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With only 8 months to live, Tommy Rodriguez is determined to do everything on his bucket list...falling in love wasn't one of them. That is until he meets Allison a go with the flow type of girl that's always ready for the next adrenaline rush. Never one to fall in love. Until Tommy that is. Will they find braveness within each other?

Romance / Drama
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Tommy Rodriguez has never been a very anxious man but with the obnoxious sounds of the second hand on the clock hanging above Dr. Hudson’s Duke University medical degree.....

It was definitely giving him a bit of anxiety and making him more and more anxious by the second as he awaited Dr. Hudson’s arrival with his test results.

Throughout most of his life, he had been a relatively healthy 26-year-old man. He ate right, went to the gym 5 times a week, and had an athlete’s body on a medium-size frame and roughly 6′1 in height. He only had the occasional cheat meal on Sundays which consisted of traditional Latino cuisine made by his mother. Yeah, he felt that he’d done everything right on the health front, that is, up until recently.

The constant body pain and high temperature from what he thought was the flu suddenly became frequent nosebleeds and fatigue. With that being said, it wasn’t until the fainting spell at his parents’ house a few Sundays ago that he had been urged to go see a doctor. As his older brother, Todd put it, “go see a doctor before I drag your ass there myself” in his not so gentle way to show that he cared.

Tommy began to dig his nails into the patterned texture of leather on the arm of the chair he was impatiently sitting in. The hard tap of his foot on the hard marble floors caused his chair to vibrate a bit but wasn’t nearly loud enough to stop that God-awful clock. Every “tick” and every “tock” became more and more pronounced by the second.

His hands were becoming wet and clammy and there’s a trickle of sweat running down the center of this back. Tommy was growing more impatient, ”where the hell is this doctor?” he groans to himself as he wipes his palms along the side of his jeans in an attempt to rid himself of his sticky mitt.

Finally, he could hear the clink at the door as Dr. Hudson walked into his office. He would finally find out the results from all the poking and prodding from the past weeks…

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