Passion for Revenge. (An Erotic Romance Book)

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Draven knew what to do when The Mayor had heartlessly killed his entire family. He was going to go out of his way to make The Mayor regret his decision by using his beloved daughter. She would pay for her mistakes. This story contains violence, submission and strong sexual content. Read at your own risk. Cover by: BecomingApocalypse

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"No Dad you can't make me do this! You're already forcing me to marry that cheating prick! By the way, he  disrespects my religion." Anissa shouted as she walked out of her father's study. He always involved her in all his acts which she was were illegal.

She adjusted her hijab which was a nervous habit for her. He was making her go out with the scary looking man who always asked her out and even kissed her once without her consent, making her go against her religion.

"Darling, firstly that's between you too. Your mother turned you into this with her extreme beliefs. You have to go out with him, for me darling!"

"Dad no! Have some respect for the dead. I am not going!" She said dismissively as she turned on the TV.

"Honey, make your decisions wisely. I will make you stop wearing that thing you wear on your head." He said as he stroked her head. No one except her mother had ever seen her hair. She paled at that threat knowing her father would do it. He always hated the her and her mother dressed. Deep down, she believed he killed her.

"Dad no please. He scares me. " she pleaded trying to get into her father's soul. She sometimes wondered how a cold heated monster like him could earn the votes of citizens.

"My men will be with you. I need to show him who has the power. I'm the fucking mayor. " He said going into another world entirely.

She wondered how her mother could stand an arrogant pig like him. She hated him.


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