Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 37

Jax’s point of view

I don’t know how long I sat there, waiting for the doctors to tell me something, anything. Well, they didn’t.

My leg bounced as I stared at the pristine white ceiling of the infirmary, my hands resting on my lap. The cold, plastic chair was uncomfortable to say the least but at the moment, I was too lost in my thoughts.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and instantly looked up, hoping that it would be the doctors but my hope died down when I saw it was the alpha.

He looked like he was extremely uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t expect him to be comfortable.

“I-she’s going to be okay. Have faith.” he said taking his hand away from my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say so I settled on a nod.

“You should be at work alpha. The problems with the rogues is increasing day by day. I’ll take care here.” I said with a slight shrug. The rogues were a huge pain in the ass to begin with but nowadays I sometimes felt like ripping my hair out.

“I know but,” he paused for a second before continuing, “if you need anything, I’ll be here?” although it seemed like he was questioning the words he said, I gave him a small smile and a nod.

He was changing. She was changing him. Never in a thousand years would I’ve ever expected for the infamous Xavier Nicholas Knight to be kind and caring towards anyone.

“I will, thank you alpha.” I said with a nod of gratitude. Alpha returned my nod before leaving. Since Annabelle had gone back to her house, he wasn’t acting the same. He really seemed to miss her. He hadn’t visited his room even once and was holed up on his office doing work. The slight bags under his eyes were surely complaining.

A sigh escaped my lips as I looked at the door through which they had taken my mate. My mate. Fate had given me a second chance and I still messed it up. I felt like it was all my fault.

I didn’t want to close my eyes because I knew the image of her lying there with both her wri- no, I didn’t even want to think about it.

The ache in my chest was overwhelming. I had felt the pain of rejection, yes but this? It was way more painful. It felt as if someone drove a knife into my chest and was twisting it mercilessly. It made me want to rip my fucking heart out.

I heard the opening and closing of a door and immediately sat straight up, turning my attention to the doctor who was headed my way.

I stood up from my chair, eager but fearful to know what they were about to tell me. The doctor’s expression was neutral giving nothing away which scared me even more.

“How is my mate doctor? Is she alright? Is she up? Is she in pain?” I asked not even stopping a single moment to breathe. The doctor raised her hand stopping me from asking even further questions.

“Calm down, son. Take a deep breath first.” she said, her expression still neutral. I shook my head. I couldn’t. Even if I tried to. I couldn’t.

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I need to know about my mate.” breathing seemed to be pointless at that moment. The neutral expression of the doctor finally changed as she give me a sad smile.

“She’s fine now, son. Luckily, you were there at time, if you were even slightly late, she might not have survived.” her words brought a sense of immense relief but also scared me. What if I would’ve been slightly late? Would my mate not b- I rejected to think the possibilities.

“C-can I see her?” I asked, hopeful. I really wanted to see her. I really needed to see her.

“You can, she might be up.” the doctor said with an encouraging nod. Thanking her, I made my way to the room. I opened the door carefully so if she was asleep, she wouldn’t wake up.

But she wasn’t. She sat there looking at her wrists with what I assume was guilt. Her attention turned towards me when she heard the door open. But her eyes immediately lowered when she saw it was me.

“Hey..” I said with a small smile as I made my way to sit down on the chair that sat next to her bed.

“I’m sorry.” she blurted out making me momentarily stop before I continued making my way to the chair. Sitting down, I looked at her with a smile even though my heart was still aching painfully.

“Hey, don’t say that. It’s not your fault. You were at a low point in life, a point where we all go through. So it’s not your fault it you acted against it.” I said with an encouraging smile while she just looked at me shocked and as if I was some unworldly creature.

“I thought you’d be a-angry.” she said as she played a strand of her hair, trying her best to avoid her wrists.

“Why would I be? I told you before and I’ll tell you again that it’s not your fault. Yes, I was sad but that was it, I could never even think of being angry with you.” I said, truthfully. As I looked up at her, I saw her looking at me with tears shining in her eyes as she sniffed. Shit, did I say something wrong?

“I-I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong? I apologize if I did. I really didn’t me-” she stopped me from rambling by raising her hand and shaking her head.

“N-no, you didn’t. I’m just surprised of how kind you are. How do you even exist?” she said making me laugh.

“Only for my mate.”

“Can I hug you?” I said, almost instantly regretting it. I just wanted to have her in my arms. The last time I had her in my arms, she looked like all the life was sucked out of her body. I badly wanted to remove that memory.

“I guess…” she said, her eyes focused on her lap, a beautiful shy smile gracing her innocent features. Suddenly, something flashed in her eyes which I reckoned as hurt as she looked at her hands that sat in her lap.

Quickly standing up but not quick enough to startle her, I hugged Hazel. It was kind of a side hug since I had one of my arms around her shoulders while my other hand rested peacefully in my lap.

I felt something soft touch my chest, looking down I saw Hazel’s cheek pressed against my chest as she breathed steadily, a small smile on her lips.

I kissed the top of her head, bringing her closer to my body. She was all I needed to complete my once meaningless life. She was my light in the times of darkness, I’ll never let her light fade away. Ever.

“Don’t you want to know the reason behind my actions?” she asked, raising her eyes and staring at me with guilt. I gave her a warm smile even though I still felt like going to my room and crying in my pillow.

“I do, but not now. Only when you feel comfortable enough to tell me.” I said as I raised my hand, tucking back the strands of hair that had fallen on her angelic face.

“Why are you so kind?” she asked, tilting her head slightly to the side as she looked at me with a confused expression. I just shrugged.

“If I wouldn’t be kind, then who would?”

She nodded her head, laying her head back on my chest. A content sigh made it’s way out of my mouth as I held my mate close to me.

This was home. In her arms. I had heard so many people talk about stuff like that and I never believed that, just assuming them to be fairytales that would never exist in real life. But her she was, making me rethink all of the decisions I had made in my life.

She was home to me, my entire world and I would never let go of her.

Third person’s point of view

A tired sigh made its way out of Xavier’s mouth as he stretched his arms over his head in hopes of relieving his body of some of the tiredness and exhaustion. It did help a little but not much.

He looked at the numerous documents that were scattered across the table and sighed. Since the day his angel had left, he had done what every man would do. Busy himself in loads and loads of work.

Now that he actually thought of it, it didn’t seem like such a good idea after all.

He wasn’t so sure when his angel would come but he really hoped that it would be sooner. In the past few days without his angel, he had realized how much he needed her. He had avoided his room as much as he could, his only visits being for sleep, because he knew that her lingering scent would make him go crazy.

Even though, he went there to sleep, sleep wouldn’t come to him making him always end up drowning his worries away with alcohol, not caring about the headache it would later on give him.

He knew he was acting like a complete idiot but he didn’t care. He wanted his angel really badly. He felt like he would die without her.

A knock on the door shook him away from his thoughts. He dropped the glass of scotch which he didn’t know he was holding onto until now. With a sigh, he muttered a tired ‘come in’.

He picked up one of the files and started looking through it. He frowned at the document before raising his hand to pick another one. The previous file dropped from his hand as it stopped midway.

Looking up, he saw his little angel standing there with a little smile. Her body was clad in a pair of black jeans with a large beige coat to go along with it. Her hair was in a high ponytail, a few strands covering her beautiful round face.

Am I hallucinating? That was the first thought that came to his mind as he looked at his little angel with wide eyes.

“Hey…” that was all she needed to say for Xavier to practically jump out of his seat. He still couldn’t believe that his angel was here. He took careful steps towards, his eyes once in a while wandering towards the glass of scotch that sat on his table, still thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him.

When he was finally a few inches away from his angel, he pulled her into his arms earning a low gasp from Annabelle. He held her tightly, afraid that she would disappear if he let go.

“It’s you, it’s really you.” Xavier said in a breathy whisper. Annabelle tilted her head and looked at Xavier with a small smile, nodding at him.

“It is. I told you I would never break my promise.” she said before laying her head back on Xavier’s chest. His hold slightly tightened as he gave a peck on the top of her head. All the previous tiredness and exhaustion he felt was now replaced by happiness.

“I missed you so much. It felt as if a whole part of my soul, my body and my heart left the day you did. I know I sound crazy but I really felt like that.” he said, he knew he sounded crazy but at that moment, he didn’t care.

Annabelle chuckled at Xavier’s words. He was unconsciously acting so adorable, no one would ever expect him to be the big bad alpha if they saw him like this.

“I missed you too Xavier.” she said, listening to his steady heartbeat. She felt another peck on the top of her head which was followed by a series of pecks making Annabelle laugh.

He really did miss her a lot.

Annabelle slightly pulled away from Xavier and looked at his face with a smile but her smile quickly disappeared and was replaced by a frown when she noticed the dark bags under his eyes and the tiredness that laid behind all the happiness. What was he doing to himself?

“Were you not sleeping these past few days?” Annabelle questioned even though she knew the answer. Xavier opened his mouth but quickly closed it, realizing that he didn’t have an answer to her question. What was he supposed to say? That he was being a complete desperate man and couldn’t focus on anything except her.

“It’s nothing.” Xavier said with a slight shrug, avoiding eye contact with Annabelle making her narrow her eyes at him. She raised her hand and grabbed Xavier’s arm before dragging him back to their room.

Even though she knew Xavier had way more strength than her and could easily stop her but she also knew that he won’t do it. Finally arriving at their room, she opened the door but came to a halt when she noticed all the alcohol bottles that were littering the room.

She heard Xavier mutter ‘I should’ve asked the maid to clean the room’ and sighed. Was this how he was dealing with her absence? Drowning himself in bottles and bottles of alcohol? Not to forget the lack of sleep.

She carefully moved towards their bed, her hand still having a firm hold on Xavier’s bicep. Finally when the both of them arrived at the bed without stepping on any of the glass bottles, Annabelle let out a huge breath that she had no idea she was holding.

Annabelle laid down on the bed in such a way that her back was against the headboard. She gestured for Xavier to lie down too. Xavier laid his head in her lap hesitantly but eventually relaxed as Annabelle stroked his hair. A sense of calmness and happiness took over Xavier as he relished in the feeling of his mate close to him.

“You smell like baby powder.” Xavier muttered with his eyes closed. A laugh escaped Annabelle’s lips hearing his words. A smile also unconsciously appeared on Xavier’s lips as he heard his mate laugh.

“And how do you know what baby powder smells like?” Annabelle said in a teasing manner. Of Course she smelled like baby powder, little Harmony had found throwing baby powder everywhere, especially on Annabelle, her favorite thing to do.

“I just know, now sleep.” were the last words Xavier said before falling into a deep slumber, a smile etched onto Annabelle’s face when she saw the little smile on Xavier’s face in his sleep. She had truly missed him a lot and she knew he did as well.

She had also felt like a huge part of her had been missing the day she left but since she was mostly busy with Harmony, she forgot about it. Nights were the time when the emptiness would hit her with full force. Even though she was surrounded by people she loved, she felt lonely. And now that she was finally with Xavier, she felt the part that she had lost coming back to her.

She needed him even if she didn’t want to admit it. They both needed each other. One thing that Annabelle was sure about was that she was never ever going to leave him.

But what if he left?

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