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Coming out of a messy divorce only to be swayed back into a lawsuit is enough to make anyone lose their mind and give up all hopes that life after love doesn't get any better with time. Maybe it does or may be it doesn't. But all Vanity Rose knows for sure is that her knight and shinning armor is sure as hell not this deliciously handsome hunk of a man dressed in a pair of faded jeans, a white sleeveless shirt and tattoo covered arms that makes her fingers itch and her eyes twitch. Adam Wilder. No way!! Absolutely, no way. He can't be her lawyer. Adam was more satisfied to live his life the way that he had been. Alone, isolated and finally at peace with himself. But when a certain brunette with the temperament of bull comes charging into his life. He has no other choice but to take the bull by its horn and show her that he is more than ink and good looks. When two stars collide, there's bound to be fireworks.

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Vanity sat taking in her surroundings at the ‘Hamilton Hotel’ with her her fingers tapping nervously against the table.

The grazing sound of cutleries gritted at her teeth. It was the most annoying sound in the world, well one of the most annoying sounds in the world. Her eyes shot to the wall clock before sighing again.

“Are you  sure that this friend of yours is coming Max?” She asked shifting in her seat.

She really hated waiting. Being two or three minutes late was understandable but half an hour? Where was the professionalism in that?

“Relax, babe.” Max said, his hands reaching out over the table finding hers. “This was short notice and it's a miracle that he agreed to meet with you.”

Vanity sighed again. She couldn't seem to help it. She was nervous and frustrated by all this.

Oh God,  why did it have to be her? And why now? Right after she was about ready to get her life together and sort through the remains of her dignity.

“You’re right." She drew in a deep breath, "I'm sorry, it's just, I want this to be over and done with.”

The corner of Max's lips pulled into low smile, “I can assure you that he's the best lawyer in the city. He'll be here.”

After a moment of hesitation, she finally gave him a brief nod. Her nerves were shot and throat dry.

Maybe life after divorce wasn't as glamorous as she had imagined.

She instantly grabbed her glass of white wine and swallowed down half of its content.

Sued. She was being sued by Aden Redliw, one of the most famous upcoming actor in the movie industry. How the hell had she allowed this to happen? She had always been careful. Always double checked everything before sending off a piece to be be printed.

Maybe, she thought, maybe this had happened during her time in Greece with Kontantine.

She had been distracted by him and Ariadne and Alena.

Of course. The mistake must have occurred there.

A frustrating groan escaped her mouth.

Idiot! How could she allowed her personal life get in the way of her job, her career?

“Hey,” Her worried eyes caught Max's soft brown ones. “Relax. I wouldn't have told you about Adam if I didn't think that he could help.” Max said in effort to try and sooth through her anxiety.

“I know. And for both our sakes, I hope that he can really help.”

“He can.” He told her, his voice rich with confidence, “And he will. Now if you'll  excuse me, I have to go to the little mens room.” Max joked before taking his leave.

It was after a few minutes that Max had been gone when a tall yet oddly dressed man walked through the door. Her forehead creased as she watched him make his way to the restaurant hostess.

He looked a little under dressed and out of place, yet there was a subtle glow of confidence about him. And when he pulled his attention away from the dark headed host who was fawning over him and for brief moment caught Vanity's eyes, she froze.

They held each others gaze for what seemed like an eternity.

Look away, a small voice with her said, but she couldn't. He had the most expressive pair of emerald green eyes and they seemed dead set in holding her in this strange yet frightening trance.

After a few failed efforts, she was finally able pull herself out of it, blushing as she averted her eyes from his.

Oh lord, what was wrong with her? It was rude to stare, she knew that and she hadn't meant to but she had never seen so many tattoos on a person's arms before and his were covered in ink.

A wave of relief washed over her when she saw Max emerging out of the toilet and started to make his way towards their table.

"Geeze Max, did you stop to powder your nose in there?" Vanity asked, teasing him as she rested her elbow on the table then cupped her chin in her hand.

"You're funny."Max smiled then leaned forward, "But no. I was actually taking a giant load of --" He paused, then looked past Vanity, his smile widening at recognition.

"Adam! You've made it." Max exclaimed standing up with his hand stretched out in front of him.

Vanity's heart stomped at the mention of his name, turning around she jutted her head up.

Colours filled her cheeks and her eyes widened in disbelief. It was the same guy that had caught her staring at while ago. Her gazed lowered from his green eyes to his exposed arms the finally to his faded pair jeans.

This was the famous Adam Wilder that Max had bragged so much about?

Her jaws twitched.

No way!

There had to be mistake because there was no way that this tall, dark haired man, with tattoo covered arms was a lawyer. And if by some sick joke he was, then he sure as hell wasn't going to be hers.

Damn it! She should have known better than to trust Max.

She needed somebody professional and not some - some biker.

Both her career and company was at risk.

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