Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 36

Annabelle's point of view

I picked up a crying Harmony in my arm. I used to call her by her second name, her full name being Rhea Harmony Carson. The name suited her, it was adorable just like her.

I cradled her in my arms as I sat down on my bed, my family knew I adored kids and Carson was more than happy that I had agreed to take care of Harmony for the time I would be here.

Her crib was also shifted in my room, so was her other necessities. My mom also would be here most of the time, including my whole family. They loved Harmony to bits. When they found out about her, they were ecstatic. Carson was probably not expecting that reaction but he was really happy with how things were turning out for him and his daughter.

On the other hand, Carlos… well he has definitely gone insane. He doesn't leave my room, ever and is practically attached to Harmony like a chewing gum.

Harmony doesn't mind it either, in fact she loves all the hugs and cuddles she gets from her uncle, not to forget the funny faces. I don't think Carlos needs to make a funny face to make her laugh though.

In the single day that I have passed with Harmony, I have noticed that she is a very happy little girl. Always laughing and playing. But when she is hungry, well then she becomes the mini version of hulk.

I pick up the bottle that sat on my side table and move it towards harmony, upon seeing it, she opens her mouth, reaching her hands out in hopes of grabbing the bottle.

Her cries finally seize as she happily drinks her milk. I look at Carlos who was currently knocked out on the little bed we had made for him on the floor. Well, we were forced to make. I mean, it was around 2am so probably everyone was asleep by now. I didn't mind being up for Harmony though.

I looked down at Harmony to see that half of her bottle was already gone. I raise my brows in surprise. She's fast.

After she was done, I took the bottle away and picked her up in a way so her head was laying on my shoulder. I felt her drool on my shoulder, I laughed at that as I patted her back lightly in order for her to burp.

After a few pats and my whole shoulder being almost covered of drool, she burped. I then, once again, laid her down on my lap and saw that she was stuffing her little fist in her mouth now since she didn't have my shoulder anymore. I gently took her fist away, removing her bib, I wiped all the drool that was now covering her face and fist. She let out a sweet giggle while I did so making a wide smile appear on my face.

I gently rocked her in my lap while also gently patting her. After a while, I saw her rub her eyes indicating that she was feeling sleepy. I rocked her as I sang a rhyme that I had learnt in the time period where I was obsessed with them. That period being when I was around five or six.

Hush, little baby. Don't say a word.

Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird.

And if that mocking bird don't sing.

Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring is brass.

Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.

I looked down at Harmony to see her sleeping peacefully. Her hands rested at the side of her head as she breathed steadily. Gently cradling her in my arms, I stood up and laid her down in her crib.

I picked the baby monitor and went downstairs to get a glass of water. As I passed Carson's door, I heard sobs. I didn't know if I should comfort him or not. He was grieving. I know. But he also had a little angel that needed him more than anyone.

Taking in a deep breath, I knocked on his door before entering it. I saw Carson sitting in the same position that I had seen him last night.

"Carson…" I said as I stepped inside the room. His attention turned towards me as he looked at me with red, puffy eyes.

"Thank you, thank you so much for taking care of her." he said with a broken smile. I smiled as I went and sat down next to him.

"I'm glad that I got to help and she's adorable, I would do anything to be with her." I said with a slight shrug. I knew I was getting attached to Harmony and I also knew that I would have to leave her soon enough.

"She is…" he said trailing off as he looked at his hands that sat peacefully in his lap. I raised my hand and put in on his shoulder, encouraging him to say whatever he wanted to let out.

"I don't know if I'll be a good father." he said with his head in his hands. I shake my head, making him turn towards him. He avoids meeting my eyes though.

"You will be a great father. I believe in you and so does our family. Everyone already adores her to bits and the fact that Carlos won't even leave her for a single second explains a lot." I said, scowling at the snoring idiot that was lounging in my room. I heard Carson chuckle as he moved his hair out of his face.

"M-my mate. She used to be a sweet and kind girl. I loved her, a lot. After we mated, she just disappeared. There was no sign of her anywhere. I kept looking for her but I couldn't find her, after a while I lost hope and just when I thought I was finally over her, she appeared with a baby saying that it was mine. I didn't believe her. I despised her. Well that's what I tried to make myself believe. I got her DNA test and it turned out that she actually was my daughter. After that, when I decided that maybe, just maybe we could be together, the bitch disappeared once again. " he finished and I couldn't help but feel incredibly bad for him.

"I-I don't know what to say except that I'm really sorry." I said, now moving my own gaze to my fumbling fingers.

"It's not your fault, Ann. Now let's forget about that, how is my little girl doing?" he asked with a smile. A bright smile also made its way on my face as I thought about Harmony. She was just such an adorable little girl.

"She's going great. She is honestly the cutest little thing I've ever seen!" I say, my smile widening ever further when I remember her sweet little giggles.

"Ah, well I can assure you that your kids will be cuter." he says with a smug face. I narrow my eyes at him, my smile now being replaced by a scowl. He just laughs at me because I know my cheeks were probably red. Goddess, sometimes I really hate him.

Jax's point of view

I stroll inside the kitchen to see all the maids busy doing their work. I stop one of them who looks to be around my age. Upon seeing me, she gives me a wide smile.

"How may I help you, beta?" she asks, now standing up even straighter and pushing her chest practically in my face. I take a step back, internally gagging. Goddess, what is wrong with these maids?

"Well, have you see my mate? She has blonde hair and Hazel eyes." I ask with a sickeningly sweet smile, putting as much emphasis as I could on 'my mate'. Hearing me, the mate grits her teeth taking a couple of steps back.

"So have you seen her?" I ask once again in hopes of receiving an answer. If I didn't have a question, I would have not wasted a single second from running far away from this bitch. She looks like the epitome of desperation honestly.

"No, I haven't." she said with an eye roll. I raised my brow at that. She really doesn't know her place, now does she?

"Well, I'd like for you to prepare a meal please. And keep that bitchy attitude to yourself because next time you do that, you might never be able to say anything again." I said as I glare at her. She squirms under my gaze before rushing off. As she isn't in sight, I release a deep breath. Damn, being beta is hard.

The maid comes a few minutes later with a tray that consisted of baked beans, rice, cut chicken and soup. Giving her another overly sweet smile of mine, I exit the kitchen.

As I make my way to Hazel's room, I think of her words. She wants to be happy with me. Man, if those weren't the best words that I had ever heard in my life, I don't know what were. They were even better than 'class is canceled' and 'we got food'!

I lightly knock at Hazel's door, a wide smile on my face. I know I probably look like a complete creep but it's not like I care. Hopefully, she doesn't get scared of me.

I knock once again when I hear nothing. She probably must be asleep. I open the door carefully, trying my best not to make any noise.

But when I do look inside, the tray drops from my hand creating a loud crash sound. I felt my whole body go numb. It was as if I couldn't feel anything. I wanted to scream, say something but nothing came out.

Because there laid Hazel with both of her wrists bleeding. She slit her wrists. Finally gaining some sense back, I rush towards her and pick her up in my furiously trembling arms.

I knew I never tasted death but at that moment, I felt like I did.

I let out a loud cry of pain as I rushed out of her room as fast as I could and making my way to the infirmary. Hot tears fell down my face in streams as I looked at my mate's pale body laying lifeless in my arms.

I shouted for doctors as soon as I entered the infirmary. A bunch of female doctors gathered around me, they brought one of those rolling beds and made me lay Hazel down on it.

They stopped me from entering the room as they took her away. I felt my legs give up on me making me collapse down on the cold marble floor. A loud cry, one filled with agony and pain escaped my lips as I shook my head frantically, not believing what had just happened.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, looking up, I saw an elderly woman looking at me with kind eyes.

"Dear, you should get up and try to be strong for the sake of your mate." she said with a kind smile. I nodded at her words, getting up from the floor and wiping the tears that were constantly flowing down my cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry for sitting in the middle of the hallway and blocking your pat-" I started but the kind lady cut me off.

"Nonsense dear, you are in pain. As a mother, I can not see any child in pain so you blocking my path is the least of my worries right now." she said, she reminded me a lot of my mother. I gave her a slight nod before wiping the fresh tears that had escaped my eyes once again.

I took a seat in one of the chairs, the chair was cold, very cold but I felt numb once again. I didn't feel anything. Many questions swarmed my head.

Why did she do it? Didn't she say she wanted to be happy with me? What caused her to do it? How long was she lying there? Was it because of me?

But the one question that plagued my mind and scared me to death was…

What if she doesn't survive?

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