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What are the odds of waking up in an assylum. Meet Camilla a sweet caring girl who finds herself in the dilemma of waking up in an assylum with no memory of what hapenned the night before. She is forced to remain there against her will. Meet Chase, a young and most elligible bachelor. Unlike your typical young billionaires, he is not a player. The story of Chase and Camilla is found in a very unusual way. "I don't see why you want me?" "Then maybe you should use your heart and not your eyes love."

Romance / Mystery
Spicey 001
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Chapter 1

Camilla's pov

"You look beautiful as always Catherine. You sure are excited to see your son huh?"i said teasingly to Catherine.

"Oh dear, you can't imagine how excited i am to see him. I want to give him the good news that the doctor said i am doing well and could be out of hear very soon,"she said happily.

"By the way, you my dear, are accompanying me to see my son. I know no one comes to visit you on such days. Besides, i have been wanting you to meet my handsome boy,"she said firmly.

I know our conversation may make it seem as if we are in prison but we aren't, atleast not the physical one with bars but is just as much a prison to me all the same.

We are in an assylum or what others call a mental institution. How i found myself here? The answer to that is that i don't know. And no, i don't have amnesia. I could remember things from my childhood up to until one day that i seem not to remember, the night and the day, i found myself here.

"Sweety, there you go again getting lost in your own thoughts. Come on help me style my hair like you always do then you get ready yourself. We both have to look beautiful today,"Catherine said pulling me out of my thoughts.

I helped Catherine get ready. She is such a sweet lady. I am glad i met her here and was glad she was not so sick when we met. Imagine getting locked in a place full of mentally ill people, scary right?

Catherine made it easier to survive in this place. She became like a mother figure to me. She's the only one who knew about how sad i felt in this place.

"There you go Catherine you look like a princess. Today you will go by princess Kate. Are you ready to blow your son away with your beauty, mi'lady?" i asked in fake british accent making Catherine giggle.

You just have to find hapiness in whatever situation, i guess.

I hope Catherine's son is as kind and sweet as she is.

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