Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 39

Annabelle’s point of view

A ridiculously huge book laid peacefully in my lap as I randomly flipped the pages. A sigh escaped past my lips as I slumped my shoulders. I practically had nothing to do. Xavier was currently holed up in his office, including Jax. Hazel was fast asleep and I didn’t have it in my heart to wake her up.

I wanted to bang my head on a wall, I was that bored. I didn't have my phone so I couldn't do anything and since all the maids here hated me for 'stealing their Xavier' as one of them had quoted and probably more reasons unknown to me, I couldn't talk to them either without June or them ripping each other's throat out.

A knock on the door took me out of my reverie of thoughts. An angry sigh escaped past my lips as I realized that I'd have to get up and move all the way to the door. Yes, I know I was acting like a complete mean girl but I was just feeling way too lazy to move.

Finally gathering enough strength, I stood up and dragged myself to the door, almost tripping and falling halfway through.

"Hello." I said with a small smile as I looked at the young girl that stood there with a polite smile that showed no bad intentions. I immediately felt guilty for being a lazy girl.

"Hello, Luna. I hope you are doing good. The alpha sent you this." she said forwarding both her hands that held a little box with a bow that sat on top of it.

"I'm doing great, thank you, I hope the same for you and if I may ask, what's your name? I'm Annabelle by the way." I said with a smile as I took the box from her hand. The box also had a piece of paper sitting right next to the bow.

"I'm Amy." the girl said shyly. I nodded my head, "Well it was very nice to meet you, Amy. Hopefully I see you soon again." I said with a smile, she bid me a shy goodbye, saying that she would like to see me again, before she left.

I went back to the bed and sat down, setting the box in front of me. Taking off the bow, I decided to read the note first.


I think saying dear angel would just be weird so I said angel only.

And yes, I do suck at giving gifts, they just aren't my strongest suit much like a lot of other sweet stuff. So you'll have to just bare with this.

I know you must be quite bored and since I had broken your phone and you don't have anyhting to keep you entertained. The TV also gets boring after some time.

Well, I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to say "now open up your gift". I don't know but I hope you like it, I'm actually laughing at what I'm writing right now. Goddess, this sounds cringey but oh well.

I'm gonna stop my rant here because if I keep talking, I'm sure all my ink will be gone in no time.

Take care angel.


I laugh at the letter, he sometimes is just so adorable. It makes me want to pinch his cheek although I'm sure he won't appreciate it.

I open the box and see it's an iPhone 11 in the color silver. A yellow thing catches my attention and I take it out to see it's a phone case, I laugh at the word written on it. In a red bold font, there written was 'ANGEL'.

I turn the phone on after putting the cover on it, my heart bubbling with excitement. I could finally talk to my friends and family. I could also see Harmony without having to go my parent's house.

Luckily, I had remembered all my friends and family's numbers. I decided on calling Carson first. Dialing his number, I raised the phone to my ear and waited for him to pick up.

"Hello?" I hear Carson's voice and immediately a mischievous smile settles on my face.

"Hello, Carson. Remember me? " I say in an overly fake voice. If Carson wasn't that dumb, anyone would've guessed that the voice was fake.

"I'm sorry but I don't, who are you?" he asked, I heard the shouting of Carlos in the background as he yelled something around the words 'I'm hungry' and I stifled a laugh.

"Aw, such a shame that you forgot about me, honey. I thought you would've remembered me." I said while holding my fist to my mouth to not laugh.

"Um-" Carson started but was cut off when I heard Carlos. I assumed he had probably snatched the phone from Carson.

"Hey! Are you a girl? Oh my Goddess, finally! This bitch had been such a depressed puss. I'm glad that he's moving on now!" I heard Carlos and I couldn't contain my laugh so I laughed.

"Wait, you sound familiar. Oh my Goddess Carson don't tell me you're dating someone underage, the girl sounds like a sixteen year old." I hear Carlos whisper shout to Carson who just replies with 'fuck off'.

"It's me you dumb idiots. Annabelle." I say finally, I hear both of them go silent before Carlos whisper yells at Carson again.

"Dude, you couldn't recognize your own sister? Such a shame, bitch." he says, I frown at that. Why is he whisper yelling when he knows it's me? And if he is going to whisper yell then keep the phone away from his ear. I sometimes really wonder how many braincells Carlos possesses.

"Okay, now shut up and give me the phone." Carson says but Carlos just denies and decides to put it on speaker.

"Hey, how are you Ann?" Carson asked and I laughed when I heard Carlos saying how 'uncool' Carson is.

"I'm great, what about you guys? Oh by the way, I don't sound like a sixteen year old." I say with a small pout, I hear Carlos snort while Carson chuckles.

"Everyone is awesome here. How are things on your side? And yea, you do sound like an adorable sixteen year old." he says and I huff at his words. I know I was acting like a complete child but oh well.

"Everything is good here as well. How is my little girl though?" I ask, perking up at the thought of Harmony. Oh, how I miss that adorable little bundle of joy. Her giggles, actions, toothless grins, everything was just too adorable except for her diaper. It wasn't such a pleasant sight.

"Oh, she is doing great!! She does miss you though. I wish you'd be here because I hate my daughter under the influence of this idiot." he grumbles making me laugh, after me Harmony surely loved her uncle the most.

"It's not my fault I'm such an amazing uncle." I hear Carlos say and I can practically feel him poking his tongue out at Carson. "Shut up you little bitch, she only likes you because of your funny face." Carson responds while I just silently listen to their conversation with a smile etched onto my face.

"We look alike, dumbass."


I nervously play with the hem of my sweater as I look at the door standing in front of me. Just a few steps away. Taking in a deep breath, I knock at the door, I hear a small 'come in' and enter the room.

"Hey…" I say as I look at Xavier who has his glasses on, he turns his attention towards me and passes me a small smile.

"Hey, what are you doing here, angel?" he questions and I just shrug. I knew exactly why I was here but I didn't know how to stay it. My attention turned back towards the hem of my sweater. I pulled it down nervously.

"No reason, at all." I say with a smile. I see Xavier biting his lip as he tried to control his smile, knowing very well that I was lying. Goddess, why do I even try?

"So? Have a seat angel." he said, nodding at his words, I took a seat on the chairs that sat in front of his ginormous desk. I tucked a few strands of hair behind my hair as I looked at anywhere but him.

"So, what did you w-" I cut him off by quickly saying what I wanted to say, "Canyoupleasecomewithmetomyparent'sanniversary?" I asked, all in one go. It was so fast that I barely understood the words myself. I sighed, how would he understand me now?

"So you want me to come to your parent's anniversary with you?" Xavier questioned and I nodded my head, looking down at my lap with pursed lips.

"But you seem embarrassed with the idea, why so?" he asks, I open my mouth but close it, chewing on my lips, I decide what to say. I look up at Xavier to see his face covered with his hands, a frown settles on my face at his action.

"You would feel uncomfortable." I reply, hearing me, Xavier removes his hands from his face and slowly nods, his eyes flickering from my lips to my eyes.

"Well, let's just hope it won't be that bad." He says with a smile, immediately a bright smile settles on my face as well when I hear his words.

"Really?" I ask as I stand up from my chair, practically bouncing with excitement. Xavier chuckled and nods his head.



Currently, we were standing outside my parent's house and the nervousness from before had returned in full swing. I had decided to wear a pair of black jeans with a white shirt and long black coat, I paired them with long boots.

Xavier stood beside me and I could tell by his tense posture that he probably wasn't looking forward to this. I mean, my parents were the one who had asked me to bring Xavier as well. I couldn't say no to them.

I raised my hand and lightly but firmly knocked at the door. A few seconds later, the door opened revealing Carson. Seeing me, a bright smile formed on his lips as he took me in a hug. Laughing, I returned his hug and also noticed the bottle he was holding.

"Nice to meet you, alpha." Carson said with a slight bow, Xavier gave him a small smile before returning his greeting.

"Come on in, I was just preparing a bottle for Rhea." he said, moving aside so we could enter. The moment we entered, the mouth-watering smell of chocolate hit me. Of course, no birthday, anniversary or any event was complete without dad's chocolate cake. Dad had an obsession with chocolate cakes and I wasn't complaining because he literally made the best cakes ever.

After getting the warm hugs of my dad and mom, I looked around for Carlos. "Where's the other idiot?" I questioned Carson, instantly a frown settled on his face as he narrowed his eyes at nothing in particular.

"Probably ruining my innocent child's mind." he said, I laughed and looked at Xavier if he wanted to come. He just shrugged and decided to tag along.

Entering my room, my attention fell on Carlos who was cradling a fussy Harmony in his arms. Upon seeing me, he flashed me a bright smile before passing Harmony to me when I forwarded my hands for her.

"Look who's here, Rhi. Your second favorite person!" I frown at his words and stick my tongue out at him, "I'm her favorite person, you're her second favorite person." I said as I cradled Harmony in my arms, she looked at me and gave me her adorable toothless grin making me smile.

"Whatever, nice to meet you, alpha." Carlos said with a smile before exiting the room. I turned towards Xavier with harmony in my arms, a bright smile on my face.

"Isn't she the most adorable little girl ever?" I said, gazing down at Harmony with love and affection. Xavier took a step towards us and looked down at Harmony with a smile as he nodded his head.

"She indeed is, she looks a lot like your brother as well." he said and I nodded at his words. Harmony was a literal carbon copy of Carson. I'm glad she was because I'm not sure if Carson would be able to see the face of his terrible mate in this angel's face.

Little fists collided with my chest and I took it as the sign that she was hungry. Carefully putting her in her crib, I searched for her bottle. I then remembered that Carson was holding her bottle and since the other bottles weren't here, they probably were downstairs to be washed.

"Can you stay here for a second? I need to get her bottle from downstairs." I asked Xavier, his neck snapped towards me and he nodded his head with a smile before turning his attention back to Harmony.

I picked the baby monitor up in case and headed downstairs. I saw dad standing in the kitchen in front of the oven, he was standing in such a way as if the cake would just pop out of thr oven and be thrown at him like a football.

Upon seeing me, he looked at me with a smile, returning his smile, I continued my hunt for the bottle. "He's changed." I heard my dad say and I nodded at his word, "He has."

Finally finding the bottle, I started making my way back to my room, I paused for a second when I heard the baby monitor go off indicating that Harmony was crying, I increased my pace and practically ran towards my room even though the cries had ceased midway.

Entering the room, I saw Xavier carrying Harmony, her head laid on his shoulder as she sucked on her fist furiously while also giggling. Xavier had his back to me, he was slightly rocking on his feet and whispering incoherent words into Harmony's ear.

I stepped a little closer, making sure to not let out a single sound, to hear what he was saying.

"Aren't you such an adorable little girl?" he whispered causing Harmony to giggle as she laid peacefully on Xavier's shoulder. I bit my lip to stop my smile as I saw his drool covered shoulder.

I felt Xavier's body slightly go rigid before he slowly turned towards me, he looked like a deer caught in headlights or a kid who got caught stealing candy.

"So?" I questioned, unable to hold my grin. The scene in front of me was just adorable. Hearing me, Harmony also turned her face towards me but after a few seconds of staring, she went back to her previous position.

"I- she was crying, I didn't know what to do so I picked her up so she'd stop crying which she did but I think she's still hungry." Xavier rambled, I laughed at that as I went to the side table to make Harmony's bottle.

After I was done making it, I turn back towards Xavier whose cheeks were slightly red as he held Harmony in his arms gently but carefully. I fought the urge to awe at the scene in front of me.

"Here." I said, passing the bottle to Xavier, gesturing him to feed Harmony. He looked confused and embarrassed but agreed eventually.

He sat down on the bed and carefully lifted Harmony away from his shoulders, settling her on his lap. I sat beside him in case. Harmony looked up at him with her big brown eyes, a toothless grin slowly appearing on her face as she let out a squeal.

"Well, I guess you also are the lucky person to witness her toothless grin." I said with a chuckle, I looked at Xavier to see him looking at Harmony with adoration shining in his eyes.

"I'm glad." he said before bringing the bottle to Harmony's mouth, she happily took the bottle and drank the milk like her life depended on it.

We made no conversation during the time where Harmony drank her milk. After she was done, I told Xavier on how to make her burp. Nodding his head, Xavier picked Harmony in his arms carefully and made her lay her head on his already drool covered shoulder.

Patting her back lightly, Xavier held Harmony waiting for her to burp which she did after a few minutes. Xavier was about to pass her to me when Harmony looked at Xavier's face and smacked her lips on his cheek while I stood there wide eyed with my mouth hung open.

She just kissed him. Wasn't I her favorite person?

I saw Xavier laugh as he gave Harmony a peck on her forehead as well, of course the little traitor giggled at that.

"This is not fair!" I exclaimed as I gazed between Xavier and Harmony with a pout. Xavier just passed me a smug look while Harmony giggled.

"Guess you're not the favorite person after all, angel." he said while smirking, I just stuck my tongue at him as I picked Harmony from his arms, and guess what! The little traitor didn't want to leave Xavier so he had to put her in the crib. Of course this just made the smirk on his face widen.


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