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The rejected soulmate (Discontinued🚧)

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The Rejected Mate

Hi, welcome back guys! I’m glad you decided to read Chapter 2. I would appreciate if you guys told me what you think in the comments.


I felt anger rise throughout my entire body. That was before sadness took over. I can’t believe that while I was looking for mate he was sleeping around. The thought of his hands on another woman made your wolf want to tear both of them apart. I take a deep breath and mate can since that I’m angry. “You can leave” he commands the girl next to him. “Wait what?” she asks “Leave!” he says a little more annoyed. She growls at him then walks out the door. He then turns his attention back to me.

He comes closer to me like he’s about to tell me something so I step closer to him. His lips grazed against my ear as he says “I reject you as my mate.” A chill shoots up my spine and my heart feels torn to pieces as he says the words that I know would destroy my whole meaning in life. I look up at him shocked and hurt at the same time.

Many emotions are running through my head as I replay those words in my head. "I reject you as my mate" I suddenly start to feel my head spinning and the world around me moving fast.

Everything suddenly gets dark and all I can remember is the warm touch of my mate.


I wake up in a beautiful large blue room. The bed has a set of dark and light blue pillows. The covers match with the pillows except it has swirl patterns all on it. The walls are white with a lot of picture frames and a white couch on one side of the room.

The sun is shining brightly on my face and I decide to get up. I'm dressed in a man's jacket and some shorts. I sniff them and they smell like mate. I frown suddenly the memories from last night flood back into my mind. “I reject you as my mate.” Tears almost fall down my face at the realization my mate doesn't love me.

I suddenly snap my head towards the door as I hear someone open it. I soon calm down as a woman who looks to be in her 40's walks in with a warm smile. She has a tray of food in her hand. That's then when I realized how hungry I was. "I see that you are my son's mate." she says with a smile "Who knew he would find such a beautiful girl" wiping a tear from her eye as she said this.

"T-thank you" I blushed. she looks just like mate except a more older woman version. Her dark curls bounce with every word, her soft dark green eyes look at me happily, and her pearly white teeth as they shine in the sunlight. "Well you must be hungry so I will leave you to eat." She announces. Then she walks out of the door.

The door doesn't close all the way and I hadn't realized this until the love of my life walks in. My tall mate looks at me with a glare his expression unreadable. "Where you talking to my mom?" he questions. "Y-yes she walked in to give me breakfast." I avoid eye contact with him as I wait for him to answer.

"Listen if you want me to leave-" I start before getting cut off. I feel mates hand caress my chin. I look up to realize he's gotten closer and his eyes are darkened with lust. One-touch from my mate was enough to make my skin crawl. I wanted him to hold me in his muscular arms so that I can melt in them.

"Do you have somewhere to go?" he asks

"No," I say

"Well, then you can stay here, but that doesn't mean I'm accepting you as my mate" he adds

With that, he walks out of the room. I let out a breath not realizing that I was holding one. He has such an effect on me, but I know he doesn't love me. Not even a little. I just wanted to be loved and cared about for once. Of course, I got rejected by my last meaning in my life. A tear rolls down my eye but I wipe them before anyone sees.

I take the tray of food and eat my worries away before I make a plan to run away forever...

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