The Foster Girl (On Hold - Serious Editing)

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Jade Ell Taylor was the typical loner at school that no one noticed, or so she thought. Jade lives with her foster brother, Aiden, and foster mother, Rachel. Her parents died in a fire when she was 15, and she suffers from social anxiety and panic disorder (another type of anxiety). Zander Reed is known as the school's 'bad boy' but he is really just protective of his friends and family. His father was a businessman that left his mother when he was eight. What happens when the school's 'bad boy' starts to notice Jade, will they become friends or will she push him away?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I saw the flickering flames of the fire burning bright as it lights up the night sky, I hear the sirens of the fire trucks as they head for my house. I feel the tears stream down my face for I know that my parents are still in there. I run as fast as my feet carry towards my house, the tears still streaming down my face. All the sudden in noise cuts through the air.




I quickly sit up, trying to catch my breath before I got up to turn my alarm clock off.

"It's just a dream, " I whisper to myself as I try to shake the sleepiness away, " it's just a dream..."

I grabbed my clothes and quickly got into the shower. Feeling the warm water Cascade down my back was very calming.

Once I was done I got out and put on a pair of black leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and a pair of old Converse.

Once I was done I went downstairs to find Aiden sitting at the counter eating cereal. He drives himself to school since his parents gave him a car, so I have to walk to school alone. His house was a good 15 minutes away from the school on foot, so I have to leave earlier then Aiden.

By is the time I made it to school I only had 5 minutes to go to my locker, get my stuff and then head to my get.

I slid into my seat right as the bell rang. I sit in the back and try not to be noticed by people. I don't talk to people; it gives me anxiety attacks. If teachers notice me then they'll call on me, so I try not to be noticed too much.

Unfortunately for me, I was the last person in the class today so the teacher noticed.

"Miss Taylor, " Mr.Smith said looking at me, "since you were late today why don't you tell me what trepanning is?"

"I-it's... Umm i-i-it's," I can feel every eye in the room on me. I could feel my throat closing and my breaths becoming more ragged. I knew that if I couldn't get my breathing under control I would have a full-on panic attack.

"I c-can't, " I cry before running out of the classroom. I ran into the girl's bathroom and started crying. I could feel the panic attack coming.

Then all a sudden I heard a knock on the door and a male voice asking "can I come in?"

I didn't say anything, I couldn't say anything for at this point I was in the middle of a panic attack and I couldn't breathe properly.

The door swung wide open and I saw a guy I didn't recognize at first. He walked over to me and I realized it was Zander.

Zander is one of the most popular kids in school, but I didn't have time to worry about why he was there cause I was still trying to get my anxiety under control.

He came over to me with worry in his eyes, then he did something that surprised me; he came over and hugged me. Oddly his touch soothed me. I could feel myself calming down and my breaths becoming more consistent and even.

He whispered to me "you're okay now"

I looked up at him, our eyes met and I quickly looked away and then I asked, "why d-did you c-comfort m-me?"

He looked a little surprised, but then he said, " I saw you run out of science class crying and so I wanted to see if you were okay."

"T-thanks, I g-guess," I say still a little confused.

I realize that he was still holding me and I quickly jumped up and ran out of the girl's bathroom.


It's been 4 periods since that moment in the bathroom. Right now I am at my locker putting my books away before heading to lunch.

I stood at my locker until the hallways we're less crowded. I kept my head down as I made my way through the hall. The noise in the cafeteria hit me like a wave as I opened the cafeteria doors.

Like a walk to the table I always sit at in the back of the cafeteria, I felt someone watching me. I quickly glanced up and saw Zander's crystal blue eyes staring at me from across the room. We made eye contact for a second and I quickly looked down at my book.

Since I didn't have any money during lunch I normally just sit and read.

The bell was going to ring in ten minutes I decided to go to class early. So I grab my book, stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

I went to my locker and put my book away and headed towards the staircase. As I was heading towards my class I felt a hand wrap around my arm and it pulled me towards a room.

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