Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 46

Stepping into that house felt as if someone was continuously stabbing her heart, tearing it apart. It hurt but she felt numb, all the pain she had to endure in the past few weeks had turned her into this.

The house seemed eerily quiet, it’s not like she expected happy chatter either. She could hear the distant sobs of her brother, they seemed to be clawing at her ears. She held the urge to cover them.

The occasional sniffles coming from her other brother just seemed to be adding to the already countless demons screaming at her. The urge to run away was strong but it felt as if those demons were holding her still, their vicious claws digging into her skin.

She hated it.

“Where is mom?” She managed to choke out, her words coming out in a mere whisper which seemed to be barely audible. Her brother tilted his head towards her and at that moment she noticed the tears that were silently streaming down his face. He barely made eye contact with her before turning his head away.

He was trying to hide the tears from her but she had already seen them, there was no point in hiding them.

“She’s in her room, she won’t talk to anyone,” Her brother’s hesitation was clear when he paused, not daring to stay the next words but the hand she put on his shoulder made him continue, “She keeps whispering his name and no.”

She sharply inhaled, memories of herself saying that when she had seen Xavier bloodied in his office started resurfacing.

“I want to see her,” Her brother seemed confused at her words. “I wouldn’t suggest doing that Ann, she currently isn’t in the best state.” His words hurt her deeply. Knowing that her mother was in such terrible condition because of her hurt.

“Please let me see her. I really need to see her, please.” She pleaded, her brother sighed before nodding his head. She didn’t wait for a single moment before making her way to her parent’s room.

She lightly knocked at the door and waited for a response but got none. She raised her hearing but didn’t hear a single word, worry and dread started gnawing at her stomach as she knocked on the door harder, grabbing the knob she twisted it and surprisingly it was open.

With a heavy heart, she stepped inside carefully and released a sigh of relief when she saw her mother sitting on the bed, her back facing her. Her body seemed still, it felt as if she wasn’t even breathing and it would’ve severely concerned her if it wasn’t for the erratic heartbeat ringing in her ears.

“Mom,” Her mother didn’t turn around hearing her, she barely flinched. Carefully, she moved towards her mother, dreading to see the sadness and pain in her beautiful orbs.

“Why are you here?” The lack of emotion in her mother’s voice hurt her deeply and at that moment she knew the woman she had grown up with is long gone.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” She whispered, her words seeming forced. The look on her mother’s face had stolen her ability to speak. Her heart ached even more than before.

“Because you are the reason he’s not here, because of you!” Her mother screeched, her hands reaching out as she stood up, grabbing her by her biceps. A little hiss was all she let out when her mother tightened her hold on her arms to a point where it felt as if her arm was about to snap any second.

“I-i’m sorry, mom. It’s all my fault, i’m so sorry.” Her whisper came even more broken and meek than she would’ve expected it to. Her mother laughed and it scared her because her laugh sounded sinister.

“Your sorry won’t bring him back. It won’t! You killed him! You killed your own father! You killed my mate,” Her mother shook her as she spat those words out with venom lacing her tone, her eyes were bloodshot and her hair was a mess. She shook her head as she whispered, “And I’ll never ever forgive you for that.”

With that said, she roughly pushed her away and started pacing the room, her hands now fisting her messy hair. She muttered some words under her breath, they were inaudible to her. Annabelle quickly rubbed the area from where her mother had grabbed her and silently watched her mother.

The guilt she felt was now digging its razor sharp teeth and claws into her heart, tearing at the little bit of hope for better to happen that she had created in the past few days.

All her hope was gone now. She had no hope.

“You don’t deserve to live. You don’t. You killed him so you should be killed as well.” Her eyes widened at her mother’s words and she started backing off. Her mother was still looking at the floor when suddenly her eyes snapped towards her.

“Do you really think you can escape with what you’ve done? I’ll die before i let that happen.” Her mother lunged towards her, making her let out a startled cry. She quickly avoided the deadly punch she was about to receive by her mother.

“Carson! Jax! Carlos!” She yelled out hoping one of them would appear to her rescue. For the first time in her life she was scared of her own mother. Her mother balled her fists and laughed once again, that old and menacing laughter chilled her to the bone.

“You really think they will come to your rescue? They hate you! Everyone hates you. You are just a huge rock tied to everyone, a burden! What is your point of living anymore? Goddess, I regret having you.” Her mother’s words cut deeper than any knife ever could. The thing that hurt even more was the amount of hatred in her voice. If all her previous words hadn’t completely shattered the last bit of likeliness she had for herself, the last line surely had.

I regret having you.

Those four words kept repeating themselves over and over in her head to a point where the words were practically engraved into her mind and the broken pieces of her heart.

“So now I’ll do what I should’ve done a long tim-” Her mother was cut off by the door opening and a panicked Carson standing there with Jax and Carlos.

“What the hell is happening? Ann, you should go outside. It’s not safe here for you.” Carson pleaded and she quietly obliged, throwing one last glance at her mother. She wasn’t even sure if she should be calling her that.

“No! She can’t leave. She will kill you all. I won’t let her. She has to die.” All three of them stared in shock at their mother, her words had surprised all of them except Annabelle. She had come to terms with the fact that her mother despised her and wanted her dead.

“Mom, what in the world are you saying? She’s your daughter!” Carson yelled while Jax gave her a comforting hug, something she didn’t know she needed that much until that moment. Carlos just stood quietly in the corner, watching everything unfold.

“She’s not my daughter. I hate her! I hate her so much!” She screeched once again lunging forward to attack her but Carson stopped her, grabbing her and pulling her away.

“What the hell has gotten into you, mom? Are you insane? You were going to hurt Ann,” Carson yelled and then turned towards Jax who was still comforting a crying Annabelle. “Take her away, Jax. she isn’t safe here right now.” Jax quietly nodded his head and took her outside.

“Sit down, Ann.” Jax whispered. She looked at him and silently sat down on the grass covered ground. Her teary gaze fell on her lap as she sniffled. Jax also took a seat next to her and sighed. He knew his friend was being tormented by everything that had been going on and he so badly wanted to help her but he didn’t know how.

“She said she hated me, she said she regretted giving birth to me,” Her whisper was so soft that he barely caught it. He looked at her but she was still staring at her lap. Her tears were staining her pale cheeks. She seemed as if she had just seen a ghost, it felt as if her soul had left her body.

He didn’t know that it actually had.

“She said that I deserved to die.” Her voice was broken and it pained him to see his friend in such a state. She didn’t deserve this, she deserved happiness and smiles, not tears and heartache.

“Don’t say that please Ann. she was just in a state of shock and must’ve said stuff she didn’t mean.” He tried to console her but he was sure that it was a failed attempt. It was confirmed when she looked him in the eyes and did he notice the immense guilt and pain swirling in her baby blue orbs.

“But the hatred in her eyes said something else.”

Her voice was soft and her words seemed as if they had been forced out. He knew that she was just a single touch away from completely shattering. Once again, he didn’t know that she was already shattered beyond repair.

“Ann…” He didn’t know what to say. She shook her head and wiped at the tears covering her cheeks but more tears quickly came in the place of the previous ones.

“You don’t understand Jax. She hates me! My own mother hates me. What hurts even more is that she has every single right to hate me, I have caused her so much pain. I don’t deserve to live. I have caused everyone so-” He quickly cut her off before she could continue, “Stop right there. None of this is your fault, you have to understand that. It’s all his fault, he is the reason behind everyone’s suffering, not you so please stop beating yourself up for it. Please.”

He wasn’t sure if his words had gone to deaf ears because her face remained emotionless, there was no sense of emotion on it anymore. Not even the guilt.

“Okay.” She whispered, staring back at her lap. Her answer confused him. What did she mean by okay?

“Okay?” He asked, trying to figure out what she meant but when she looked at him he had gotten his answer. Her bright blue eyes looked so dim and hollow, they almost felt lifeless. All the previous emotions had been wiped away and now only the remnants of the tears remained.

All the fight had died inside her.

Her demons had finally gotten the control that they yearned for.

“I managed to put mom to sleep. She needs to rest, she isn’t in the right state of mind right now.” Carson muttered as he stepped out and joined them. His eyes moved from his sister to Jax who looked torn.

“What happened? Everything alright?” He asked from Jax but received no response. Jax seemed to be lost in a pool of his own thoughts. He gently shook Jax and as if on instinct Jax looked around in alarm. His eyes fell on Carson and he relaxed a bit. Just a bit though.

“You alright?” Carson asked a tense Jax who just shook his head, shrugging. “Yea, just got a little startled there.” Carson nodded his head even though he didn’t believe what he had just said.

“Who is with Harmony?” He asked, subtly trying to change the subject. Carson did notice this and wanted to ask him why he was lying but decided against it.

“Carlos is currently taking care of her, he’s the only other person she’d go to other than the alpha and Ann.” While saying this, his eyes flickered to his sister who was still staring at her lap, her form gently swaying.

“Did you check up on Selena? She seemed to be ill the past few days.” Carson asked worriedly. Selena wasn’t able to come due to some sort of sickness. He had just assumed that it would’ve been a normal sickness but after everything that Jax had informed her about, he was starting to have doubts.

“I will check up on her after dropping Ann back home.” Carson nodded and the both of them stood up. After sharing a hug, both of them turned to Ann. She seemed like she was lost in her own world of thoughts.

“Ann, we should leave now. It’s getting late.” hearing Jax, she looked up and nodded her head. Quietly standing up she gave her brother a tight hug.

“It’s all going to be alright, Ann. Soon enough.” He whispered, rubbing her back in a comforting manner. She nodded her head before pulling away and looked at him with a small smile.

“It will be, soon enough. I know it will be.”

No one noticed the girl fighting for her soul behind those orbs. No one saw the girl screaming and begging for help.

No one saw her.

No one could help her.

She was losing the battle to her demons, maybe she had lost a long time ago. Now there was no savior. She was gone. Long gone. No one could bring her back now.

She had lost.

Writer’s note

I am so sorry for this late update but my exams had been keeping me busy and now the updates might get even slower since I have school for six days now and my test series are also starting from 23rd Nov. My exams also start from the second week of December.

I really hope you guys understand and like this update. I will try my best but I can’t promise anything. thank you so much for reading and being patient!

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