Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 6

Annabelle's point of view

After Xavier wraps the bandage on my arm. We head to have breakfast. This house was not the pack house. The pack house was close to it. In this house only Xavier and his beta Damon stay. This decreases my chances of ever having friends again. I just hope I don't go insane living here. What am I thinking?

We sit down at the table in the dining room. As if on curiosity Damon also enters. He looks at me and gives me a smirk before giving Xavier one of those brothers hugs.

"so how was last night? I hope you enjoyed. Well I guessed one of you surely did because God the screams last night. I couldn't get an ounce of sleep." Damon says as he sits in front of me. As he says the words, his eyes were trained on me. I don't like him.

" oh so you heard them. "Xavier questions well more like states smirking. Wow, he isn't the slightest but offended or embarrassed. He was sitting on the head Chair or whatever it is called.

" what happened to your arm Luna? "Damon says as I cringe at the new name. I look up from my lap to see him still smirking. What is up with these guys and their smirks?

" I - umm" I try to say but what do I say, that my mate right here literally jackhammered me last night and than I wasn't able to walk because I was so sore so I fell in the bathroom.

"what happened Luna ? Is there something wrong Luna ?" Damon says with an evil glint in his eyes. I shake my head in a 'no'. And he really should stop calling me that. It feels not right and I know he is teasing me.

"please call me Annabelle. And -" I start talking but was cut off by a loud growl that I know is by my mate. We both look at him to see him glaring at me. I lower my head because his eyes were literally throwing daggers at me. I sometimes really think he is bipolar. One minute, he is all caring and the next he is ready to murder you.

"he will not call you Annabelle. Only I and I mean it only I can call you Annabelle." he says, his words directing towards me. But what will my family say to me. I don't want them treating me like I'm higher than them.

"i don't care what your family thinks. They will call you Luna and that is final." he says making me jump. I guess I forgot to block my thoughts from him but I don't know how to do it.

"and as for her arm. I fucked her raw and savage last night and than she was so sore that she couldn't even walk and that's how she fell in the bathroom and got her arm wounded." Xavier says casually making my eyes widen. He really has no shame, does he? I see up to see Damon looking at me while biting his lip to stop the smirk that had already been formed on his lips. I look down at my hand blushing furiously.

A maid comes in and basically pushes herself into Xavier but Xavier doesn't look the slightest bit interested. She puts his food on the table while pushing her chest into his arm. She puts my breakfast on the table and throws me a glare before giving Damon his breakfast.

What did I do? I didn't want him to be my mate, now did I? And can she see that Xavier already has his mate.

I look at my breakfast to see bacon, scrambled eggs and two slices of toast. I drink my glass of orange juice first because my throat was pretty dry.

I start eating my breakfast but stop when I hear Xavier call my name. I look up to see Xavier with a bored expression and Damon smirking at me.

" I have some work to do at the pack house and I can't leave you alone because you might run away. So you will be staying with Damon." has says making me choke on my food. I start coughing. Xavier doesn't do anything while Damon passes me a glass of water. I take it hesitantly but drink it.

Damon looks at me with a raised brow and an evil smirk. I look down at my food. I try to eat but I have lost my appetite.

"I - I'm going to go upstairs." I stutter out. I will just lock myself in the room until Xavier comes back. I don't like the mischievous glint in Damon's eye. I know he is planning something that will result in my misery.

"why? Arent you going to finish your breakfast?" Xavier asks, his attention finally on me.' Because I don't want to sit in the same room as your perverted friend who doesn't look like to be having good intentions'. I wanted to say this but I knew better than to do that.

"no. I have eaten a lot and now my stomach is full." I reply. It was a half lie because I had already lost my appetite when Xavier launched a bomb on me.

Xavier just nods his head and I take that as my cue and go upstairs to our room. I plop down on the bed as soon as I enter the room. I don't have my phone because someone got pretty furious and literally smashed my phone.

I turn on the TV and go to Netflix. I decide to watch ' The Tall Girl ' although I'm not interested in these type of movies but i don't have anything else to watch.

Halfway through the movie I don't notice that Damon has entered my room until he whispers in my ear.

"what are you doing baby?" he whispers making me shiver and not in the good way. I was scared to say the least.

He yanks me up by my arm and leads me out of the room. I scream and cry as loud as I can in hopes of someone coming. But all my hopes get crushed when I remembered that there is no one else in here except me and him.

He leads me in the hallway and starts kissing me. I try to push him off of me only to get my hands being pinned on top of my head. I cry loudly. Not again.

Please moon goddess not this. Again. What did I do for you to hate me so much.
I always gave charity. I prayed regularly.
I never hurt someone well I tried to.
I never kept a grudge in my heart against someone than why?

I snap out of my thoughts when I hear Damon yelling. I look up to see him smirking. My hands were now wrapped around Damon's neck and Damon had his hands off of me. I breathe a sigh of relief but it was cut short when he said something.

" NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING LUNA? I CAN'T TOUCH YOU. YOU ARE ALPHA'S MATE." he says making my eyes widen. Why is he lying?

"you l-" I try to say but my sentence stops when a hand yanks me by my arm. I scream as the hold of the hand tightens around my upper arm.

I collide into a hard chest. I look up to see Xavier with stone cold eyes, jaw clenched and his eyes. Oh God they were pitch black. It means his wolf is in control. He must be thinking I was slutting around.

He practically drags me to out room. He opens the door and throws me on the floor harshly. I let out a yell of pain but the door slamming stops me. I look up to see Xavier looking down at me.

" Xavier I -" I try to say but stop when I feel a sharp stinging pain on my cheek. He just backhanded me. I hold my cheek to soothe the pain but when I take my hand off, I see blood on it. His claws might have digged into my skin.

"get up" he says. His voice was void of any emotion. I get up with a bit of effort but not even a second passes as I feel another sharp pain on my cheek. He slapped me again.

"get up" he says again. I try to stand up but fail. He gets even more angry and kicks me in the stomach. I let out a cry in pain.

"I said get up, you little whore. I thought you were different but guess what we should never judge a book by its cover." he spats at me in venom as he grips my arm, the one that was bandaged. I let put a scream because the cut was a bit deap and it was hurting a lot.

" Xavier I didn't d-"I try to explain only to get kicked in the stomach again. I fall down on the floor and I thank the goddess that the floor had a soft carpet.

" shut up you little whore. You were fucking out of your shit when I mated with you and now you go out and fuck with my friends knowing that you just mated last night." he spats. He was literally shaking in anger. I look down. Tears were streaming out of my eyes.

I am not a whore, am I? He was the one who forced himself upon me. Than he made it look like I was the one slutting around. Why my life had to be so miserable? Why?

He kicks me again and again until I finally black out. Well thank you moon goddess for a bit of peace that I have in this darkness. Sometimes I envy darkness. It gets the chance to be alone and free. Whereas, I can't be free nor alone.

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