Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 35

Annabelle's point of view

The door opened to reveal a distraught looking Carson. Upon seeing me, his eyes widen and light up with happiness and before I know it, he has me wrapped up in his arms. I laugh at that and hug him back.

He finally leaves me and looks around probably checking if Xavier is there or not, by the car sound that I had heard before, I knew he was gone.

He sighs in relief knowing that there is no one then he turns towards me with a bright smile but eyes tell me how many sleepless nights he has been facing. I frown at that.

"Let's go inside! Everyone will be delighted to see you!" he says in an excited tone. I nod my head with a wide smile and the both of us enter the house.

The aroma of hot chocolate and coffee hit me as I enter the living room where dad and Carlos were focused on the television screen watching a football game.

Their eyes snapped towards me when they sensed another presence. Carson came behind me and threw his arm over my shoulder.

"We missed you." Carson whispered, his voice was enough to tell me how much he had missed me and how much he was suffering from something other than that.

"Me t-" I was cut off by the voice of my other ever annoying brother, "OH MY GODDESS, ITS ANN! OUR ANN? Oh wow. SHE'S ALIVE!!!" I gawked at him, had he really expected me to die? Wow.

The arm of Carson was thrown off of me as Carlos grabbed my shoulders and practically jumped on the spot.

"Oh my lord, we have a lot of gossip to do, girly!!!" I took a step back and looked at him warily. Dad was looking at the both of us with happiness as well.

I turned towards Carson who was looking at Carlos while his shoulders slightly shook with silent laughter.

"Was he always like this or the pain of me leaving has turned him insane?" I asked, hearing me Carlos looked offended but Carson just shrugged.

"Nah, he was always a little bitch."

"Hey! No I wasn't! Look dad, Carson used a bad word!" Carlos turned towards dad as he yelled at him while pointing his finger towards Carson. Carson looked clearly unbothered.

"I'm not five, little girl." Carson said with a blank face. Carlos didn't take it though. He even went as far to screaming for mom to help him.

"Now you see what I deal with." dad said, I agreed with him. He came towards me and hugged me.

"I missed you, kiddo." he said, I nodded my head unable to form words. I had missed my family so much. Words couldn't describe how much I had missed them.

"My baby!!" I hear my mom yell before she takes me in her arms. I laugh at that. I have a slight idea where Carlos got his crazy side.

"I missed you so much honey." she said, I could feel the tears that soaked my shoulder. Her shoulders shook with each sob, I took in a deep breath so I wouldn't break down with her as well.

"I missed you too mom." I said as I rubbed my mother's back in hopes that it would somehow calm her down.

She let go of me a few moments later, wiping the tears that streamed down her cheeks with a little laugh, "Goddess, I ruined your sweater."

"So? It's okay. I'm glad that I got to see you guys." I said with a smile. My mom suddenly went pale as she looked deep in her thought.

"Did he not let you go? How has he been acting with you? Does he hurt you? Does he force you into doing things? Does he not feed you? Oh goddess, you look so malnourished." my mom said all in a single breath while I just looked at her wide eyed. How did she manage to say that much in a single breath was out of my knowledge.

"No, mom, he doesn't hurt me. Not anymore." I said, this caused all of them to just stare at me like I was some other type of specie.

"I can't belive you're not lying, Ann." Carson said as he looked at me, probably trying to figure out if I was lying or not.

"You know I'm a horrible liar, Carson. And I promise he doesn't hurt, in fact he even allowed me to stay here for as long as I wanted to." I said with a slight shrug.

"Great, you're not going then!" Carlos yelled happily. I pursed my lips hearing his words.

"Well, no, I will be going back. I have made a promise and I'd like to keep it."

"Okay, enough with the talk. Let's eat!!" my mom yelled clapping her hands together. I laughed, nodding my head. We all sat down at the table where a variety of dishes were set.


I went up to Carson's room, lightly knocking on the door. I waited outside for a few seconds to get a response but I didn't so slowly opening the door, I poked my head in to see if Carson was there.

The room was dark, the only light coming from the moon and that was where Carson was seated. He was facing the window with his head rested on his arms that rested above his knees.

Hearing me enter, his head snapped towards me, his eyes were red and tears were streaming down his face. He quickly wiped them but I still saw them.

"A-are you alright?" I asked as I went to sit down next to him, he made a little bit space for me, now he was sitting with his head held between his hands.


With that one word, it felt as if a dam had broken, Carson's whole body shook with sobs that were filled with agony. It pained me to even look at him.

"What happened, Carson? Why are you crying? Is everything alright?" I asked holding his shoulders and making him turn towards me. He just shook his head, continuing to sob.

I didn't know how to stop him so I just hugged him and let him take it all out. It was never good to bottle up your emotions.

"Can you come with me?" he asked, wiping the few tears that remained. I nodded my head, confused.


"You'll know." he said as he grabbed my hand and led the both of us out. Mom and dad were probably in their room, already asleep. Carlos was probably busy playing video games.

Carson opened the front door and led the both of us out to his car. I was still confused as to where we were going in practically the middle of the night.

We stopped in front of a house that I had never been to before. Carson got out of the car so I just decided to follow his action.

Carson knocked at the door and after a while an elderly lady opened it. She looked at me and then at Carson, realization dawned in her eyes as she looked at Carson. Who was she?

"Is she here?" Carson asked, it sounded more like a whisper to my ears. The woman nodded at that and ushered the both of us in.

I was still confused as we walked up the stairs and into a room in which laid a beautiful pink baby cot.

A loud gasp escaped past my lips as I looked at the little baby which was wrapped in a floral clothe.

I looked at Carson and then again at her and that's when realization hit me.

"She's your daughter." I said, Carson nodded at that, his eyes still fixed on the little girl that laid on the cot, a sad smile settled on his lips.

"She is. My mate left me saying that she was too young to be a mother. She also left her own fucking child. How could a mother ever do such thing?" he said with bitterness lacing his tone.

"Why didn't you tell mom and dad about her? I'm sure they would be ecstatic to see their beautiful granddaughter." I said with a smile. Carson looked at me hopefully.

"They will?" he asked and I nodded my head, smiling at the beautiful little girl that peacefully laid in the cot.

"They will."


Xavier's point of view

I sat on my desk with my head between my hands. Recently, the pack work was a lot. Apparently, the rogues had decided that attacking my pack was going to be their recent favorite hobby.

Suddenly, the face of my angel popped into my head. Oh, how I miss her and it's not even been a single day. I had never believed a person could have so much effect on someone but my angel proved me wrong. She proved me wrong in so many ways and I have never been more happy about anything.

A person came into my mind and all of my previous thoughts vanished, now replaced with guilt. Who knew that the infamous Xavier Nicholas Knight would ever feel guilt?

I stood up from my chair and left my office but not beforing sending a quick text to one of my trusted men. On my way to my destination, I saw the beta huddled up with the girl that we had found. They both were watching a movie although they looked like they were going to fall asleep soon.

How would it be if my angel was here as well with them? I shook my head, trying to remove those thoughts. She needed a break and I would give her that. After what I have done to her, she should've rejected me but she didn't. Why? I am not sure.

I gave a curt nod to the guards standing at the door of the basement before entering. As always, the stench of blood, urine and rotten food hit me. I scrunched my nose in distaste and guilt once again gnawed at me for leaving him here even after what he had done to me.

He was the one who knocked some sense into me.

I opened the door to the cell, moving inside. I looked at the person whose head was lowered as he sat on the floor, chained.

Sensing my presence, he looked up at me with brows furrowed. Obviously confused why I had returned. Taking in a deep breath, I said the words that a few months back, I would have never ever said to someone.

"I'm sorry."

Scott's eyes widened as he looked at me like I had grown two heads. He pushed his body a little so he was now properly leaning against the wall. He looked rather thin. I mean, he was living in the dungeons.

"Wh-at? Y-ou ar-e apolo-ogizin-g to me." he sputtered. I bit my lip, what the fuck had I done to this poor man? He was just going after his mate, the old me would obviously not understand this but the new me did and felt extreme guilt as well.

"I am. I am sorry for making you go through whatever you had to go through. I know a sorry won't fix whatever I have done but I still apologize." I said while looking down. I felt movements and a few seconds later, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Scott standing there with a small smile.

"Your mate managed to change you, I assume." he said with a slight laugh which caused him to cough. I gave him a slight nod before moving and opening the chains that had held him down for so long.

"She did. All because of you. If that day you wouldn't have said those words, I don't think I would be here." I said, standing back up.

"Now I think you should get cleaned up and bandaged." I said, Scott nodded at my words and the both of us exited the dungeons.


Scott was given a room to stay at, I was currently in my office, as always. I felt a knock on the door, replying with a 'come in', I went back to work. Scott stepped inside and I smiled at that.

He look way better than he did before. His skin was now grime, dirt and blood free, his wounds were bandaged and he was also given a fresh pair of clothing.

"You called me, alpha." he said with a slight bow. I nodded my head and stood up from my desk.

"I need you to come with me." with that said, we both left the office and headed downstairs and out to the gardens.

Third person's point of view

Scott took a sharp breath in as he smelt the scent. His eyes quickly falling on the brunnete that looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Leah…" with that said, he ran towards his mate, hugging her close to his chest. Sobs escaped from the both of them as they held each other tight, afraid that one would dissappear.

"I-I had missed you s-so much." he said as he peppered her face with kisses, her mate laughed through her tears as she looked at her mate with love.

"I know this is not much and doesn't justify my actio-" Xavier started but Scott cut him off.

"Thank you, alpha. Thank you." Scott said, his eyes still on his mate, a content smile on his face as he caressed his mate's hair.

Xavier smiled at that, it was a smile filled with guilt. Mates was such a beautiful bond and he wanted to break that. He couldn't even stay away from his angel from a single day and he kept him away from his mate for almost an year.

"You're welcome."

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