Mafia Blood

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Follow Grace on her journey to run from her abuse father, right into the arms of the Italian mobster Giovanni LaRosa.

Romance / Action
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I was running down the streets as hard as I could. My legs hurt like they were being stabbed every second, and believe me, I knew how that felt. My lungs felt like they were on fire, and couldn’t get any more oxygen in them. My breath came out fast and formed little clouds in front of my face. I felt the air leave my lungs as my body fell to the floor. My knees banged against the floor and my head felt with a loud thud onto the floor. My sight became blurry and my hands shot out to try and find something to steady myself with. I felt leaves and little stones on the tips of my fingers but didn’t find anything useful.

The only thing I knew is that no one was going to find me in this damn cold place. The last lamp post I saw was 10 minutes ago when I was running. So if I had any hope, that would be gone by now.. didn’t say I had any to begin with, though.

So, I stayed there on the cold floor and waited till my breath came out steady, and my body had enough energy to run further. I closed my eyes to try and make the blurry sight go away, ’cause let me tell you, that ain’t a pretty sight to see.

My vision became normal and my breath steadied itself. I moved my arms and pulled myself up. I grabbed the wall and waited a minute till the dizzy feeling was gone. I looked at my surroundings and saw dark shadows on the walls of high buildings. Creepy dumpsters that looked like there could be found anyone in there, and I don’t mean alive.

I heard voices from behind me so I hid behind one of those creepy dumpsters, and Jesus, they smelled like death. I made my body small by pulling my knees to my chest and tried to make no sound. The voices came close and I heard loud footsteps echo through the walls.

‘No, man. What the fuck are you talking about? I told you I killed that little piece of shit.’

‘Well, then why the hell did my men see her walking through the streets?’

‘Maybe because she has a fucking sister. Dude, I told you I killed her, and I never lied to you before. So why the hell would you think I would lie about a bitch?’

‘I don’t know man, I just heard this from my men. They even brought me pictures of her.’

‘Well, that’s not my problem.’

The two man came closer to the second, and I swear to god my heart was beating out of my chest. I tightly closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn’t see me.

’Yes, I know Gio, but you better find that girl. ‘Cause god knows what she already knows about us.’

‘Yes, I will find her.’

I knew that in 3 seconds they would walk by or see me and probably kill me, or take me. God, I hope the first option.

Their footsteps came to an abrupt stop, and let me tell you my heart stopped as well. My hair was being yanked and my head shot up. I opened my eyes and looked into the most mesmerizing bright green eyes.

‘Well, boss I think I found her.’

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