Forever Mine book 2

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(Sample) This is the second book in the dangerous Nights series. The Perfect Revenge is the first book so if you haven't read that one yet please read it before you read this book. Dominic is the second in command of Dangerous Nights motorcycle club. He's used to violence and gore. He has had a rough past that was filled with darkness and demons. Now the demons seem to disappear as a light comes into his life and that lights name is Tessa. Tessa is a young college student who has always had her nose stuck in a book. Lately though she's been wanting to become more adventures and what's more adventures then falling for the bad boy.

Romance / Drama
Mickey Myjak
5.0 2 reviews
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Chapter 1


The music is so loud that I can barely even hear myself think. Cassie passes me another shot and I take it.

“Happy 21st birthday bitch!” Cassie shouts, swinging back her own shot and causing me to giggle.

“Let’s go dance.” I say, grabbing her arm and dragging her to the dance floor with me.

“Are you really sure about this Tessa?” Cassie asks

“Yeah definitely.” I nod.

“I just don’t want you to regret anything babe. You know that you don’t have to go through with it.” She reminds me for the 100th time tonight.

Cassie and I have been best friends since freshman year of high school and now we’re both in our second year of college. Cassie is 5’5 with a smoking hot body. She is skinny with big pouty red lips, long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Ever since I’ve known Cassie, she’s always had multiple guys drooling over her and I’ve always been the one in the shadows. Not that I minded too much, I have always been more into my studies than guys. Lately though I’ve been feeling like I’m missing something and I really want to feel a connection with someone. I’ve been feeling urges and needs and I know that I’m ready to lose my virginity. I’ve just turned 21 today and I’ve decided that tonight’s the night. So, Cassie and I made a plan to go out tonight and find a really hot guy that I would go home with. Honestly, I’m a little nervous but it’s because I’m not as drop dead gorgeous as Cassie is. I am 5ft, I have long curly brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I have a small nose and small pink lips. My skin is paler than Cassie’s and I have a ton of freckles. My hips are wide, my ass and breasts are big, my thighs are thick and I don’t have the smallest waist.

“Tessa!” Cassie shouts, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“What?” I ask.

“I asked you if you saw anyone that you think is cute?”

I turn my head from side to side, scanning the club and freeze in my spot when I see a guy who’s sitting in the V.I.P section.

“Holy fuck.”

“What?” Cassie asks.

“Look.” I tell her, turning her head to look at this guy. He’s built like a Greek God statue, with honey brown skin and huge fucking muscles. His skin is covered in tattoo’s and you can practically feel the bad boy vibe he’s giving off from across the room.

“Go talk to him.” Cassie says.

“W…What?” I stutter. “I can’t just go up to him and talk to him. I mean what am I even supposed to say?”

“Just ask him to dance.”

“Okay.” I nod. I start to walk and then I turn back around and grab Cassie’s hand. “Wait, I’m going to need another drink first.”

We head over to the bar and order two more tequila shots. I down both of them and Cassie pouts since I drank hers.

“You owe me a shot.” She mumbles. “Now go over there and ask him to dance.”

She turns me around and pushes me lightly so I’ll walk. I take a deep breath and walk up to the guy. He’s talking to some other guys so I think about turning back around but I see Cassie in the corner of my eye, shooing me forward. I walk up to them and clear my throat, gaining all of their attention. I turn to the man and see that he has short brown hair and hazel eyes, that are boring into me.

“Excuse me but would you like to dance?”

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