Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 5

Xavier's point of view

It has been just a few hours since I woke up. We had finally completed the mating process yesterday. It was pure bliss that I had never in my entire life felt before. I have had a lot of sex with many she-wolves but the sex I had last night was nothing compared to them. It was a lot more than sex. It was amazing.

I was just looking down at my beautiful little mate. Oh, her moans and screams were a real turn on if you ask me. Oh God and her sweet little pussy. If I had to chose to anything for the rest of my life I would probably chose her pink little pussy.

I smirk thinking about how her eyes widened when she saw my cock. She looked she could piss herself. Not gonna brag, but it is pretty big. We had at least did it I guess four to five times. And my poor girl was extremely tired by the end of the last round. I should be a bit soft on her. Because last night I was completely jackhammering into her pussy.

I think she might not be able to completely move today. Well that's good because I will probably not let her go anywhere near unmated males. Males after mating tend to be very protective and possessive. So my poor little mate must have to deal with my extremely overprotective self because I already was a lot possessive on her now I might just lock her in this room.

I snap out of my thoughts when I hear a little whimper well more like my little mate's soft whimper. I look down at her in alert to see her touching between her thighs. Aww my poor girl must be sore. I comb her hair with my fingers. She looks up at me so quickly that I'm surprised she didn't break her neck.

When she sees me, she relaxes just a bit but then she turns stiff. What happened to her now? She looks up at me. I raise my eyebrow at her.

"did you umm uh" she stutters out making me frustrated.

"what do you want to say? Just say it already." I say clearly frustrated. She really needs to work on how to talk. She looks down as her cheeks turn a bright red. I smirk. Is she thinking something naughty?

"I wanted to ask that did you hmm use p-protection last night?" she says making me angry now. Why would she care? Doesn't she want pups with me?

"why do you care? Don't you want pups with me. You are such an ungrateful little butch aren't you. You should be thankful to have a mate like me. Girls would do anything to be in your place and here you are acting all ungrateful and shit" I say, my fists balled on my sides.

I look down to see tears leaking from her bug blue eyes. I feel a slight pang in my chest but I cover it up. I have been turning pretty soft with her recently. And I don't want to turn into a lovey dovey mate. I am the most ruthless and cold alpha there ever existed and I don't want to ruin my image. What will people think of me? Awe look at the big bad alpha acting like a lovesick puppy. Yeah right.

"goddess, now stop with the water fountains. They don't have an effect on me." I say harshly at her. She looks down at starts silently crying harder. Wait, how could a person cry harder silently? Meh.

"I didn't mean that. I do want pups with you but not this early because I'm only 18 and I didn't expect to meet my mate this early so I thought I would have kids when I am at least 20 I guess." she said. Wow this is the first time she said something without stuttering. Well that's an improvement.

'she said something too dumbass.' my wolf Luca says. I just shrug him off. I know she said something.

I feel a pang in my chest. I said her so many things without even knowing what she meant. I just jumped to conclusions. I even called her an ungrateful bitch.

" that's good and I don't care when you want pups. I want them because I have been waiting for a long time for my heir and If you are the one that's going to be giving me to them so be it. It's not like you're 1p years only that you can't have kids." I say sternly, yep and I still didn't apologize.

I have never in my entire life sad sorry or apologized to someone, not even my own parents. Than why would I apologize to my mate. As I said before I don't want to turn into a lovesick puppy. I'm the big bad alpha and it is going to remain that way.

I snap out my thoughts when I see her wiggling underneath me. I smirk. She is so tiny. After a lot of effort, she gets up but falls immediately. Wow, seems like I did a good job last night. I chuckle at that. At this, she hides her face more in embarrassment.

Her cheeks were now as red as tomatoes. Awe my cute little tomato. I go up to her and offer her and pick her in my arms. I take her to the bathroom bridal style. She does not look up probably embarrassed.

I make her sit on the toilet and head outside. She would probably want some privacy. I starts checking my emails from other alphas. I see an email from my good friend, alpha Hayden. He has been a very good friend of mine. He was having some rogue problems. I sigh. Goddess, why did you create rogues?

I was just in the middle of the email when I heard a soft little scream followed by a loud thud. I recognize the voice as my mate. I sigh. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten this rough on her.

'finally you realized your mistake.' Luca says with sarcasm dripping from his words.

'don't tell me what to do. I know how to deal with my stuff.' I say. He really is getting on my nerves these days.

'well first of all she isn't some' stuff' as you like to call her. And second of all she is our mate not only yours so stop acting like an asshole. 'he says. I sigh. He is right. She is his mate too.

' fine, fine me right. Anything else you would like to say. ' I say with my overly sweet voice.

' yes, go help out mate you dumbass. ' he says and I realize that she is still in the bath. She is real clumsy.

'yeah says the one who literally jackhammered into her yesterday. It was her first time. You should've been a bit easy. When me and June mate we will do it like real love making not like' fucking' each other. ' Luca says to which I just shrug. I enjoyed it and that was what I cared about. Suddenly a question pops into my mind.

' hey, who the hell is June? 'I ask Luca to which he looks at me with disbelief.

' you don't even know our mate's wolf's name. Her name is June like Annabelle's middle name. ' he says as my mouth forms an ' o' shape.

'now go help her already.' he says and I sigh. I cut the mind link between us and head towards the bathroom.

As I enter the bathroom. I see my little mate holding the sink tightly while tears stream out of her precious blue eyes. She senses my presence and looks up at me with her red, puffy and tear - filled eyes. My heart clench at her sight. Maybe, I should have been a bit easy on her.

I go to her and offer her my hand which she takes hesitantly. As she gives me her hand. I see that blood is oozing out from her arm. Wow, how didn't I notice this before.

I lead her to the bedroom. I make her sit on the bed and she does it obediently. Thank you moon Godess for giving me an obedient mate. I don't know what I would've done if I had a fake whore as a mate.

I go back to the bathroom and bring the first aid kit. I sit down on the bed next to my little mate.

I pull her arm in my lap and take out the liquid to clean her wound. I pour it on her wound and she hisses in pain. This thing burns like a bitch. This thing hurts more than the actual wound. I'm sure if she was some other girl, she might have been screaming on the top of her lungs. Good, she can endure pain.

After cleaning her wound, I wrap it in a bandage. The cut was a bit deep but how did she even get it. I look down to ask her but see her sleeping peacefully. Her head was on my shoulder as I hear her steady heart beat. Awe, she is just so cute.

I gently lay her down on the bed and tuck her in. She wiggles a little but soon finds a comfortable spot that was my pillow. Maybe my scent will help her sleep peacefully. I smile. Wait what? Did I just smile? Well maybe I did. But I don't want to turn more soft so that is the least I could do for her.

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