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Spring Breakers

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“Don't you get it?" He asked, the hardness that once occupies his voice gone and replaced by a trembling, brittle voice. I could see the conflict raging in his eyes as they bore into mine. "I'm a sinking ship and I...I can't drag you down with me," he whispered as his grip on my hands loosened. *** After dealing with a crushing break up with his long time high school sweetheart, high school senior Matteo Hayes heads to a small town in the middle of What-Are-You-Doing-Here? North Carolina to help his grandmother over the duration of his spring break. To say he wasn't looking forward to it would be a massive understatement. Dylan Strobes was the hot guy who sat in the back of the class and despite barely uttering a single word to anyone, every girl was drawn to him and wanted to be the one who "put his broken pieces together", yet every girl who's tried failed, not able to handle the sharp edges of his jagged pieces that couldn't quite fit together. One fateful night, they bump into each other on the beach and when one of Dylan's sharp pieces falls into Matteo's hands, he refuses to let it be even when it does slice at his heart and soul. Follow them on their journey to find serenity, laughter, and maybe a dash of love.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Matteo

I don't know what drew me to him. Maybe it was the aura of "stay away from me or you'll regret it" that rolled off of him in thick, suffocating waves. Perhaps it was the pure black hair that messily sat a top his head that sucked the light out of the air around it. Perchance it was the stench of the cigarette that hung heavily between his perfectly sculpted lips. But it was most likely his ocean eyes that captured the brightest stars and absorbed its twinkle, easily contradicting the scowl on his face. What ever the reason, I am now sitting next to him underneath the full moon's soft light in the sand receiving a heated yet questioning gaze from him.

His star kissed eyes slowly looked me up and down before he took another drag on his cigarette. "I don't want company," he bluntly stated before a grey cloud escaped his nostrils.

"Neither do I," I cooly stated as my eyes left his and looked up at the clear sky and leaned back causing this sand to seep through my fingers. The only thing good about this place was the clear nights and beautiful sunsets by the beach. He raised his eyebrow before he relented and copied my actions.

"So what, you're not going to ask me what's wrong like everyone else does?" He suddenly asked, his eyes remaining on the sky as I turned to him.

"I know the look," I shrugged as he took another drag.

"And what 'look' would that be?" He asked, turning to face me, causing me to see yet another cigarette tucked behind his ear as if it were a pencil.

"The look of someone who's broken," I said, knowing the look very well. I saw it every time I looked in the mirror in the morning before I told myself, lied to myself and said that everything would be okay. That I would be okay.

"And who would that someone be?" He asked raising his eyebrow once more, an amused tone saturating his voice. I felt a blush coming on, so I quickly faced the sky once more.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Ah, nice on. You got me," he said with a humorless chuckle and I couldn't help the grin that tugged at my lips at the smile that took refuge on his face.

"Oh come on, you were practically begging for it," I joked as his smile grew.

"Not tonight," he rejected, shaking his head as he closed his eyes and basked in the gentle caress of the moonlight. "It's too beautiful outside to stain it with bad memories and regret."

I nodded, dropping it as I my focus fell on the waves that quietly lapped at the feet of the shore and barely skimming my toes. "What are you doing here?" He questioned, his voice slightly muffled due to the lit cigarette that was clenched between his teeth. "I've never seen you around here and no one ever comes here without a purpose. I mean this is the most boring place in America, if not the world."

I couldn't help but laugh at his remark. "You're not wrong," I agreed. This was a small town with one grocery store for the whole town and very few stores to shop at for pleasure and even less places for you to entertain yourself at. The only interesting thing about this place was the beach and it's beautiful sunsets and sunrises. They were purely breathtaking. "As for the first part, I'm here for my grandmother. She needs someone to keep her company and help her around the house."

"Ah, a grandma's boy," he said nodding with an amused look in his eye. "I like it."

I offered him an idle smile in response as my heart slightly fluttered before my focus fell on the stars that littered the sky. Drew and I used to look at constellations together and we'd help each other find shapes and dedicate stars to certain features the other possessed. I think I could see his smile not too far from the North Star. A sinking feeling filled my chest like water to a chasm. Wasn't this trip supposed to make me forget about Drew and "cure me of my ailments"?

"What are you think about?" The handsome stranger asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?" I asked, my mind not having understood the question.

"That look is one of deep thought and with deep thoughts often comes regret," he elaborated, causing me to raise an eyebrow. He smirked. "You're not the only one that can read people. Now what's wrong?"

"What happened to not ruining this night with our baggage?" I questioned, flipping his own words on him.

"Touché," he shrugged before offering his almost-done cigarette. I looked between him and the cigarette before hesitantly taking it. I used to smoke a few in my early high school days but I hated the taste and the smell so I quit. But they did take the edge off my jagged thoughts.

I brought it to my lips and took a slow drag, instantly falling into a cough fit. The boy next to me laughed before he used his hand to rub my back until my coughing ceased. It was not a normal cigarette. "Are you good?" He questioned with amusement evident in his voice and face. I nodded as I took deep breaths in order to regulate my breathing. "Looks like you're not ready for this yet, champ," he mocked as he took it from my hand before he took another hit from the weed filled cigarette and let the smoke exit his perfectly shaped, soft looking lips that I really wanted to kiss right now. But I refrained.

I was also acutely aware that he hadn't removed his hand from my back yet either. But I didn't mind. I enjoyed the warmth that's seeped through my sweatshirt from his hand.

But unfortunately, the serenity didn't last. My phone buzzed in my pocket and when I pulled it out, I saw three text messages and over five missed called from my grandmother. I cursed as I quickly stood up, causing the stranger to look at me in confusion. "It's been nice sulking with you, but I've got to go. My grandmother is freaking out. I'll see you around I guess. The name's Matteo by the way," I quickly rushed out before I started half walking half running toward the direction of my grandmother's house. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the handsome stranger smile, shake his head before he took one last hit from the dying cigarette.

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