Beating Hearts [Knight's Rest #1]

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Her eyes misted over as she stared at the happy couple. "Do you think that'll be us one day?" She sighed, leaning back into him. Leaning down, he nuzzled his face in her neck and wrapped his arms around her middle, breathing in the vanilla scent of her shampoo. "My heart beats for you and you only. I'll stand by your side no matter what, for as long as you'll have me." She turned around in his arms in lightning speed, her eyes wide with disbelief. "Did you just propose to me?" "It depends whether you want to be proposed to or not." He shrugged, pulling her closer to him as their bodies swayed to the rhythm of the slow song. She attempted to scowl but couldn't control her smile. "I guess we won't know that until it actually happens." The song came to an end then, and all couples pulled away to clap for the newly weds whom had just finished their first dance. Once it had quietened down and the live band started the next song, he merely smirked in response, untangled himself from her and began walking in the direction of the open bar. "I guess so."

Romance / Drama
Layla Knight
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Chapter 01

Sleep didn’t come as easy to her as it used to.

It had been months since Jake had broken up with her – three months and thirteen days to be exact; but she still couldn’t stop thinking about him. The summer had gone and past, but small remnant of the way he used to smile when he saw something he liked, the way he frowned when he was irked or when his eyebrows would shoot up when displeased. Jake was very expressive and was always very open with his thoughts and feelings, and she had been very grateful for that quality of his. Too bad it didn’t pull through when she really needed it to.

She remembered the exact date because it was her birthday.

She missed every God-damn thing about him and she hated herself for it.

Darcy sighed and turned over onto her back, looking up at the ceiling.

It had been months since he had broken up with her but she still wasn’t over him. Even though he was the one that had stabbed her in the back, she was the one that was dropped like a sack of hot potatoes.

Broken-up wasn’t the right word. Dumped was more like it.

Publicly humiliated was an even better description of the way she had walked into his apartment one evening with his favourite pizza and garlic bread from the pizzeria down the street from his student dorm. They had planned that they would celebrate her birthday with a quiet evening in, some movies, good food and a wild night of passionate sex.

Darcy was never the type to attend parties and to get plastered, so that plan suited her very well. Things had changed since then, obviously.

She gulped as she recalled the scene that she had walked in on, the memory almost impossible to swallow. Because that was what they had been reduced to now; just a handful of mere memories.

Darcy and Jake had been together for 3 years so after the first six months or so, Jake had slipped in a copy of his dorm keys into her hand once and from then on, she popped in to see her man whenever she liked.

Except he wasn’t her man any longer. Not when she walked in on him with his head buried between his best friend’s breasts, sucking her nipple as if it contained the last drops of water on Earth.

It looked nearly as painful as how she felt in that moment.


They were both naked from the waist up and she had her hands down his jeans.

Moans escaped them both, one louder than the other. It was almost as if they were competing with who could be the loudest, and there wasn’t even any penetration yet.

When Jake Whitely had teased her on the phone the night before her birthday, he had said that he couldn’t wait until he got to see her so he could rock her world and make her orgasm until she begged him to stop. She had assumed that he had been talking about her. Not once did Darcy suspect that Jake was referring to someone else; his best friend, Lila Adams to be exact.

The one whom he had always told her not to worry about.

Turns out they had been fooling around behind her back for more than half of their relationship, which was pretty damn long since Darcy and Jake had been together for 3 years.

3 years.

3. Fucking. Years.


Tossed in the garbage as if it was some dirty rag that one got rid of once they were finished with it. Except Jake wasn’t ready to get rid of her until his misdemeanours behind her back had been exposed.

Darcy had called out to him but he merely moaned in response. She hadn’t known that Lila had been scraping her nails over his length before cupping his balls, one in each hand.

Not that she would care.

She had already seen enough. No amount of holy water would be able to erase the sight of her boyfriend cheating on her. With his best friend. On her birthday.

Her boyfriend of 3 years.

And to think she had believed that they were end game.

She had given him his heart and he had stomped all over it. As if it meant nothing. As if she meant nothing.

Darcy called out to him again and when she finally managed to get his attention, he pushed Lila off him and scrambled to his feet, his hands scampering around his crotch as he tucked himself back into his jeans.

Jake zipped himself up as he walked towards Darcy, his eyes wide with panic and shock. He visibly winced when the zipper caught on the head of his penis, but he bit his tongue as his girlfriend looked like she was ready to burn the place down.


Jake had said it was nothing, pleading with her to stay, that it had all been a mistake.

Darcy wanted to believe him. She truly did.

She may have been in love with the man but it didn’t mean that she was blind in love.

It also helped that Lila had piped up with her four cents – still naked from the waist up – claiming that they had been fooling around together behind her back shortly after Darcy and Jake’s first year anniversary. The bitch had also claimed that this wasn’t Darcy’s first birthday where he had slept with both girls.

Darcy locked her jaw and ground her teeth. She was above fighting over a man she no longer could stand to be in the same room as.

Lila Adams was not worth her time. Neither was Jake Whitely but she wasn’t prepared to let him off so easily.

Darcy wanted to scream.

And so she did.

She screamed at him for cheating on her, for making her fool of her. She dropped the food on the floor and pushed him. She pushed him so hard that he fell on the floor, landing on his butt with a thud, clearly not expecting the strength that she possessed in that moment.

The man had gulped when he noticed the fire blazing in her eyes; the anger that was consuming her. It didn’t help that he was evidently still sporting an erection.

For her or Lila, she no longer knew nor cared.

Before she had the chance to blow up at him, he was back on his feet.

His fists clenched at his side before he grabbed her arm and yanked her closer to him.

Having just been caught cheating on his long-term girlfriend, he sure had a lot to say.

Yanking her arm out of his grip, she shot him one last glare before she turned around and walked out of his apartment and out of his life for good.

She took the pizza with her. He didn’t deserve it.

His mouth was already full from what she had seen.


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Layla Knight


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