The Boy Among The Boars

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Edmond had witnessed many catastrophes before the war had even begun - his losses seemed only to be catalysed by the conflict. He was the pride and joy of the USAAF on the East Anglian coastline; the youngest lad on the base, Squadron Leader and local pretty boy. He had a peculiar sense of drive, fuelled by a past of torment and a future of uncertainty. Many called him an animal, but behind his spectacles were the frightened eyes of a child. Trigger warnings: Contains themes of sexual nature, war, violence and suicide.

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The Beginnings

The world never learned from the mistakes of World War 1. Instead, it decided that a new war was in order. 1st of September 1939 sounded like a great day for German forces to invade Poland. And the 3rd of September appeared to be an equally fantastic date for the United Kingdom and France to declare war. Of course, just as in the first Great War, men were seen as disposable items. "The more soldiers we throw at the Germans, the more chances we have of this war being over by Christmas!" the British Commanders exclaimed as they drafted in thousands of teenage boys to fight an adults' battle. After all, if you did not sign up, you were a coward.

On December 7th 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour - in retaliation, the Americans joined forces with the other Allies, and swore to fight against the Axis forces. Some troops were sent out to Europe, to the front lines. Some were based in England to aid in protecting Great Britain from German invasion. Their mission was to protect their homeland and their way of life; they would allow nothing to get in their way of their freedom.

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