Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 9

Third person's point of view

He looked down at his precious angel sleeping. She really was a real beauty. He had never in his life seen such a beautiful creature. Her innocence and cuteness was just so fucking amazing. He had never in his entire life been turned on by just seeing or hearing someone.

He caressed her hair lovingly.

'lovingly? Don't you think that word is very opposite of what you do to her? I mean after all you've put her through you are anything but loving.' his wolf, Luca mocked him. He growled lowly. He didn't like disrespect even if it was from his own wolf.

'you better start respecting me Luca. I do not like your bitchy attitude.' he growled out to which Luca just rolled his eyes. He didn't like Xavier. After what Xavier did to their mate he wanted to hate Xavier but he couldn't do that.

'I will respect you if you respect our mate. She's not a godamn toy for you to play around.' Luca said.

'and for your information you're not the only alpha here. So stop giving me that shit. If you don't know how to respect our mate than I don't know how to respect your sorry ass either.' Luca said again annoyed. Who does he think he is? Luca thought.

Annoyed. Xavier cut off the mind link with his wolf. His wolf really hated how he treated his little angel...

' our 'Luca said interrupting Xavier. Xavier was ready to kill Luca but refrained in doing so.

' like hell you could kill me. I am your wolf. Don't forget that 'he said making Xavier growl in frustration. He really didn't want to talk about it right now. He just wanted to be left alone with his little angel.

' the one whom you forcefully mated and beat' Luca said angrily. He really hated how Xavier had forced Annabelle although he was a little happy that no male would ever look at her again but force was not the answer. This made her fear Xavier even more.

Xavier on the other hand never really wanted a mate. He thought mates were useless. He still does but his thoughts have just differed a little. He now thinks that mates could be great sex outlets and as for her little angel, they would be fucking great. The first time Xavier had fucked his little angel was surely the best fuck he had ever had. Her screams were a real turn on and the way her tight walls hugged his big girth made him cum in a matter of just a few minutes.

Annabelle slowly opened her eyes just to see her mate looking at her with...admiration? Probably for her body. Her eyes widened in fear when she remembered the events of last night. Tears start to form in her eyes. Why did she have such a cruel mate? She didn't do any bad to anyone. At least she tried to.

Xavier furrowed his brows as he saw a tear come out of his angel's eye. Why is she crying? It must be because of the sore muscles. He should've been a bit gentle but how could he? When it comes to his little angel, an animal takes control of him. It's like there is someone else instead of him. Her body was a fucking dangerous drug and he was surely addicted.

Annabelle tried to get up but was stopped by her mate's large arms wrapped around her thin waist. It reminded her that she hadn't been eating lately.

"I need t-to use the r-restroom. Can y-you please l-let me -g-go? " she requested timidly as she looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes. He sighed defeated. He couldn't say no to those pretty and innocent eyes. He unwrapped his arms from around her. He suddenly felt cold. The lack of his little angel hitting him quickly.

Annabelle tried to get up but lost her balance due to the pain between her thighs. Why was he always so rough? Why he wasn't gentle like everyone said mates are? She thought but then again. He was Xavier Nicholas Knight

She slowly limped to the bathroom. Watching this, the sadistic part of Xavier smirked, obviously proud of itself but the other part watched in sadness and hurt to see that it's mate was in pain because of it.

After a nice warm shower with her favorite lemon body wash and shampoo that Xavier bought her saying 'his little angel deserves only the best'.

Probably that's why she got such a mate.

She decided to wear a black dress that reached her knees. It had lovely lace patterns on it. The lace sleeves also reached her wrists. She was never a fan of short dresses. And dresses that clung to the skin like a second skin.

She paired it with black shoes. They went perfectly with the dress. She put her long blonde like hair in a high ponytail. Her hair cascaded down her back in waves.

She was never a fan of makeup so she decided to just put on lip gloss and mascara. She went outside to see Xavier typing furiously on his phone. He senses her presence and looks up from his phone. Something flashes in his eyes but is gone in a flash. What was it? She thought.

Xavier was just talking with one of his pack warriors. The pack warrior had to quit training due to some family shit. He really hated these family problems. If someone wants to be a pack warrior. He must put his pack first. Although the pack was in no such danger but there could always be a sudden invasion by those damned rogues.

His own father had made him start training at the age of thirteen. At that time when all the kids would be playing he would be fighting with his pack warriors.

His father had made him what he was now. His father was also a very cold person. He never respected his mate. He just wanted a mate for power because a Luna strengthens a pack and he was a power hungry wolf. He killed thousands just to gain power. Xavier also followed in his father's footsteps and killed for power. People don't just call this pack the most dangerous pack.

Annabelle shifted uncomfortably as Xavier continued to stare at her. He was looking at her but seemed to be in his own thoughts. He snapped out of his thoughts when he sensed Annabelle shifting her weight from one foot to another.

Did I look bad? Was I wearing something too revealing? Does he not like my outfit?

Questions started to pop inside her head. But one question that was nagging her was...

Why was she caring about his opinion?

'I know it's hard but still, he is your mate. You will always think about him.' her wolf, June, said. She smiled. She had missed her so much. June didn't usually talk that much after the 'mating ceremony'. She just talked when Annabelle was scared, confused or hurt. She would try to
She would always tell her that things would get better but Annabelle would just smile and say 'I hope so' just for the sake of her wolf. Because inside she knew this wouldn't be possible. As they say:

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want it . Some stories just don't have a happy ending.

'you know Luca is a very nice mate. He is very caring. He is trying to stop Xavier from what he is doing.' June said. June loved Luca with all her heart, soul and body. And so did Luca. But the problem here was Xavier. Xavier didn't seem to be a person who likes mate. Okay he hated mates. He just thought of them as a sex and power outlet.

Annabelle suddenly cut off her mind link with her wolf when she saw Xavier standing. He stood up and started walking towards her. She, on instinct, took a step back. She started moving backwards as he moved forward. She was sacred. She didn't want him near her.

Annabelle's back soon felt the cool texture of the wall. She instantly regretted her desicion because now she was trapped. Trapped in the monster's grasp.

But what Xavier did next made her eyes widen. He caressed her cheek 'lovingly'. She didn't dare to look up at those blue orbs. She just looked straight at his chest which was bare of any clothing. She blushed at that. Although she had seen him naked many times but she never focused on it. But now he was standing in her face.

"so beautiful." he whispered sofly. Annabelle didn't even know he was capable of that. She still didn't dare look at him. This made Xavier a bit irritated so he grabbed her chin and made her look at him. Blue clashed to blue. He leaned down to capture her lips but Annabelle moved her head in the other direction.

She thought he was actually calling her beautiful but then she remembered all he wanted was her body, womb and power. Tears started to glisten in her blue eyes. She knew she was a cry baby who cried at everything but seeing your soul mate only appreciate your body and not you for who you are hurt.

But what could she do? She was totally helpless. He could anything he wanted with her and no one would stop him after all he was Xavier Nicholas knight.

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