Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 52

Blair's point of view

“Who the fuck helped him escape?” His low, deadly yet composed voice echoed through the now silent living area. Everyone quietly stared at each other, probably wondering why their boss seemed to be ready to kill.

“I’m going to ask this one last time,” He paused, taking in a deep breath as his eyes roamed over the faces of all the people occupying the area, looking for just a hint of nervousness to tell him who had helped his prized possession escape. Finally his eyes landed on me and he spoke.

“Who helped him escape?”

The intensity of his eyes would have managed to make any grown man squirm at his spot. Sadly, that didn’t include me. I stared right back at him, mirroring the intensity gleaming in his orbs.

“Who is he talking about?” I heard someone murmur from beside me and my gaze snapped towards them. I rolled my eyes when I noticed it was the new recruits. They were always so naive.

“Fine so you won’t tell, of course. I’ll make you.” He turned around and left, not before throwing a sharp glare towards me which told me that he wanted to have a very civilized talk with me.

Rolling my eyes again, I stood up from my spot and followed him, dragging my feet behind me.

Without knocking, I stepped into his office, making my way straight to the chair sitting in front of his desk. Plopping down on it, I finally looked at him and noticed he was staring back at me with the same intense glare like before.

I raised a brow at that.

“Why did you call me?” I went straight to the point, his glare intensified further at my rude tone. “You need to learn how to control the tongue of yours.” His eyes snapped towards my mouth for a second as he sneered.

“But of course, I won’t. Now may i know the reason behind this oh so exciting meeting?” I threw him an absolutely fake smile as I spoke which just managed to annoy him even further. Bingo.

“You have been purposely failing the tasks I have recently given you. Why?” I gnawed at bottom lip, shrugging. “Who said I was ‘purposely’ doing it?” He rolled his eyes, slamming his fists onto the desk. I just calmly stared at him, my gaze not wavering once.

“Stop fucking lying to me, Blair. You know I hate liars.” His voice was still composed but the venom dripping from it was way too clear.

“Funny, you already hate me so me being a liar won’t really change anything.” I twirled a hair lock around my finger, a small smile on my face as I stared right into his gleaming orbs.

“I never said I hate you. Stop pushing my buttons.” He calmly stated, his fists clenching and unclenching, a clear sign that he was trying to keep his anger in check.

“Oh, really? But i clearly remember you saying 'I fucking hate you. Get the fuck out of here.' and for pushing you? Well that i’ll never stop!” With a cheery smile on my face, I stood up from the chair. Seeing this, he stood up as well and his eyes held a warning. I knew that warning fairly well but he also knew that I never followed it.

“You can’t leave like this.” His warning came fairly quick and by the slight shuffling I could tell that he had decided to follow me. I turned around at his words, a bright smile on my face.

“I think I can and you know I will.”

Hazel’s point of view

With tear filled eyes, I stared at the little kids running around in the gardens. It immediately made my thoughts drift to the times my pack used to look the same. All the times I would play in the gardens. All the times I would cook with my mother and the maids. All the times I would drive to the woods and just sit there. All the times I would pull pranks on Hayden.

All the times I would laugh with Blair.

Blair. Her words had been circulating my thoughts from the moment I woke up. The pain in my abdomen felt nothing compared to the pain eating at my heart.

She hated me. She was the reason I suffered all this time. She was the reason my wolf left me. She was the reason I didn't have my parents with me anymore.

She was the reason I didn't have Hayden with me. She was the reason for his death.

She was also Jax’s first mate.

The last one sent another jolt of pain through my body. Was she never really my friend? I didn’t want to think of the answer to that but I couldn’t hold myself. Just why?

I so badly wanted to get rid of every single thought of her but I couldn't. I just couldn’t. Her words were haunting me. Hayden’s screams were haunting me. My pleas to the rogues were haunting me. My parent’s warm hugs were haunting me. The pain in Jax’s voice when he told me about her was haunting me.

I wanted it all to end but I couldn't be selfish once again. I will live for Jax. he doesn’t deserve more pain than he is already enduring. We both will get through this together.

I heard the door open and turned towards it. Seeing Jax enter, I smiled. He softly closed the door behind me, his hands settled behind his back as he returned my smile with one of his own.

“Hey,” He started as he slowly made his way to the chair beside my bed, his hands were still securely folded behind his back. I looked at him curiously, trying to figure what he was hiding. “I brought something for you.”

“What is it?” I questioned, my curiosity spiking up. He gave a little shrug, a cheeky smile on his face. It turned my pain-filled heart slightly warm. He brought his hands forward and between his palms there was a very little bottle.

Squinting my eyes, I stared at it and a breathy laugh escaped my lips when I realized what was inside.

Inside the adorable little glass bottle a key was resting. It looked rusty but beautiful nonetheless. There was also a little card hanging from the top of the bottle. I took it carefully from his hands, afraid that I might break it.

I opened the card and let out another breathy laugh. The card read ‘the key to my heart belongs to you’. He was so adorable.

“I love this. Where did you get it from?” I asked, my fingers tracing the little bottle.

“My mother actually gave it to me. When I was maybe seven years old, I had asked her about mates and what they were and even after she explained, I didn’t get it. That day, she gave me this. She told me one day I’ll be giving it to someone who matters a lot to me. That someone is you.” He said with a shrug but I saw the way his ears turned red at those last words. He was blushing.

“Thank you so much.” I said honestly, feeling my heart warm further. He was all I needed.

“Don’t thank me. I have been keeping this with me for a while now and I finally have someone to give it to.” He gave me another one of his absolutely sweet smiles.

“I’m glad that I could be that someone.” A few minutes of silence passed between us, none of us saying anything. I knew that he wanted to know what had happened that day. He wanted me to let it all out and I intended on doing that today.

“Do you remember Blair?” I asked softly. Upon healing my question, his body turned rigid and a dark look crossed his features.

“I do. Why?” He asked, his voice holding a slight sharpness to it. I knew I was touching a very difficult subject but I would have to do it. “She was your first mate and my best friend.” I finally answered, my eyes lowering to the little bottle in my hands. I didn't want to meet his eyes and by the deep breath he inhaled, I knew I couldn't handle looking at him right now.

“She was my first mate, yes,” He took another deep breath before speaking, “Look, can we not talk about her, please? I don’t want to remember her.”

“She was the one who shot me.” I slowly looked up at him and saw that his eyes were closed. He opened them a few seconds later and I noticed that his eyes were changing colors. His wolf wanted to be in control.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” His voice was low as he clenched his fists tightly.

He and I both knew I wasn’t joking. I bit my lip, thinking if I should continue with this topic. I didn’t want him hurting or losing control.

“Please calm down. I’m sorry.” I quickly said when I noticed how his knuckles had turned a deadly pale because of holding onto the chair’s armrest too tight. He quickly shook his head. “I don’t know why he’s going so crazy. I haven’t seen him like this in a long time.”

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked nervously. He nodded his head, his hold slightly loosening on the armrests of the chair.

"She's working with that beta, I suppose you already figured that out. She made a deal with the rogues when they were about to attack my pack. For her own protection, she gave her pack." The words felt like thorns in my throat, tearing at it harshly. I hear my mate's sharp intake of breath

"So she knew beforehand what happened with you." It wasn't a question but I still nodded my head. My heart hurt from thinking about those memories.

"She did."

"I'm going to fucking kill her, I promise you that." His words held a dangerous promise, one that he would fulfill no matter what. His eyes showed the hate he felt towards Blair. Unconsciously my hand clutched the little bottle tightly.

I wasn't scared of him, I was scared for him.

Even if he practically despised Blair, she was still his first mate and the pain of her rejection would still be hanging above his head like a sword all the time, needing a little push. Killing her would cut that little thread the sword had been hanging onto.

It would ruin him and I couldn't let that happen, not again.

I'd save him no matter what.

Writer's note
I suppose no one will really find this necessary. Probably no one won't be even reading this lmao.
I am sorry. I honestly am but I have been busy so much recently. I have two schools and I have been studying more than I have been sleeping. I study like atleast 12 hours a day and the only time I'm free is on weekends. This is not an exaggeration, trust me.
Health wise, I'm not doing pretty good in that department as well. My body lacks quite a lot of blood for which I have to take meds because I literally can't stand even for a few minutes, I grow tired and some other stuff which I won't mention since this already seems like a rant.
I'm literally positive only one or maybe two people will reading this and to those people and all the people who have my book a chance, I appreciate you all. I hope you have a good day or night.
Take care and stay safe <3

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