Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 4

Annabele’s point of view

I was still crying from what happened. When Xavier came in with four other women probably maids.

“they will get you ready for the marking ceremony.” he said and left. I sigh and stand up. The women seem to be in their mid thirties.

“hello dear. My name is Helen. Could you please sit down so I can work on your hair. This is Sara, she will work on your makeup. And Vanessa and rachel will clean your bedroom and then help you get dressed” the oldest of them all says smiling kindly at me. I like her.

I mod my head and sit down in front of the mirror. Vanessa and rachel start making the bed. Helen starts combing my hair. While Sara starts applying foundation on my face.

After about half an hour I guess. I was done with my make up and hair. Vanessa and rachel help me with my dress. I thank them and sit down on the bed.

The dress was incredibly pretty. It was an off shoulder mermaid dress. It was mde of full lace.

My hair was done In a messy bun. My heels were the same color as my dress. They had beautiful diamonds on them.

Everything was looking so amazing except for me. Although I had a fake smile on my face, it didn’t reach my eyes. My eyes were empty.

Soon after the maids left Xavier came in. He looked at me and nodded in approval before he went to the closet to get dressed.

Xavier soon came out in an all white suit. It was looking very royal. He held out his hand for me to hold. And I hesitantly took it. I was still scared well I was terrified. Tonight I will lose my innocence to my ′mate’. People would think it sweet and cute but trust me this far away from that.

We went down and through some halls before we arrives outside. There were people everywhere. There was a little patio in the front. It was decorated with roses. It looked very pretty.

“smile and mark me happily and when I kiss you kiss me back.” Xavier leans down and whispers in my ear. I look up at him with a fake smile. He nods in approval.

We walk through the aisle type thing which was covered in flowers. Poor flowers. Everyone’s attention was now on us. Some flashed me angry and jealous stares, some with pity ones and some with curious ones.

I just looked straight ahead. But something caught me attention. I look to my right to see my parents, brothers and friends. Mom was crying while all the others looked angry and sad. I flash them a sad smile. And then look forward.

We finally arrive at the patio. An old man comes and greets us.

“welcome pack members. Today we are here to celebrate the marking ceremony of our respective alpha and Luna. But first they will mark each other. You may. (I know I suck at this. Lol)“the guy says. We stand in front of each other and hold hands.

Xavier leans down and finds a spot at my neck. He first kisses it lightly and then I feel his canines scraping my skin. Suddenly he buries them in me. I bite my lower lip to stop from screaming. He sucks a bit of blood before finally leaving. He licks the mark before standing straight up again.

He opens his shirt’s buttons for me to mark him. He leans down a bit because he is taller than me. I finally find the spot where I want to mark him. I pierce my canines through his skin. He hisses a bit but doesn’t say anything. I suck a bit of blood and I feel his emotions in me and our connection feels stronger. I take my canines out of his skin and lick my mark before moving back at my spot.

He leans down and joins his lips with me Ina soft yet dominant kiss. I kiss him back softly and soon he parts away. Everyone starts clapping, happy for their alpha and Luna. Only if they knew.

Xavier gives me permission to go to my parents and friends and I don’t need to be told twice before I rush towards them. They look at me with tear filled eyes. Carson is the first one to hug me.

“I missed you sis. We are so sorry. We wish we could do something for you.” he whispers in my ear while hugging me. I feel tears stinging my eyes once again. I take in a deap breath and compose my self just as Carson pulls away.

“it’s okay. You guys did nothing wrong. It was just my luck.” I sime sadly at them. I suddenly feel an arm around my waist pushing me into a hard chest. I can already guess who it is by the sparks.

“well sweetheart let’s go. We have to go back home so we can finish the mating process.” he says loud enough for my parents to hear. My eyes widen as well as my friends and family.

Carson looks ready to burst. Carlos has the same expression. My dad and Jax is glaring at Xavier and my mom and Selena are silently crying.

" o-okay”i say. I feel him smirk before he grabs my hand and drags me put of the garden. He was practically dragging me across the hallways.

I try to run and jeep up with his pace but the heels are making it pretty difficult. He takes smooth ling strides while I follow him behind like a lost puppy.

We finally arrive at our room and as soon as we enter he slams me against the door and starts kissing me. I stand there with wide eyes. He starts kissing my jaw then neck and then he leans down to kiss my chest.

(okay so this part will not be good because it consists of r***. If you don’t like this type of stuff than you can skip it. I will put a ‘stuff’ or whatever like this at the end of this ‘part’.)

He pushes me down on the bed and climbs on top of me. Tears are starting to form in my eyes. He takes off my dress in a single swift while I just lay there like a lifeless doll.

“this is going to hurt.” he whispers in my ear. I juts remain there frozen. Suddenly it feels like someone tore me in half. I scream as loud as I can.

“sorry sweetheart. But I haven’t even gone halfway inside you.” he says and pushes more inside me in a swift but very painful thrust.

I scream. God it hurts. I start sobbing loudly. He looks at me and smirks. An evil glint in his eyes. Now what does he want?

" babe I haven’t even started yet. Just wait till I fuck you hard, raw and savage. You will be screaming on the top of your lungs.” he says smirking making my eyes widen. I never thought love making was like this but then he is not doing that he is ‘fucking’ me. I hate cursing words but isn’t that what this is about.

He slams into me as I was lost in my thoughts. I cry louder. It feels like someone literally and I mean literally tore me in half. He thrusts into me deeper an harder.

After a few more thrusts he starts ′jackhammering′ into my vagina. Selena told me this word. She said and I quote.

When one day someone fucks you raw and savage. He will be jackhammering into your pussy.

What was a pussy? I forgot. I scream once again when he slams into me harder. It feels like my lower body is numb from the extreme pain.

His moans, grunts, my screams and the sound of skin rubbing against each other echoes through the room.

Okay so the scene is over. You can continue reading. Thank you.

He soon let’s out a loud animalistic growl making me almost jump in fear. Well almost. I soon feel him ′cum’ inside me. God I feel like a caveman who doesn’t even know anything.

He soon falls on top of me. God he is so heavy. I soon start to thrash around for air. He notices this and rolls off of me. I breath as much air as I can.

He soon comes out of the bathroom. His hair wet from the shower. A towel loosely hanging around his waist. He looks up and down my body before his eyes land on my mark and he smirks, probably proud of his animalistic ways.

“well sweetheart you should take a shower now.” he says. I nod and try to stand up. (key word: try) but fall down immediately. I wait for the impact but nothing comes. I open my eyes to see Xavier holding me. My eyes widen before I suddenly stand up but end up falling into xavier’s arms again.

I look down in embarrassment. A loud chuckle echos through the room. I look up to see Xavier smirking down at me. Does he never smile?

“maybe I fucked you a little too hard babe. Want me to carry you to the bathroom?” he says well more like demands. I nod my head as he picks me up bridal style and carries me to the bathroom. He runs a bath for me as I sit down on the toilet seat naked. The ache in my thighs is present with full force.

He picks me up and puts me in the bathtub gently. I didn’t know he could be a gentleman. Just pretending.

After taking a nice and warm bath Xavier takes me out and lays me down on the bed before climbing on the other side of the bed. I lay down and think about what my life has become. And with that thought I sleep in a sleepless sleep.

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