The rejected soulmate (Discontinued🚧)

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His lips grazed against my ear as he says "I reject you as my mate." A chill shoots up my spine and my heart feels torn to pieces as he says the words that could destroy my whole meaning in life.......What happens when Erica newt finds her mate, She's never been loved and the only one keeping her from running away from her life is the hope of finding her mate. So what happens when he rejects her.

Romance / Drama
Thekay X8
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Chapter 1

`Hey guys I am the author of this story and I just want to let you all know that I am not the best a description and it may suck throughout the story but I absolutely enjoy writing. I write based on my mood. I'm not the best but I do hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1-All alone
I am Erica Newt. My birthday is today and I am turning 19 which means I can finally go search for my mate. Last year the connection wasn't that strong because I was really young.
I live with my father and his new wife. My mother died having me as a cub and he has hated me ever since. All my life he told me that I killed my mother. At one point in life, I believed him and I was depressed for years until my aunt told me what really happened at the age of 15. A year after that she died from cancer the same desease as my mother.
His new wife Carlene is evil. She treats me worse than my dad. She makes him punish me by having me sleep outside or letting other female wolves beat on me. I'm strong but I can't take on 6 all at once.
I'm sitting in my room packing up my stuff getting ready to follow my mates scent. Its supprisingly close and some nights I let myself get taken by the bliss of it. I can't wait to meet him. He's the only person in my life that hasn't let me down yet. I always imagine us together, always wondering what hes like and how old he is.
I finish packing my bag and look out the door into the hallway. If my father catches me trying to leave he might actually try to kill me.
I quickly make a run for it downstairs and out the door and thank god noone has caught me.
Once I'm out of my fathers teritory I follow the scent of my Mate with excitemant. It wont take me more than a day to get there thankfully.
Blake's P.O.V
I put my member into the girl under me. I honestly don't care about her or any girl for that matter. I've known I had a mate but I don't want to look for her. I don't want to be involved with any girl not even my mate. Even though I smell her scent like is only a territory away I could care less. Honestly when I was rejected by my first mate I stopped caring about love. I didn't want anything to do with it except sex.
The girl under me whimpers as I grab a handful of her hair tug it towards me. "Gosh Blake your so rough no wonder girls can't get enough of you." she says biting her lip. Ugh she looks like a slut just like all the rest. Her area gets tight and as I'm about to get more intense I smell an intoxicating fragrance. A sweet fragrance. I stop and look out to where the fragrance is coming from. "Whats wrong?" the girl asks and I put my finger on her mouth as I shush her.
I hear the doorbell ring which causes excitment to run through my entire body. 'It's mate' My inner wolf announces. I get off of the girl and wrap a towel around my body. I then open the door and head downstairs.
"Who's at the door?" my mother asks "Don't worry I got it." I say a little too excited. I need to breath I'm not supposed to have this kind of feeling. I felt this before but her scent wasn't sweet at all. It was just a scent. Then she rejected me a month later. I open the door......
Erica's P.O.V
A guy opens the door. He is tall and slender. He has dark black tousled hair and light blue eyes. My eyes travel down to his six pack. It was the most sexiest thing I've ever seen. Damn my mate is gorgeous. I got luck on my side for once. I feel my face go hot as I realize how long I've been staring at his pack.
I look up at him and realize he has been staring for quite awhile too. "Who are you?" he asks . I open my mouth to speak but no words come out. I should have come prepared but how was I supposed to know my mate would be such package. "If you can't speak then leave!" he says about to close the door. "No wait!" I call out quickly "I am your mate" my face goes red as I said this.
I see a little smirk before his face goes back to serious. A girl walks down the stairs with a robe on and rests her had on mates shoulder.
"Baby who is this?" ......
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