The Perfection

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Did you ever looked at someone and told yourself: damnit hi's perfect...maybe too much? You know what? Big suprise- they never are... Like Molly Nancy Somer. The perfect one, daddy's girl and friend for everyone. Or not? What about those trips at night? Or about the secret? Or about the Thing inside her wallet? And her boyfriend: Jack Woodein, the leader of the school football team and the every girl's dream...what about him? The king and the queen of the high school...are they what they seems to be?

Romance / Mystery
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"You're so lucky," Timmy sighed. They were sitting on branch and watched the high school football team. Timmy's eyes were locked on high good shaped figure. Jack Woodein. Molly laughed. "I know. It seems little wierd that he is with me."

"Nonsense," said Sally. "Everyone knew that you two will end up together. "

Molly hid her face under her blond hair.

"Aww, look at her Timmy, she's blushing." Timmy turned her head for a while and looked at her friend. She smiled. "Love, you should believe in yourself."

"Look," she said after while when she noticed that the football training was over. The boy that she was looking at for the whole play took off his helmet. His blond messy hair was slightly sweaty but he still looked like a god. Another boy said something to him and the blond one looked up. When he recognized Molly and her friends he smiled and waved at him. The girls waved back at him. Then the whole team slowly disappeared in the changing room.

"So Molly will you go wit us take a lunch? We wanted to discuss the visitation of the hospital. The idea that you had two days ago," said Timmy.

"Yes, of course, I'll just sit with Jack for a while, I didn't see him for whole day. And then I will catch up with you. What about the restaurant on the corner of Washington's street?"

Sally and Timmy nodded. "Good choice, hon," smiled Timmy and gave Molly little kiss on her right cheek.

"See ya soon," called Sally when they were walking away. "I love you," she called out when they were on the field. "We love you more!" They called back.

It was beautiful sunny day. Two weeks before summer holiday. But Molly shivered and after while she took her spring coat on. She waited for her prince.


"Good game boys," the trener said, "Jack. Good job. Like an always. If we will have you like a captain in next game against South Worth's school there's no dubt we'll win. You others did really good job today too. I'm proud of you! See you next Wednesday." With that he left the changing room. Harry beside Jack smiled. "Jack, once I would like to be in your shoes."

"Stop it Harry. It's not so big deal, just a football," Jack rolled his eyes and punched Harry on his shoulder. Harry shook his head when he was takeing off his shirt. "Not just the football. What about Molly buddy? And your grades?"

"Hey! You would have good grades too if you didn't be partying almost everyday," Jack chuckled in defense.

"Oh really? You're as party man as I am."

"Maybe, but I never get drunk."

Harry smiled. He got dressed and looked and Jack. "Are you going?"

"I'll take a shower," replied Jack and took a shampoo from his locker. "Ok,"said Harry but just few inches in front of door he turned and smirked at Jack,"don't be there so long. Someone special is waiting for you outside."


Molly managed to get on her face the smile that she was practicing her entire life when she turned her face at the camera. Her long legs were laying across Jack's thights and her forehead was pressed on his. Jack realized photographer's presence and he half-turned his face to the camera as Molly did few seconds ago.


The photographer got from his knees to his feet and smiled at the adorable couple. "This will be the best picture of the Yearbook," he said. It was second year student Bobby Price. Molly returned him a smile with her perfect white teeeth and said: "c'mon Bobby! You're making me blush!" She coverd her face with her blond long hair. Jack laughed as he gently put few of her hair behind her ear. Now it was Bobby who almost blushed. He coughed, murmured something and with one wave of his hand he left those lovers alone.

"So," began Jack ,"the party..."

"I'll definitely be there if you'll be," Molly chirped and gave Jack a kiss on the head after she stood up. Jack's smile quickly faded. "Where are you going, hon?"

"Oh I didn't tell you? I'm so sorry... I have a girl lunch with Timmy and Sally. Are you ok with that?" She said like she would give a damn about what he thinks. She knew he will let her.

"Yeah, ok," said Jack. He stood up from the banch and pressed his lips against Molly's. Just that.

"See you tomorrow?" She said and he smiled that much that his legendary dimples appeared on his cheeks. "Definitely."

With that Molly turned and walked away. Jack stayed just for a while as he watched her back. When she was enough far he took his phone from his pocket. It took just two seconds and Georgee picked the call. "What's up buddy?" He asked.

"I'm free today, do you have a plan?"

Georgee chuckled. "Of course I have! Idiotic question. Meet me in front of the Target ok?"

"Thanks Georgee."

The phone went silent, Jack put his jacket on and he walked away from the stadion. In exactly different way than Molly.

Hey perfect ones, let us peek-a-boo at your real live.


An hour after the call Jack was stending in front of the shop center. He changed his clothes from jeans and white T-shirt to classic tracksuit and dark blue hoodie. When he was in the city he always wore the hood in that way that it covered most of his face. He was just takeing sip of bear from the can when the silver SUV arrived. Jack drunk what left from his bear, dropped the can and then he hoped in the car. His fist met Georgee's. "Hey man," Georgee almost yelled across the loud music. "Long time no see," he said kinda annoyed when Jack reached the radio and turned down the volume.

"Where are we going?" Jack asked.

"Oh you'll see my man! This will be something BIG," Jack had to fight with his eyes which desperately wanted to roll. Georgee wasn't his age. Actually Jack didn't know how old Georgee was, but he would guess that he is around thirty. Anyway he still talked like a fifteen years old boy. Sometimes he acted like one.

Georgee was bald, he had heavy beard and on his knuckles of the right hand was written: NEED. On the left hand was written:WEED instead. The funny thing was that Georgee hated weed. He was the type of guy that made your blood boil because almost nothing about him was making sense.

The ride took ten minutes. Georgee took them away from the city and for a while they were riding in the forest. When they made it trough they appeared in front of a house. Now Jack knew why was Georgee talking about Big thing. The house was huge! Bigger than Jack's house.

"Are you out of your mind?" Jack turned at Georgee, who was now wearing a black mask.

"Relax man, they're not home and we'll get well paid. Take this," said Georgee and handed him another mask. Rabbit's mask. Jack grined. "Don't be such a baby and put it on!" Scoffed Georgiee.

Jack shut the car's door and puted that silly face on his head. "Ready?" Asked Georgiee, his voice dimmed by the mask.

Jack nodded. Georgiee throw him a baseball bat. "Then let's do it," with that he jumped at the gate. Jack didn't wait and followed him. On the top he losted balance and he fell on the garden. Georgiee laughed. And he safetly landed by his side. "Get up man! We have a work to do!"

Jack growled and stood up. They walked in front of the door. "Now listen, inside is alarm so we need to be quick," said Georgiee. "We have just few minutes okay? If you won't be fast enough I won't wait for you."

Jack hardly swallowed and nodded. Georgiee took a step back and with loud crack he kicked the door wide open. Alarm started to ring.

Jack ran in and he entered the living room. His eyes fixed on the big black TV. His basketball bat did a swing and than it hit the screen. Something on Jack snapped. Like an always. That was what he loved about it. The snap. He started to feel the adrenaline.

Without waiting he swung the bat again. This time it hit porcelain doll standing on the table next to big red couch. The doll flight across the room and it smashed against glass vitrine. The ruined doll fell on the ground with the sound of crashing glass.

Georgee took a knife from his pocket and he started to ripping all those pillows and when he was done he frantically started stabbing the couch.

It took just a few minutes but when they were leaving the building they left behind just a disaster.

The cozy big and elegant house was ruined. No room stayed without touch. Before they left Georgiee took a spray and he wrote few words. "Stay away. R."

After that they ran back to their car. They made it just in time. When they took their seats Jack heard the siren. "For God's sake, Georgiee hurry!" He yelled. Georgiee kickstart the car and with jerk the car left the parking spot. When Jack turned he saw red and blue lights. Luckily police didn't notice them. They were to busy with opening the gate.

When they got at the main road to the city Jack chuckled. His heart was still beating like he would just finished the marathon. And he had that feeling. The best feeling from whole week. He felt free, wild and kind of powerful. Like his first day in this job.

"So what was that for? Who's R?"

"That's sort of funny Jackie-man. This whole thing was just because of jealousy!" Scoffed Georgiee.

"And who's R?" Asked Jack.

Georgiee smirked at him. "And who's Jack?"

Jack rolled his eyes. The truth was that Jack never told Georgiee who he is. His surname. Or where he lives or just the age.

He never told him because of his safety. No one could know what he's doing. What he likes to do. His hobby.

So the question stayed without answer. Who's Jack...maybe Jack didn't even know. How he could with so many secrets...


Molly spent last hour looking at the clock on the yellow wall. Sally and Timmy were chatting about boys, jewelery and shops for now four hours. The word hospital didn't appear the entire time. Molly shivered again. She was so cold.


Molly cracked a smile and blinked at Sally. "Sweetheart you look different today," said Timmy and placed her hand on Molly's. "What are you thinking about?"

Molly lied without a blink: "Tomorrow is party at Roger's. Jack and I are going to be there. I'm little nervous because I don't know what to wear," she smiled shyly and nervously shrugged. "Aww, sweetie you don't have to be scared. You look good in everything."

Molly got and idea.

She sighted. "Yeah but it's really close to our anniversary. You know I should probably go I need se time to think," she said and got on her feet. She picked her purse sent another shy smile to Timmy and Sally, which looked unpleased, and left the small restaurant. The boy standing acrossed the street whistled. How much she wanted to tell him to fuck off but instead she turned at him, smiled and waved.

With every step she was regretting that today she wore those impossibly high heels. After ten minutes she gave up and she took a taxi. She gave him the address. On the way she felt like the driver is checking her out so she just stared at her nails. Blue. She realised that she will have to change the colour. She had the blue for almost whole week.

When they arrived in front of her house he started t flirt. Molly was giggling for a while than she got from the car and she wanted to pay he told her it's not necessary. That he would like to get her number. Molly smiled shyly again. She did compromise. She gave him some money and her number. Of courser not the real one. But now he was happy.

She reminded herself to not to go by taxi for few months.

Her house looked like palace. White, with many pillars. Purple door with knocker, big balcony.

It seemed sad that she was living there all alone. Of course not officially, but her mom left when she was ten and her dad was always busy somewhere else. So she had no one to greet. She was her own master. So when she got home she growled loudly and kicked the heels far away. Her hands grabbed her hair and mussed them. She almost ripped her ears because of those fast movements when she was taking off her earrings. She threw those diamond earrings as far across the hallway as she could. She didn't care if she will see them ever again. Finally she felt better. Except that her cheeks hurt from these stupid uncomfortable smiles.

"Puddin'" she called out. Her fingers was trembling a little. No response. "Fuck," she murmured. She ran to her room. "Puddin'! I need you!"

There he was. The gift that she got from her father on her twelfth birthday. For the record the last time that she saw him personally for more than twenty minute. Before he sort of disappeared from her life.

"Puddin'," she sighted when she looked at the dog. She took the little being on her arms. "Bad boy," she whispered to his ear when she reached the neckbend. She unzipped it. On the neckbend hung key from white gold. She took it and with Puddin' in her arms she got to the stairs. The key didn't look suspicious, tough. No one would look at it twice. But for Molly it was her treasure or better say the key to her treasure. She walked into the living room. There was a globe. It looked old. It was big and it stayed on three wooden legs. And, most important, it had a small key hole on the side. Molly grinned - something what she never did in front of other people - as she unlocked the globe. It was father's globe, but she managed to get second key and her dad was always gone anyway. She was freezing and felt kind of tired.

She picked bottle of whiskey from the globe and without thinking about some glass she drunk right from the bottle.

The warmth settled in her belly. She took another bottle. Vodka. And she went to room. Her room was made from three another rooms. She had her own living room, bathroom and bedroom. And then there was the rest of the house. Technically also hers.

She hopped in her bed. Pink bed. And she turned on the big plazma TV. The doorbell rang and she groaned.

She got up and swore when the bottle of vodka fell and half of the liquid was now running on her white fluffy carpet. Her hands picked the bottle up and placed her on her night table. Then she ran on the first floor. In front of door she stopped and looked at the mirror beside the wardrobe for coats. "Shit," she inhaled when she so herself. Mussed hair, smudged lipstick and bare feet.

She quickly ran to the bathroom. Doorbell still ringing. "Yes, just a moment please," she called as nicely as she could. She didn't expect anyone! Who the hell was in front of the door. No, not the taxi guy! Please God no! With cotton hankie she took of the lipstick and then she furiously brushed her hair. In the hallway she took sweater whick she left there two days ago and with big smile she opened the door. The guy behind them looked annoyed because of the long waiting but when he saw smiling Molly the anger went away.

"Um ..hello. Are you Molly Somer?"

"Yes, that's me," Molly said shyly. Damn, the man was hot. He had black short curly hair and he had the dimple on his chin.

"So this is for you," he said and handed her a box. She opened it and saw another box and on it was written Abercrombie & Fitch. Gift from dad.

She sighed. "Something wrong madam?" the deliveryman asked.

"No, no, no. Nothing," she smiled at him. Then she recoiled.The whiskey upstairs wasn't enough. She looked on the deliveryman man. "I never saw you around are you from here?" She knew that if he was doing this job for long she had to saw him. Her dad was sending her lots of presents.

"No I'm from the Grofground, hour away from this city. I'm just working here for a while. Before I'll find something in my hometown."

"This is your first day?"

"No, I've been working already for two weeks."

"How many things do you have to still deliver?"

"A few," he shrugged. The truth was that he still had a lot of work, but he liked this young woman. The talk with her.

"Aren't you thirsty then? Would you like to get some water?" She asked curiously. Please say yes.

"Well...yeah I guess water would be great," he replied.

"Good, so come inside," she smirked playfully and stepped away so he can walk trough. The right corner of her lips curled into a half smile. This will be enough to take away her thoughts.

The door closed.

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