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After being banished from the underworld by Satan himself, Helvisa Balzac, together with her friends, joined together in their journey to a place they called Earth. Knowing that they need to get a job to pay for their home to stay and other essential, they were forced to work as a waitress in a local restaurant in a trading island of Gavreau. After months of pointless chores and being treated as a peasant by the female owner because of their good looks, they decided to take a job as a Royal family personal chamberlain. They didn't even know such a small island has its own royal family until then. As they were hoping to have an easy job, reality slapped them on their faces when they have to followed orders from what they referred to as brats and a king that can't even put his own hands-on himself. What will happen when a demon, a witch, a siren and a werewolf has to bury their proud dignity to serve mere royalty human? How will Helvisa and her friends keeping up on hiding their actual ability from showing? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1 - Trouble, Trouble


The trade island of Gavreau was known as one of the most crucial trade islands in the European sea. Because of its strategic location, traders around the world would stop by and perform business with local traders. The island of Gavreau was being ruled by the royal family for generations and would continue to be governed by the Gavreau for many years to come.

Queen Gisele, the sole heir to the throne, was forced to step up as the new ruler at the tender age of sixteen after her father, the King, perished in a shipwreck on his way to a summit.

When Gisele turned seventeen, the royal advisors thought that she would be too young to rule a kingdom by herself, so they granted her wish to marry her love interest which was not from a royal bloodline. From the fruit of that marriage, they were given with a son. Three years after Prince Gaultier was born, they were once again given with another child who was later named as princess Elaria.

King Armand, Queen Gisele’s husband, was not a loyal man to his queen. He was known as a king who required a different woman companion every time the queen had to attend her official meetings and royal duties. The advisors strongly suggested that the queen should leave the king, but she was worried that her kids would not receive any type of fatherly figure if she did leave him. Even though he was not a loyal husband, he was a devoted father to their children.

On the other side of the island, four women were just getting themselves ready for their nightshift.

Helvisa Balzac, one of Satan’s many mistresses’’ daughters, was banished together with her friends to earth after they committed treason in the underworld. Even though they were deported, they were surprised that Satan didn’t strip their power away from them.

Helvisa grabbed a hair binder and tied her blonde hair into a high ponytail. She sighed when she looked down at her uniform. “Why we have to be a waitress is beyond me.”

Armina, Helvisa’s trusted advisor and also known as the wise one of the group, chuckled. “Because we have to pay the rent and for the food, we have to eat. You know how difficult it is to control Eris when there is no raw meat.” She offered to zip Helvisa up.

“Could you?” Helvisa turned and removed Armina’s long wavy brown hair from her back and zipped her up as well.

“I’m sorry, my lady. I am just too hungry whenever there’s a full moon.” Eris looked down at her feet.

“Don’t be sad, Eris. I’ll find a nice man for you to eat next time,” Reina assured her friend.

“Don’t get any stupid ideas, Reina. You’re a siren, yes, but we want to keep the image of being a low profile ‘human’ as well.”

Reina pouted and tied her blonde hair into a messy bun. “I’m tired of being a peasant, my lady. Why do I have to control myself whenever a useless man tries to get his hands on me? He should face my wrath.”

Helvisa glared at Reina.

“Reina, apologise right now,” Armina commanded.

Reina flinched and looked down. “I’m sorry, my lady. It won’t happen again.”

Helvisa ignored her and went to the door, followed by Armina. “Let’s go.” Was all she said.

Reina felt guilty.

“Nice going, Reina.” Eris sighed.

Reina ignored the werewolf and went to work.

Eris was the last person to step out from their little apartment and lock the door. She jogged to catch up with the others.

“What in the world?” Helvisa breathed out when she saw their stuff was on the dirty ground of the back alley where they worked.

“Isn’t that our stuff?” Armina said out loud and knelt to pick it up.

“Yes. You’re FIRED!”

Helvisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. As far as she knew, they didn’t do anything wrong nor break something from the restaurant. She looked up at the owner of the restaurant. “Mrs Bethra, what’s wrong? We didn’t do anything wrong.” She questioned the owner’s sudden action.

“You girls have been doing nothing but trouble since I picked you up from the streets!” Mrs Bethra yelled in Helvisa’s face.

Armina took the chance to wipe the little saliva that had landed on Helvisa’s face.

Helvisa held her hands up. “But you can’t just fire us! There’s a law regarding that.” She reasoned.

“Law my ass! GET OUT!” Mrs Bethra kicked Helvisa’s belongings. Helvisa could see the hatred she had for Reina.

“Reina, did you do something?” This time, Helvisa’s orbs were utterly blackened.

Reina gulped down the lump in her throat. “I .... m-ay have ..... seduced… Ummm .... h-er... husband .....”

by now, not even Armina could control Helvisa’s rage towards Reina’s behaviour.

“For the last time, Reina...” Helvisa was clenching her fist, but she didn’t get to finish her sentence.

“GET OUT!” Mrs Bethra shouted and slammed the back door as loud as she could.

“There goes our job.” Eris breathed out.

Helvisa tapped her foot on the ground waiting for Reina to explain herself. “I hope you already thought of a solution for our situation right now, Reina Crevier.”

Reina cringe when she heard her full name.

“How are we suppose to pay the rent this month?!” Eris began to scratch her head as if there were a flea.

“Have you’ve been taking a flea bath?” Armina asked.

Eris gave her a nervous laugh as Armina shook her head. “It can’t be helped.”

Helvisa was wondering why Armina’s face was plastered with a Cheshire smile.

“Don’t worry about this month’s rent. I have enough to spare for the rent and Eris’s flea bath as well.”

Helvisa couldn’t believe what she heard right now. “You’re practically a lifesaver.”

Armina walked in front of Reina. “And for you, you’ll find us a new job. No excuses.”

Reina nodded.

“Well, let’s just go home,” Helvisa suggested and turned her back to the restaurant. “That place is shit anyways.” She mumbled and went home with the others.


“Did you just fire all of our private chamberlains? Have you gone mad?!” Gisele yelled at her husband, Armand.

“Look, dear wife, I can’t stand looking at old maids. Hire someone younger.”

Gisele couldn’t believe her husband fired their old chamberlains just because they were old. “You do realise that those old maids you called them were the people who raised me?”

Armand ignored his wife and just slumped on the bed.

“I can’t believe I married a pig,” Gisele mumbled while turning her back to her husband.

Armand was too drunk to even respond to that.

Gisele went out of their royal chamber and went to her office where she always worked. But before that, she wanted to bid her kid’s goodnight. She went to prince Gaultier’s room. “What are you doing, my dear?” She asked.

“Reading a book,” Gaultier replied to his mother.

“What kind of book?” She went to sit on her son’s bed.

“Supernatural beings. Demons and stuff.”

Gisele wasn’t sure if that was appropriate for her son to even be reading such a book. “Where did you get that kind of book?”

He turned the pages in the book. “From your library. I was amazed by how much you have, mother.”

Gisele smiled. She knew that the book probably belonged to her father. Her late father was known to be quite a legend enthusiast. “It’s getting pretty late, young man. You should sleep now.” She took the book from him and placed it on the bedside table. “Goodnight Gaultier. Sweet dreams.” She kissed her son’s forehead.

“You too, mother.”

After she tucked in her son, she proceeded to princess Elaria’s room. She chuckled when she saw her daughter practising the dance moves she learned earlier today. “Elaria honey, please go to bed now. You can practice tomorrow with your brother.”

Elaria blushed deep red and jumped on the bed as her mother went to her side.

“Don’t be shy, little one. I was a bad dancer myself.”

Elaria took a little peek at her perfect mother. “How come? I mean you look so perfect, mother. Not even a single flaw. You’re beautiful, brave, and a better fatherly figure than he is.”

Gisele smiled and helped her daughter to lie in bed. “Don’t say that, Elaria. He’s still your father. Yes, what he did to us is unforgivable ....”

Elaria noticed her mother look into the distance whenever she talked about him. “It’s okay, mother. Gaultier and I will be there for you. You don’t need him.”

Gisele tried to keep her tears to herself when her own daughter wanted to cheer her up. “Oh, Elaria. I love you so much,, my princess.” She hugged her daughter’s body and kissed her forehead goodnight. “Sweet dreams, little one.” She smiled and tucked her in as well. She closed the door and went to her office.

When she was inside, her trusted advisors were already there waiting for her.

“I heard what the king did, your highness. What shall I do about it?” A white-haired man questioned.

“Armel, I need you to prepare something to inform the islanders that the Palace is looking for chamberlains. Since Armand fired every single one of them, I need them pronto.”

Armel nodded his head. “I’ll get to it right away.” He bowed to his queen and excused himself.

“Leon, how was the summit? I’m sorry I had to drag you into that and be my representative. I just had to be here since Armand’s family decided to visit us.”

Leon, Gisele’s other advisor, bowed down. “It’s been an honour to serve you, my queen. And the summit went great. Everything went as planned,”

Gisele was happy to hear such good news.

“I’ll be presenting my achievements in tomorrow’s meeting with our prime ministers. I’ll explain everything then.”

The queen nodded. “It’s good to hear some great news once in a while.”

Leon bowed. “If I may speak my heart out, your highness?”

Gisele gave him her permission.

“I know I’ve said it before, and I want to repeat it. Why not just leave the king and be happy for a change?” Leon clear his throat. “I was there when you were born, and so was Armel, my queen. We hate to see you in pain like this. It’s been nine years. You should be happy with the Prince and princess. Not like this.”

Gisele sighed.

Leon was worried he might say too much.

“Honestly, I did think about it. But ... Gaultier and Elaria. I was just thinking about them. I don’t want to be selfish and just be thinking about me. You know how close Gaultier is with his father.”

“It’s our fault for forcing you to get married at such a young age. For that, we are sorry, your highness.”

Gisele smiled. “Don’t blame yourself, old man. You and Armel have been by my side since I was born. I am glad to be working beside you two. As long as our people are happy and my kids are happy, I’m happy.”

Leon was proud of his queen. She aged to be a well-defined woman. “Speaking of happy. I have something for you, your highness.” He went to his sack and placed a souvenir in front of the queen.

“Oh, Leon. You still remember my favourite chocolate.”

Leon smiled when he saw his queen’s eyes as if they were sparkling. “Of course. Who could ever forget? I will always remember how you would bury your face in that chocolate when you were little, your highness.”

Gisele thanked her advisor as he excused himself. When the door was closed, she unwrapped the chocolate and took the first bite. The same old taste that made her fall in love with chocolate was right there inside her mouth. She turned her rotating chair and just enjoyed the night scenery of her kingdom. “Thank you, Leon. You never failed to make me happy.”


Reina flipped her hair when she emerged from the ocean sea. She went out of the apartment early in the morning, but somehow she ended up at the beach. “Great... more bystanders.” She said under her breath when she walked to the beach after bathing. She was only in her undergarments that showed her athletic figure. She ignored her wet body and put on her clothes.

“Well. Time to search for that job.” She said, mentally. She ignored every stare she received from the locals and looked at the billboards. She was stunned by a sudden car that stopped beside her.

”Oh. Sorry.” A man in a suit apologised and pinned a paper on the billboard. He nodded his head and went inside the car again.

After he drove away, Reina took the chance to read the content of the paper and literally ripped it off from the billboard. She ran home with the article in her grip.

When she barged through the door, Helvisa and the others had just started lunch.

Reina took a deep breath and shoved the paper in Armina’s face.

“Hmmm... what’s this?” Armina grabbed the paper and read through it. “A position as the royal family’s chamberlain, eh,” She announced out loud.

“Wait. This island has its own royal family? I thought it was owned by some rich bastard.” Eris said with her mouth full.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Armina warned her. She turned to Helvisa, who was reading the paper thoroughly. “Shall we take it?” She asked.

Helvisa placed the paper down and motioned for Reina to come near her. “You’ve done a good job, and the pay is good, too. Maybe we could afford to stay in one of those luxury apartments.” She caressed Reina’s cheek.

Reina knelt down and smiled all the way. “Oh, my lady, that’s such praise coming from you.”

Helvisa suddenly slapped Reina across the face so hard that she fell on the floor.

Reina moaned with euphoria as her body hit the floor.

“That’s your reward for this splendid task,” Helvisa nonchalantly said.

“Honestly Reina,, get up from the floor and join us for lunch.” Armina placed an empty plate in front of Reina. “Would you prefer the old man’s guts or just boring animal intestines?”

Reina gagged at the names and shook her head no. “I wonder what kind of meat that is.” She pointed at Eris, who was chewing some kind of meat.

“The cow she killed.” Armina simply explained it.

“What about her?”

Helvisa placed down her now emptied the glass and licked her lips.

“That old man’s blood she dried out.”

Reina gag again.

“When do we have to go to the castle?” Helvisa was wondering.

“Tomorrow would be nice,” Armina suggested.

“Hmmm,” Helvisa replied.

“What do you think? Should we go tomorrow?”

Helvisa once again hummed her response.

Armina looked at Eris and Reina.

“Should we cut your hands later on?”

Helvisa hummed again as she took a bite of the chunk of meat.

“I’m sorry, my lady, but I got pregnant.” Reina lied to get her attention.

“Hmmmm..” Helvisa hummed again.

“There was a legend that was told around the world about a mere little bunny and a huge ogre.”

Helvisa looked up from the paper she was reading. “What the hell are you talking about Armina?”

Armina raised both eyebrows. “Oh, you can hear me?”

Helvisa nodded. “Of course, I can. Oh Reina, is it my child you’re pregnant with?”

Reina was speechless.

“Hmmm... it’s not? Abort it.” Helvisa said nonchalantly. She never tolerated it well when it came to Reina.

“Helvisa, she’s not pregnant, nor are we,” Armina explained.

“You seem so distant. We began to worry about you.”

Helvisa scoffed. “It’s nothing. I had a letter from my mother. That’s all.”

They looked at each other. The creatures knew that every time Helvisa received a letter from her mother, she had the urge to visit her.

“My own stupidity for pursuing such treason. Now I can’t even see my own mother. This is torture for me.”

Armina went to her side. “We’ll find a way... somehow.” She assured her friend.

“You told me once before, to never give up. My lady, I was dying when you found me locked up and tortured by those villagers. You saved me even though you knew the consequences.” Reina remembered her past. “I was giving up, but you forced me to live. I know you’ll meet your mother soon. As Armina said, we’ll find the way. Eventually.”

Eris nodded. “You took me in when I was abandoned. That little Helvisa save me, my lady. I promise I’ll do anything for that to happen as well. Even if I have to bet my own life.” She added.

Helvisa chuckled but soon turned into a hearty laugh. “You guys should stop being so mushy.”

They were just having fun when they heard a weird siren sound coming from the street.

Armina took the liberty to check it out, but the sound disappeared for some reason. “I wonder what’s all the commotion.” She said as she walked back to the apartment again.

“Wait a minute. Those sirens sound familiar to me.” Eris remembered something, but she couldn’t seem to make out as what.

“Pirates. Those are pirates warning siren.” Reina explained.

“Pirates on the island? That’s absurd.” Eris laughed it off.

“The guards are probably just testing out the sound. If it’s a real attack, the sirens would be continuous.” Helvisa explained.

“I thought pirates don’t exist anymore. Why do they need those type of guards?” Armina questioned.

“It is a trading island. The ruler probably thought it’s wise to be prepared.” Helvisa stood up and went to look out the window.

“I wonder how the queen looks. Do the princesses look hot? If so, I would like to try my luck.” Eris was joking around.

“Eris Garr. We’re going to the castle to work. Not impregnate the princesses. Be a good dog and follow my commands.” Helvisa was using her authoritative tone.

“Yes, my lady.” They said in unison.

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