I Want a Man! & NOT just ONE

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The most realistic novel. Is this description not good enough? Well, sorry then. Lets get into it. This book began as a joke to my sexual life and a lack of men attention which I need so desperately. But after quite a short time as a naive reader obsessed with sex novels I realised it is not that easy to find the true, rich and sexually mature and experienced love of my life. Not having this in my real life made me read even more of these books and I got confused and angry. Why is literally no one like Mr. Grey? And here comes my answer. Mr. Grey is fake. When will you realise that? When you will be forty-year-old single lady with twenty cats? That is too late, honey. You need to do something now! Your clock is ticking! Tick-tock, tick-tock… I Want a Man! is a novel about Julia, chasing her prince charming in a surrounding of fake people, social prejudices and her sex insecurities. If you thing this is going to be another “I met a guy and fell for him immediately” you are wrong. This is a real life based story. And you know what? It is actually story of my life. How tragic could it possibly be?

Romance / Humor
Queens of Dramas
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Message sent.

Yes, sure and I really thought I will never ever text him again. Amazing. I did not make it far. Just a few hours without him and I miss him already so much and I did not even have anything with him. Why? Why is this happening to me? We cannot even be together! Unless I want to be accused of half-incest.

He is such a jerk! No, he is not! He is a God! Four long years… Years full of imaginations, text messages, jokes and drinks.

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