Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 8

Annabelle's point of view

I wake up with a dull but not that dull if that makes sense pain between my legs. I was little in my wonderful little cell.

How long am I going to be here? I think to myself. I have been for I guess two days or maybe three. I don't know.

Suddenly my stomach growls and I remember I haven't eaten anything for the past two days. I sigh and look around, maybe Xavier left some food. But no, I end up with nothing. Do they not give food here to the prisoners? Wait of course they do these people would be long gone without food. But when do they give? An I the only one who is not being given food.

I snap out of my thoughts when someone yanks me by my arm. It was already healed, thank moon goddess for that. And guess what people that someone is the one and only 'Xavier knight'. Yay life.

"lets go. You have had your punishment in here. Now you will have your punishment up in our room. Aren't you thrilled? Well I am. Now let's go." he says dragging me through the halls. What? Is he serious? He is going to ponich me when we go up to his room too. Wasn't this enough? Who am I kidding? This is Xavier Nicholas knight. He doesn't know the meaning of enough. And surely he does not know the meaning of rape and molestation.

We finally get out of that hell hole but that doesn't mean my hell is over. My hell is just going to start. I hate my life. He is literally dragging me with just a sheet on.

A old maid passes us. She looks at me with pity and sympathy. Well I look pretty pitied. Because my hair is disheveled, my face is covered in dry and fresh tears, I don't have clothes on just a sheet and I'm walking like a drunk old man. God knows what he is going to do now.

Xavier's point of view

How dare she put her whoring deeds blame on my friend?

'what if she didn't? You should've listened to her.' Luca growls out. Of course, he will go all smitten on his mate.

'don't tell me what to do. She was practically all over Damon. He thought her as his own sister and respected her as a Luna but she, she just had to go white around.' I say in anger to which he growls too.

'how do you know? huh?' he growls but I just cut out the mind link. God, he is irritating.

I drag her to our room because damn am i fucking aroused. You can call me sadistic all you want but it's just that seeing her in pain turns me really really on. Never in my life has my sadism tempted me this much.

I open the door to our room and throw her down on the bed not so nicely. She probably guessed what it is because her eyes turn the size of saucers. Maybe she is sore. Too bad I don't care.

'you are such a bad mate. She fears you and maybe hates you too.' Luca growls again to which I just roll my eyes. She should fear me. I am her alpha after all.

I cut off our mind link and climb on top of my little mate. Tears are pouring out of her eyes rapidly. It's her own fault. I capture her lips with my own as she starts to push me away. I just take her hands and pin them above her head. I bite her lower lip because I know she doesn't give entrance that easily. Soon the metallic taste of blood touches my tongue. I smirk and open her mouth. See, it wasn't that hard.

I devour her mouth with my tongue. She tastes just like chocolate. Probably from the breakfast she had days ago. I release her mouth when I feel her eyes rolling at the back of her head. Maybe I kissed her for too long.

I trail feather like kisses down her jaw to her neck. I lick all her tears and I think even her tears are sweet just like her. What a shame that she had to be a whore. Girls like her don't deserve this. But here I am. I lick my mark on her collarbone to which she arches her back and tries to hold back a moan. Well, she has good control over her body. I smirk because I still have effect on her even she wants to deny it.

I practically rip off her clothes because I am literally hard as fuck. She just lies there like a lifeless doll. Why isn't she crying or begging me to not do it to her? She was literally crying a few seconds ago. Maybe she got tired of begging. Well whatever. Although her begging and crying were a real turn on.

I trail kisses down to her bellybutton. She is so fit. She is not fat or skinny. She is just perfect. And Godess her hair, damn I love her hair. Most girls dye their hair to have hair like her but my little angel has natural hair. And those lovely big blue eyes. When she looks at me silently pleading me while I fuck her. It feels like I just slip into cloud nine.

Okay now I can't wait anymore because the more I think about her the more harder I am getting. I might me hard as steel right now.

I take off my clothes and stroke my hard as steel length. I look down at her pussy that is leaking with her juices. I smirk and bring my tongue to her juicy pussy. I see her eyes widen as I start eating her pussy. Not many women can get their pussies eaten by me. But for my little angel's pussy. I wouldn't have to eat anything for the rest of my life.

I let out a moan in satisfaction. Goddess why is everything about her so fucking sweet? She Is like a dangerous drug and damn am I addicted. I can't get enough of her.

Without not giving her even a chance to blink I make my way into her pussy. She doesn't even let out a scream just a little whimper. What the fuck has happened to her?

"why aren't you screaming?" I ask her in confusion. She doesn't make eye contact but then I grab her jaw and make her look at me. She looks at me with her big blue eyes that are full of tears. Well she is trying to hold herself. She wants to ignore the pain.

" b-because even i-f I s-scream you won't s-stop." she stutters out as tears start to leak out of her beautiful eyes. She starts sobbing as her hiccups join her in her sobbing. Aww, my little angel's hiccups are so cute and little.

I start moving at a fast pace inside her. I thrust inside her as her walls clench my hard member. I start sucking, biting and nibbling the flesh on her collarbone as I thrust into her. The sound of skin slapping echoes throughout the whole room. I take one of her breasts into my mouth as I pinch the other one. She lets out a little whimper as I twist the nipple between my fingers.

I can feel the knot in my lower abdomen tighten as I continue thrusting inside her without missing a single beat. I let out a loud growl that made the windows of the room shake as I release myself inside her.

I collapse on top of her little frame making sure not to crush her beneath me. I kiss her head as a thin layer of sweat covers us.

"you are so fucking amazing angel. Your fucking body. Goddess your body and you, you both are like a fucking dangerous drug." I say because she is a fucking drug. I hadn't fucked any other girl after her. Usually I wouldn't fuck a girl twice but my little angel's pussy is just so fucking addicting.

I get off her not before kissing her plush lips that are swollen because of my kisses. I smirk at that. This will prove that she belongs to me. Although she does wear my mark and no one would dare try to touch what belongs to me because they know if they do they won't be able to see the next sunrise.

I take a shower, after showering I pick my angel because I know she will be very weak. I make her stand in the shower and wash all the dirt, semen and cum off of her. As I touch her thighs she winces a little so I try to be as gentle as I can. Maybe sometimes caring for her won't hurt.

I wrap her in a towel and dry her off. After getting dried I put on one of my boxers and shirts on her as I put a boxer for myself. I lay her down on the bed and tuck her in. She gets comfortable and within a second she is out like a light. I lay down next to her and lay a little kiss on her forehead and drift into peaceful darkness.

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