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A young Native American girl has a wolf: this wolf protects her. It loves her. But what’s wrong with it when it runs away and doesn’t come back for two days during the men’s time away from the village?

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Chapter 1

Somewhere in Texas, a Comanche village, 1834

With a sigh, I put away my mending. My wolf, Adahy, stirs, stretches, and rises at my sudden movement. I follow him then go towards the teepee flap, intending to go to the river not half a mile from the village. Adahy follows and looks at me.

“Adahy, stay here.” I command.

“Rrrr!” He barks.

“Adahy! No barking!” I chide. “Naughty Adahy!”

A pregnant pause occurs, a silent staredown between me and the wolf I have taken care of for years.

The silence is broken by a soft-

“Woof..” from Adahy. I nod.

“Good boy. I’ll be right back.” I pat his head then run and head out into the the village.


Kneeling by the bank of the river, I lower my hands and cup the sweet liquid the river contains. I drink it down, and I feel it running down my throat.

“Ahem.” A deep male voice says. I jump and rise.
Wheeling around I see...
Demothi stands a good 2 feet above me, with broad shoulders, a muscular chest, strong arms that look good to lay in...
Ahem. Sorry.
He has dark colored eyes like the rest of us, deeply tanned skin from all the time he spends outside, and a strong build. The more I stare awardly at him, the more I notice that he everything and the world like Chayton, his father. The chief of this village. I never really thought of this, but that means Demothi will be Chief. He will need a wife. My cheeks burn.
What am I doing? He won’t choose someone like me to be his wife!
Will he?...
I’m stupid for thinking that.

“Hello? Earth to Aponi?” A tan hand waves in front of my face. I snap back to reality and smile nervously.

“H-Hi, Demothi!”

“Hello...?” He responds.“How are you?” I eagerly say.

“Fine... Aponi, are you feeling well?”He eyes me.

“Oh! Fine! I’m fine! Everything is great!”
He raises an eyebrow and shrugs, but his eyes are concerned.

“Are you sure?” He asks, sounding completely and utterly unconcerned.

“Yes.” I stutter.

“Alright.” He walks over to the water and, kneeling, peers down into the wet substance. He tests the water with a hand and before I know it, into the water he goes.
He splashes about for a minute, then dunks under. I try to shake myself away from the sight, knowing that I’m watching a man I barely know bathe himself. This is an invasion of his privacy!
This is the perfect time to spy on him!

I look over his perfect body in awe. He turns around, dripping wet, and sees me.

“You’re still here?”
I open my mouth, but all I do is squeak. I close it then open it again, but now no sound at all comes out. Then I close it and just nod dumbly, my eyes on his chest and the various tattoos there.
His eyes darken with some emotion I’ve never seen.

“You want to come in or something?” He chuckles.

“No, no. I was just leaving.” I gather myself and leave.

All through the way home, all my mind can picture is the muscles in Demothi’s body rippling as he moved and flexed them. I sigh and think fondly of those few times I’ve seen him, one including him dressed for war, gracefully draped over the side of his stallion. He had smiled at me then.
But that was before his mother died. He hasn’t been quite the same since. His father tries to keep him in contact with the people in the village, and Demothi does so when Chayton asks it of him, but usually he’s hidden somewhere fighting a tree or other warrior for practice.
Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I like to think about an out of breath Demothi coming home to our teepee, sweaty and smelling of the forest. Then he would kiss me, let me brush his hair, and prepare him and myself for bed. After that, he would wrap me into a warm embrace.
I would sleep easier then.
I know he has a good, playful side tucked somewhere in his heart. It’s there, I just need to reawaken it.

Oh, Demothi...

HELLO! Totallynotquanahparker here, signing out of the first chapter of my first novel and Inkitt! Whoot!

What do you beautiful people think of this chapter?

What do you think of Demothi and his stoic attitude?

Aponi and her crushing?

Chayton and his not-being-introduced yet?

Comment down below if you read this!

Love you!


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