Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 45

Currently both of them sat in Jax's office. They were discussing over the security on the pack borders in case of some intruder passing them again.

Even though the loneliness and pain was starting to engulf Jax, he didn't show it. His connection with his mate was decreasing rapidly and it was painful to say the least to just stare while your mate is slowly dying before your eyes but he didn't want to tell Ann, he didn't want her to get worried. She already had so much on her plate.

"Did you find any evidence in Hazel's room?" she questioned, her face reflecting the pain she felt for her best friend.

Jax just shook his head, he and the warriors had searched the room more than twice and the area surrounding it but they couldn't find anything.

"We didn't and this just tells us that that person is a professional,"

"And it can't be the beta because he was trained by Xavier, there is no way he could be so clean. It would've been an assassin, hired by him,"

"Exactly," Jax whispered, leaning back into his chair and bringing his hand to rub his temples. What he would do just to watch that beta die a slow death.

"But an assassin can't miss, now can they? Then why did that person miss for possibly two times," she whispered hesitantly. She really hoped the person had missed.

"That's the thing, the person is being paid for such a thing and the person also seems to be perfect for the job since they left without a trace and could've easily…" he hesitated a bit before continuing, "killed them both but they didn't, why?"

Ann felt a stab at her heart at the mention of her mate and her friend dying. She didn't want to be the witness of something like this. Why was this happening to them?

"Either this person knows us or it is something else, maybe this person is from our pack?" Ann suggested, the thought repulsed her. How could pack members do something to their own alpha? They lived a good life in this pack, why then?

"It could be, we never know," Ann nodded at his words, turning towards the countless files on the pack members that laid on the huge bookshelf.

"Did we have any new pack members recently?" she questioned quietly, something shining sitting between the files catching her attention.

"I think we did have a few members joining us the day before yesterday," Jax looked confused as he saw Ann stand and move towards the bookshelf in his office cautiously.

"Can you check their files for anything sketchy?" Jax nodded his head and stood up as well to see what Ann was doing near that bookshelf.

"I will, what are you searching for? Everything good?"

"There is something here," she whispered as she pushed the countless files aside, searching for the shiny item she saw.

As she seeped the files aside, she saw the shiny item at the back of the bookshelf. She took the files out and laid them on the ground before picking the shiny item.

A dagger.

It was a dagger, but by no means did it look like an ordinary one. The glimmering metal of the blade told her that it was laced with silver.

That wasn't the thing that surprised them, it was the blood coating it. The red substance had now dried and left and ugly imprint on the dagger.

"Wha- how did this come here?" Jax questioned, surprised how someone had managed to enter his office and also leave this in between his files without his knowledge.

"Someone put it here, I'm not sure who. Can you find who the blood belongs to?" she asked quietly, staring at the bloody dagger in her hand. Her heart was racing at an abnormally fast pace, she didn't want to find out who the blood belonged to.

"I wi-" Jax started but was cut off by a knock on the door. Jax's frame instantly went rigid as he turned towards the door to his office. Cautiously, he walked towards it.

Ann stared in worry and slight curiosity to who it must've been. Jax opened the door, revealing a guard. He looked panicked and out of breath.

"What is it?"

"I found this letter on the pack borders, beta," the guard said, forwarding an envelope to Jax. Jax looked at it confused but took it nevertheless.

"You can leave now, I'll take a look at it," the guard nodded and left. Jax turned towards Ann who looked at him confused as well.

"Who's it from?" she questioned, going to the chair in front of his desk and putting the dagger on the table before taking a seat.

Jax also took a seat and looked at the letter, suspicious.

"It doesn't have a name on it," she nodded her head and gestured him to read it which he did. Opening the envelope, Jax carefully took the piece of paper out before reading out.

His facial features remained neutral throughout but at the end they contorted into immense horror and the letter almost dropped from his hands.

"What is it, Jax? You're scaring me," Ann whispered as she looked at him, scared.

"It's for you," was all he said as he passed her the letter with trembling hands. She took the letter and read it out loud.

I hope you are doing alright, sweetheart. Because I surely am. Just a few steps away. A few steps and you'll be with me forever.
I would give you a choice my love and I'm sure you'd agree to it as well but I won't do it because what's the fun in that?
I want to watch you suffer so you can realize the pain you made me go through.
Now, now, enough talk. We'll talk about everything later when you are here with me.
For now, I'd suggest keeping an eye out on your loved ones. You never know what could happen.
Take care, sweetheart.

She felt her hands tremble as she took in a sharp breath. She was well aware of the writer of this letter.

I'd suggest keeping an eye out on your loved ones.

That sentence had scared her. She knew he was very much capable of hurting them. She felt so helpless, it felt as if everyone was leaving her and all she could do was stare helplessly.

She felt her phone ringing but didn't make a move to pick it up. She was too shocked.

He was coming to get her and she didn't know how to prevent it. He was way more powerful than her. She was just a puppet in his hands.

If he wanted, he could control her strings and she was sure he was well aware of it. But he wasn't doing that, he wanted to see her suffer.

"Ann, you should pick your phone up, maybe it's something important?" she heard Jax say. Quietly nodding her head, she picked her ringing phone.

The caller ID read Carson and instantly she felt a dreadful feeling stir inside the pit of her stomach. She swiped her finger across the phone and raised it to her ear.

"Hey, Carson. What happened? Everything okay?" she quickly asked, she just wanted to make sure everything was alright. All of this was scaring her.

She paused and felt the phone slip from her fingers, almost, when she heard her brother sobbing.

"A-Ann, nothing is alright, y-ou have t-to come he-re," she heard her brother say in between sobbing and felt tears form in her eyes as well.

"Carson, what is it? Please tell me, you're scaring me," Jax looked confused and worried as well as he heard Ann.

Something was horribly wrong and she knew it. She could feel her heart pound loudly in her chest. Her ears rang with the sound of her heartbeat.

"It- Ann, h-e, he's n-no mor-e,"

She felt numb, completely numb. She wasn't sure who he was talking about but she knew it was either her father or her other brother.

He was hurting her loved ones.


"D-dad," she took in a sharp breath to stop herself from screaming loudly, expressing the pain she felt at that moment.

"I'm coming," with that said, she cut the call and in utter anger threw the phone on the wall. The phone landed on the plush carpet with a thud. The protector on its screen was cracked.

"What happened?" Jax asked as she fell to her knees, starting to sob loudly. Jax rushed towards her and helped her stand up and reluctantly she did.

"He killed him, Jax! He killed my dad," she screamed loudly as she grabbed at the roots of her hair, tugging at them harshly.

"Ann, you can't let your emotions take control of you right now. You need to go see your family. I will send a couple of warriors there to guard them or they could just stay here," she nodded her head at his words and picked her broken phone before rushing out of the house. She knew Jax was following him because of his loud footsteps that echoed through the quiet hall.

The both of them stepped into his car and she felt a surge of nostalgia hit her. He quickly drove to her parents house, all the while also keeping an eye on her.

She just laid her head against the window, the cool glass brought a comforting feeling but just not enough to comfort the raging storm brewing within her mind.

Damon and Carson's words kept repeating themselves in her head. While Carson's words brought immense pain to her heart, Damon's brought immense anger.

The anger and hate she felt for him could never be described into words.

"We're here," Jax whispered, turning the car off and stepping out. She followed his actions, staring at her house after she stepped out.

She wasn't quite sure if it was her or the house genuinely seemed darker than it usually was. Taking in a deep breath, she knocked at the door.

The door opened revealing a distraught Carson. Upon seeing her, he brought his arms forward and hugged her tightly. Sobs resonated from his chest as he cried loudly on her shoulder.

Her whole face was soaked with tears at this point as she cried with her brother.

"H-how did it happen?" she asked, pulling away from the hug. She wiped the tears from her eyes but even if she did, more leaked from her eyes.

"W-e don't know, he was doing just good. One minute he's watc-hing TV and the nex-t some bubbly s-substance starts coming out of his mouth and just lik-e th-that he was g-one," Carson stuttered, wiping the tears away from his face.

"He was poisoned," Jax said from behind her. Carson nodded his head, harshly tugging at his hair just like her.

"Why would someone even have something against him? He never did anything bad to anyone!" Carson yelled but his voice broke as he spoke.

Ann felt guilt hit her once again and lowered her head.

"It is all my fault,"

Carson snapped his head towards her and made her turn towards him, shaking his head, "No, it's not. Don't you dare say that. None of this is your fault, why are you even saying this?"

"Because it's the truth! He is now not here with us because of me. I am the one responsible for his death," she whispered, pushing Carson's hands back that cupped her cheeks.

She took a step back and waved her hand towards Jax and then Carson, "It's all my fault! Hazel is in critical condition because of me, Xavier is in a coma because of me, and now dad is not here with us because of me. Why can't you see? IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF ME," she screamed the last part loudly. She was so angry at Damon and her own self. She was the reason for her own and her loved one's suffering.

"Because of me, he is hurting everyone, because of me! And I am sure he won't stop. Even if I beg him to," she sobbed. Her trembling hands reached out to cover her face.

A hand touched her shoulder and she knew it was Jax. She shrugged his hand away. Removing her hands from her face, she pointed towards him.

"You finally had a second chance at life and because of me it could be gone now! I ruined your life, don't you see? I'm a curse,"

"You're not, Ann. Stop it! None of this is your fault. It's all his fault. He's the one who's doing all this, not you," he tried to console her but she just shook her head, backing away.

"He is doing all this because of me. If I never existed then none of this would have ever happened! All of you would be happy," she whispered, wrapping her frail arms around her trembling form.

"But if you weren't here then the alpha would have never changed, the beta would have never been banned, I would have never been beta and been able to meet Hazel, so think about it. You brought happiness to our lives, Ann." Jax took a step towards her while Carson stood there, seeming confused and hurt.

"But I also am taking that happiness away," she whispered, looking down, her guilt was clawing at her once again and her demons also had found the perfect time to just increase it ten folds.

"No, you're not. Do not dare say that! We are so grateful to have someone like you in our lives, Ann. Please don't beat yourself up. None of this is your fault," Jax grabbed her arms and hugged her but she didn't hug back.

She wiggled out of his hold and stared at Carson who looked extremely torn.

"See, this is the same sister you loved and adored. She is the reason your father is not here, our father. She's the reason for everyone's misery!" she yelled, she felt her vision blurring from all the tears she was holding in her eyes.

Insane. That's what one would call her. But how could she be normal after all that had been going on in her life lately.

She had now become quite used to crying every time she saw herself in the mirror, not being able to hide the disgust she felt for herself.

She had now become quite used to staying up all night, letting her demons scream at her.

She had now become quite used to pain and the feeling of numbness because it seemed like that's all she felt these days.

She had now become quite used to loss as well because that also seemed to be one of the things she had been dealing with a lot lately.

She, all in all, now had become quite used to hating her own presence.

So I'm changing the name for forcefully mated and my two options for now are eternal and venemous cure. I am planning on editing the whole book and removing every bad thing so yea, the name wouldn't go very well with the title then.

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