heard you?!" I kind of whisper-yelled at him but he looked like he couldn't care less.

"Hey, you can't boss me!" he said, completely ignoring the second part of our conversation. I look at him with a small evil smile.

"I mean, I can. I am the Luna after all. So straighten up this instant." I said while sitting up straighter and looking at him with a stern face.

"Oh no! You are turning just like him! Oh dear goddess, what has he done to my poor, innocent friend?" he said as he sobbed.

I was going to say something when a laugh stopped us. Both our eyes snapped towards Hazel, who looked at the both of us with a little smile.

"You both are so cute."

"Oh, don't worry, you will see a lot of cuteness of this idiot." I drawled out looking at Jax who flipped his hair dramatically. Don't girls do that? I seriously sometimes doubt why I'm friends with him.

"About that…" Hazel said, her eyes focused on her lap where her hands laid, intervened with one another. I look at her curiously to what she had to say.

"I want to be happy with you." she said, looking up from her lap and straight into Jax's eyes.

Jax's point of view

"I want to be happy with you." she said as she looked straight into my eyes. Her Hazel eyes bore into my green ones.

Hearing her words, what did I feel? Happiness, immense happiness and even more happiness.

When I had found out that I was given another chance of having a mate, I was ecstatic but then knowing what she had to go through, I felt my hopes slightly die down. I wasn't sure if she would even want a mate again.

But now hearing her words, I felt like going outside and shouting out to everyone how happy I was.

"Well, I'm glad that you have decided to give me a chance." glad? I was touching the fucking clouds. The amount of happiness I felt was practically indescribable.

"Okay, now stop before I start crying." I hear Ann say, I turn my head towards her to see her looking at the both of us with slight tears in her eyes and a wide smile.

I looked at Hazel to see a wide blush that spread all the way down to her neck. I smiled in awe at her, she was just so adorable.


Annabelle's point of view

Taking in a deep breath, I knocked at the door that blocked my way from seeing Xavier.

I heard a tired 'come in', taking that as cue, I entered the office. I looked at Xavier to see him focused on the screen if his laptop, his eyes held exhaustion.

He looked up from the laptop screen to me, a small tired smile set on his lips as he gestured me to sit down.

"Time to go?" he asked, I gave him a nod as I sat down on one of the chairs that sat in front of Xavier's desk. Xavier's eyes shifted towards his watch, his eyes widened when he saw the time. He probably hadn't thought that he had been holed up in here for this long.

"Well let's go then." he said, standing up from his chair, I stood up as well. He walked towards me and passed me one of his hands, I took it without hesitation and he led the both of us downstairs.

I was glad that Hazel had decided to give Jax a chance, this way I wouldn't have to worry about her being uncomfortable around him.

I had said my goodbyes to Hazel before this, she didn't ask me why I was going but I knew she must've been curious so I told her that it was my parent's anniversary and I was going to see them.

It wasn't a complete lie since their anniversary was in a couple of weeks.

We sat inside Xavier's black audi, Xavier turned the car in ignition and drove away from the pack house. His grip on the steering wheel told me that he was tense. Well, his whole body told me that he was tense.

He wasn't ready to let go of me? It's not like I was going to stay there forever. I planned on coming back in a day or two. I just needed a little bit time with my family.

We finally arrived at my house and as soon as we did, a feeling of warmth and comfort made its way into my heart.

"Aren't you going to come?" I asked, turning towards Xavier who hadn't made a single move since the car stopped. His eyes were fixated on the steering wheel, he was clutching it so tightly that his knuckles turned white. His head snapped towards me when he heard me, his jaw was clenched.

"Uh, no. Last time wasn't such a great interaction all because of me so I think it would be awkward if I come." he said, I nodded my head remembering the last time we had came here and the events that had taken place.

"Okay then, see you in a few days." I said and was about to exit the vehicle when a hand on my wrist stopped me. I looked at Xavier to see his hand gripping my wrist in a firm grip, not too harsh but not too gentle either.

"You'll come back in a few days?" he said, perplexed. I nodded my head as I tugged at my wrist in hopes that he would release it. I know he would but this act had suddenly brought up all the memories that I had tried to shove at the back of my mind.

Seeing my panicked state, he quickly let go of my wrist, "Shit, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please calm down. God, I always fuck it. I'm sorry, angel." he rambled but I raised my left hand to stop him while I put my right hand on my chest.

After finally calming down, I looked at Xavier who had overwhelming guilt in his eyes. Seeing this, I diverted my eyes towards the front door of my house.

"I never break a promise Xavier. I told you, I will come back so I will." I said, opening the door of the car and stepping outside. The chilly wind hit me with full force. I looked back at Xavier to see that he had also gotten out of the car and was now leaning against the hood.

"You are coming?" I asked with one brow raised. Xavier shook his head saying that he just wanted to say goodbye to me. I just shrugged saying nothing.

I was about to head to the door when strong arms stopped me. He really didn't want to let me go, now did he?

"I'm sorry for stopping you but just let me hug you for just a second, please." he said his cheek rested at the top of my head as he held me tightly, making me feel the warmth that he was emitting.

I wrapped my arms around him as well, seeing my action, his arms tightened themselves around me slightly.

After a few moments, he took a step back as he looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact.

"I'll miss you. A lot." he said with both his fists clenched at his sides. His voice was low, it almost felt like it was carried away by the cold breeze.

A small smile made its way on my lips. Even if he didn't say the words, his actions were enough to tell me how much he would miss me.

"I'll miss you too, Xavier." I said as I made my way towards the front door. There wasn't a lie in those words because I knew I would. Even if I didn't want to admit it. I knew I'd miss him.

I turned towards Xavier to see him leaning against the hood of his car with his eyes casted downwards. His fists were clenched and so was his jaw. Signs that showed that he was trying his best not to cry.

I'll miss you Xavier. A lot.

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