Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 7

Annabelle's point of view

I wake up with a strong headache. I try to get up but fall instantly when a sharp pain rushes through out my body. I let out a little cry of pain.

I look at my surroundings to see that I am in xavier's room. The things that happened. How could he believe Damon. Oh of course because he thinks I am some whore so why wouldn't he?

I snap out of my thoughts when the door opens. In walks my nightmare AKA my mate. That word seems so opposite of him. It's the complete opposite of what he is.

He comes towards me with disgust in his eyes. Am I really that disgusting if I get forced by someone?

"you know if I fucked you right now it wouldn't be rape because a little whore like you would probably enjoy it." he says making my eyes water. Why can't he see the truth?

"I didn't do anything, he forced himself upon me than he acted like I was th-" I yell in anger but he cuts me off by giving me a tight slap on my cheek that he slapped before. Great, now it hurts more.

"don't you ever and when I say ever I mean ever raise your voice in front of me. And how fucking dare you blame it on my friend? I never thought you would blame my friend so you could hide your whoring deeds." he spats every single word on me in venom.

Tears start brimming in my eyes. Why did I have to suffer this moon goddess? Why?

I look down at my lap as I find my fingers the most interesting thing right now. I let out a little scream when he yanks me by my already wounded arm. Goddess, it hurts a lot.

He drags me somewhere. As we cross the hall, I see Damon looking at me with an evil smirk plastered on his disgusting face. He waves at me but I just ignore him. I hate him. Was my life not miserable enough that he had to add another misery in it?

He drags me through some other hallways. We finally arrive at a door that I have never been to before. He opens the door to reveal a dark and dirty hallway and that's when I realize what this place is.

He brought me to the dungeons. He brought me to the place where rogues, traitors and other criminals are kept. What did I do to deserve this?

He yanks me by my arm and starts dragging. I finally get out of my shock and think of a way out of here.

"please don't leave me in here. Please alpha." I plead to him but all my pleas go to deaf ears. People start looking at me with smirks on their faces. He drags me into a cell at the far end of the hallway. He opens it and throws me inside. I try to reach him but he goes back in the blink of an eye.

I look around the cell to see, that it has no windows. Great, now I will have to face my worst fear that's darkness although I envy it but I'm scared of it and in a place like this. Definitely. There is a little thin old mattress in the corner of the little cell. There is also a bucket where you do your business. Eww, I'm not using that. Goddess, this room stinks. The smell of blood and urine is pretty disgusting. I just hope I don't vomit because it will just include in the disgusting smells combo.

I slide down and hug my knees to my chest. I cry for a while just thinking abour my luck. After that I go and sit down in the little mattress, maybe it won't be as hard as it looks. Well it still feels like I'm sitting on the floor.

I sigh and lay down. I don't have anything to do. Maybe I should just sleep.

I was running in the fields when something well more like some one landed in top of me. I giggle and look up to see a big black wolf. It covered my little blonde wolf perfectly. He looked at me with love and adoration in his stunning electric blue eyes.

He brought his snout to my side of the face and started licking it leaning a trail of sparks behind. I giggle at the strange but nice sensation.

'I love you my little mate' I hear a voice in my head. The voice of my mate. I smile as I look up at him. My Luca.

'I love you too my big bad alpha mate' I say to which he shows me a wolfish grin as I laugh well I was in wolf dorm so it came out as a bark. He also barks as he gets off of me. I take this as a chance and start running in the fields in the moonlight. He starts chasing me as he lets out a playful growl to which I just bark.

I wish I could stay like this forever. Underneath the moonlight, in the fields with my loving mate.

I wake up due to the sound of a loud bang. I quickly get into a sitting position. I look around to see I'm still in that dreadful cell. What was that strange dream? Who is Luca? But those eyes. I know who those eyes belong too. They belong to Xavier. But the dream I had could never actually happen. Well at least i could dream about it. I sigh and lay back down again. I was a bit hungry.

"aye girl what are you doing here? Were you one of his whores whom he didn't like so he threw them here?" I was just about to sleep when someone said that. It was the man who probably had the cell next to mine. His voice sounded hoarse and raspy probably from not having enough water. Goddess, is that what happens in the dungeons than I don't want to stay here.

I remember what the guy said and as soon as I register his words I feel anger. Why does everyone keep calling me a whore? I am not a whore. Why do they interfere with other people's life? Don't they have their own life to live?

Wait what am I thinking? I shouldn't be angry. That guy didn't know anything about me so he just assumed things. Maybe girls would come here before. That's why he thought I was one of them. But the question is why would Xavier do this to any girl? They didn't deserve this. Well he put his mate in here so maybe he actually doesn't care. Of course he doesn't care. Care and Xavier are complete opposites. I already guessed it last night.

I snap out of my lame thoughts when I hear the door open. Than what was the bang that I heard before? Well whatever. I don't know.

Loud footsteps echo through the hallway. My heart starts beating fast as I smell the familiar scent. The scent of my mate. It was Xavier. The footsteps and the scent gets stronger and stronger as he approaches me. My heart beat accelerates as he opens the door to my amazing cell. ( note the sarcasm)

The thing that makes my breath hitch in my throat is his arousal. He was aroused. Oh goddess no. This means he wants to... No no no.

He enters the cell with that evil smirk of his and I can already tell that he is going to do it. Well you couldn't make my life any better moon goddess now could you?

" how is my little whore?" he says making me cringe in disgust. I am no whore moreover I'm his mate.

"I am no whore." I whisper but obviously he heard it because of our wolf hearing. He yanks me up by my arm and slaps me across the face making me fall down on the floor. Unshed Tears are already starting to burn my eyes.

"shut the fuck up you little whore." he says making the unshed tears stream out of my eyes.

(A/N so people there are some not so good things ahead. If you are easily triggered than I recommend you skip the next part. I will put a little A/N at the end when the scene is over. Thank you.)

He throws me on the little bed and climbs on top of me. I just lay there like a lifeless doll. He hovers above me as he starts kissing me forcefully.

He bites on my lower lip harshly when I don't allow him access to my mouth. Soon I feel the metallic taste of blood. He grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls it harshly making me scream but my screams were muffled because of his mouth. He takes this as an opportunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth.

I just lay there feeling disgusted by myself. Why does he have to violate me? Isn't he supposed to be my mate?

I'm a swift movement he tears my dress my dress apart making me cover my self from his hungry gaze. He growls at my action and pins my hands above my head. He starts sucking on my breast making me cringe in disgust.

The sound of a zipper being unzipped makes my eyes widen. I was still sore from last night.

"p-please don't" I manage to stutter out. But he doesn't stop and continues taking off his clothes.

"shut the fuck up. Whores like you don't get the chance to speak." he, spats. He then climbs back on top of me. I try to speak but stop when I feel a sharp pain in my lower region. He doesn't let me adjust just like the first time and starts pounding furiously.

I wasn't even a bit lubricated. It would've been better if I just died. My sobs and screams fill the air with his groans and grunts. The sound of skin slapping with skin echoes through the hallway.

"w-why?" I say between sobs as he starts thrusting more harder and faster making me scream once again.

" because you are a little whore. If you weren't such a whore than you wouldn't being going through this." he says not even slowing for a single second. He lowers his head and starts sucking on my neck. Sometimes I feel like he is not a werewolf but a vampire because he does bite like one.

He let's out a loud animalistic roar as he unloads his seed inside me. He lays there for a while before finally getting out of me. I lay there sobbing loudly asking one question to the moon goddess. Why?

(A/N okay so the scene is over you can continue reading from here. Thank you)

" I hope this teaches you a lesson. If you don't stop being a whore than I will reject you after you bare my pups and keep you as my personal whore and mate with someone worthy and not a whore like you." he says making my eyes widen. Wow, he won't even let me free if he finally rejects me. He just wants kids and sex from me, nothing else.

" why wouldn't you leave me after rejecting me? " I wanted to shout at him but it came out as a whisper. His head snaps towards me as he clenches his jaw in anger.

"what did you just say you little whore? Why wouldn't I leave you huh? Because a whore like you doesn't deserve freedom. You will live here till the day you die. Get that shit inside your little head. Now consider this your fate or whorish deeds I don't care ." he says making me cry louder. I want to die moon goddess. Please, I want to die.

He leaves the room without another word as I lay there. I look down to see little blood on the mattress. I know I wasn't a virgin anymore but he was very harsh. I don't know the proper word you would use for it but yeah. I lay back down curling inot a ball because of the cold wind that moved freely in the halls. I had not clothes to wear because he tore my older ones apart. Now I'll have to bare this cold. I hope I die somehow by this cold. But my family and friends only will be heartbroken if I leave them. I will live for them even If it means enduring this torture. I will do anything for the people I love. Anything.

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