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Two brothers orphaned and alone in the cold streets of London try to survive day by day. After the death of their mother and escape from the orphanage where they lived and spend weeks sleeping on the street their lives suddenly change when the oldest of the Graves decides to save the son of the most fearsome and respectful man worldwide, the son of the Italian Mafia leader of an accident caused by a dispute between gangs. Upon learning what happened, Antoni Santoro decides to adopt them and welcome them into his home as members of his family. Graves brothers' relationship with little Santoro is inseparable but as they grow up Rosemary begins to feel feelings for Matteo but he can't accept them because he only sees her as a sister. By that rejection she decides to travel to Spain and start her new life away from her loved ones. Six years later a new Rosemary returns, more confident, brave, strong and with a career already done. When she leaves, Matteo realizes his feelings towards Rosemary, all his life he waited for her to return and confess her feelings but things are not as they were before because she does not return alone, but with her new boyfriend and fiance Lucius Aniston. What will happen to Matteo when he finds out about this news? Will he give up easily or fight for Rosemary's love?

Talia Benavidez
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Chapter 1

Dexter Pov (ten years old)

This life did not want for me and my little sister, i thought everything would be different but i was wrong. I never thought that our mother would leave us alone in this life, in this cold and dark city. My name is Dexter Graves i am ten years old and i have a five-year-old sister named Rosemary. We are two brothers orphaned and abandoned by our drug and alcoholic mother. Our mother died a year ago from a drug overdose and we don’t know where our father is. According to my mother, my father abandoned us the moment he found out that she was pregnant with me, but i never believed him.

My mother later met a bad and horrible man and then got pregnant again and there Rosemary came to the world. Since i found out that i was going to have a sister, i was happy for the news. I always wanted a sister to care for and protect with my life. My mother’s partner sometimes treated us badly, he never hit us but we always had nothing to eat because my mother with the money she earned, spent it on drugs and to keep that man. So when we found out that my mother had died immediately the man left us in an orphanage and we were living there for months until i got tired of waiting and with my sister we decided to escape and make our own life, but we were going bad because being a minor i couldn’t work to give my little sister some food. Some people in some stores fed us but it was very difficult to keep us that way.

So here we are in a street trying not to go cold in the city, i had my sister hugged and with a blanket that i had brought in my little backpack. We had eaten thanks to a man from the store opposite and now we were trying to sleep. Before sleeping i always thought about what i could do so that my sister did not go through this torment, would it have been better if she stayed in the orphanage and was adopted by a good family? I think it would have been the best but my selfishness won me and i didn’t want anyone to separate me from her, i was afraid she would forget me and never be in her life again. That’s why i decided to go with her and i would protect her as i could and i would never let her down.

I watched as my sister was asleep and i would stay a little longer awake, when i was about to close my eyes i suddenly heard a loud scream that made my sister wake up crying and i automatically hugged her and stroked her head.

“Quiet little sister, everything is fine. No one will hurt us.” I could feel how Rosemary was shaking and how her eyes filled with tears. I was trying to calm her down when we heard the same scream again and i think it came from the other corner of the street. I think someone is in danger i did not want to leave my sister alone but since i am a curious person i decided to investigate. I looked at my sister and told her to stay here and not make any noise that i would see what was happening and return with her immediately. I kissed him on the head and rose from the ground to head towards the noise.

When i was approaching i could see three men trying to get into the car quickly to a little boy who was crying and scared. You could tell that the boy did not know these people and he was trying to get away from his kidnappers. I don’t know what i was thinking but it came to my mind that i should help him as i could so i was thinking how. In that i saw some rocks that were behind a dump and it occurred to me to hide behind the dump and i started throwing rocks at those men.

They immediately released the child and looked everywhere where the rocks came from but because it was dark they could not see anything, in that i was given the opportunity to approach the child and he realized my presence, when i approached i gave him my hand and i told him to run that i would put him safe. He never doubted me and quickly ran to my hiding place where my sister was. When we arrived i told the boy to stay still that i would go see if the kidnappers were gone. I could see that one of them was talking on the phone and i could hear that he said that the target had escaped, so they gave up and left at full speed taking the road.

We were safe thanks to my heroism, i never thought this would happen to me but it will be a good anecdote to tell when i grow up. I approached the boy and my sister and i could see how the boy looked at my sister attentively and she looked at him with the same attention. I sat next to my sister and i could tell how the child was, he was calm but with some tears in his eyes he was dressed in a black scuba diver, pants of the same color, his white sneakers and a backpack on his back. Sure he will be between my age or older. So i decided to talk to him.

“You’re good?” When he heard my voice he immediately looked at me and gave me a smile.

“Yes, i’m fine. A little scared but fine. Thanks for saving me”

“You’re welcome, it’s good that you’re okay. What’s your name?”

“My name is Matteo John Santoro and you?”

“My name is Dexter Fabio Graves and she is my sister Rosemary Angelica Graves”

“Nice to meet you. You were very brave there, i thought they would take me away and that i would never see my family again”

“But the danger is over. Do you have how to contact your parents?

“I almost forgot, my dad gave me a phone in case of emergencies. Thanks for reminding me, it’s in my backpack i’ll call him right away”

I watched as Matteo opened his backpack and took out a small phone, dialed number one and waited for them to answer.

“Daddy? It’s me Matteo. Yes, i’m fine. Where am i? I’m in a corner of Wall Street but i’m not alone. I’m with two children, one of them saved my life, helped me escape the bad men. I don’t lie to you, it’s true i’m with him and his sister now. Do you want to talk to him? It’s okay. My dad says he wants to talk to you”

“With me? Okay” I put the phone in my ear and started talking.

“Hello?” I was nervous about how Matteo’s father could react.

“Hi, do i talk to the boy who saved my son from the kidnappers?”

“Yes, it’s me sir”

“What is your name?”

“My name is Dexter Fabio Graves and i am ten years old”

“How did it occur to you to save my son? It is impossible that a boy your age could against three big and strong men”

“I was afraid at the beginning but i was courageous and i saw the opportunity when there were some rocks in a garbage dump, so i decided to hide behind the dump and started throwing rocks at those men, as it was dark they couldn’t see me in that Matteo could get out of his grip and i approached him and we started running to my hiding place where i left my sister alone”

“What’s your sister’s name?

“Her name is Rosemary Angelica and she’s five years old”

“How can it be that very helpless children are alone in the streets. Where are your parents?”

“My father disappeared when i was born and my mother became pregnant with my sister with a bad man, when she died the man who was with us left us in an orphanage then we escaped and since then we are in the streets”

“You are very brave Dexter one for saving my son and another for always being with your sister. I owe you Matteo’s life and my gratitude. Tell me where they are i will look for them and take them with me”

“Thank you sir”

“Tell me Antoni son”

“Thanks Antoni” After talking with Matteo’s father, i gave him the address where we were and we waited for him to come for us. In that i felt that i could trust Antoni that he would surely not harm me or my sister that he would surely help us to have a good life and that we would be safe with him. With Matteo we were talking in all those hours until we played with some toys he had in his backpack, it felt good to be next to him and my sister was calm and i never saw her with a smile on her face. Matteo made her laugh and told her funny stories about him and his family. We felt that we had a very strong connection as if we were brothers of a lifetime.

When we were playing in that a black car parked in front of us and Matteo immediately stopped and ran to the car. From the car a very well dressed man and woman got off, you could tell that Matteo looked like them, the man was tall, he had black hair, his features seemed that it was not from here that it was surely from another country. He was dressed in a blue suit, his white shirt and brown shoes. The lady was dressed in a long white dress, a pink jacket and her shoes the same color as the dress. His hair was shiny and reached to the waist. Matteo hugged them and looked at them with love and admiration, the lady had tears in her eyes and could not stop giving kisses to her son.

In that the man looked up and looked at me and my sister. Rosemary was hiding behind my back, she was shaking and sure scared. As an older brother i looked at her and told her that everything would be fine and i grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t let go of me. Slowly we approached them and i could tell they were Matteo’s parents. Matteo looked at me and with a smile said:

“Daddy, mommy he is Dexter Graves my friend and she is his sister Rosemary. Daddy, he is the guy who saved me from those men” Matteo’s father knelt in front of us and with a thick voice said:

“Nice to meet you, my name is Antoni Santoro and she is my wife Eleonora Santoro”

“Hello sir, i am Dexter and she is my little sister Rosemary”

“Thank you for saving our son, i am impressed by your courage in facing those men. You will always have my respect and my gratitude.”

“It was nothing sir, i just wanted to help Matteo, he is a good boy”

“I know he is my world” Matteo’s father was watching us in detail as if he were thinking about a possibility or idea, he looked at his wife and she gave him a yes with his head and gave him a smile.

“Dexter, what do you think if you and your sister stay with us?”

“No sir, we don’t want to disturb you”

“You didn’t understand me Dexter”

“Yes i understood sir, but i don’t want to complicate you”

“Smart boy haha. But i was saying if from now on you are called Dexter and Rosemary Santoro?”

“Daddy, are you serious?”

“Yes son, do you want to have two brothers?”

“Yes daddy, i want to!” I couldn’t believe what Antoni was proposing to us, they wanted to adopt us? Me and Rosemary? Two orphaned children living in the street?

“I don’t know what to say sir”

“Say yes and i promise you for my life that neither of you will ever lack anything. I will treat you as i treat Matteo, with the same love, the same respect and i will teach you and Rosemary to be strong in this life, that nobody makes you cry, that nobody can hurt you and especially that you carry my last name with pride and with your forehead up”

I looked at my sister and in that she looked at me and she could understand what he was telling us. We looked at each other and it seemed that we were communicating without words, at that moment we knew what we wanted and what we could have. We both do not hesitate to answer.

“We accept,” Rosemary and i said at the same time.

“Hahaha, so she can talk,” Eleonora said with a smile and in her eyes you could notice the love and adoration for the three of us.

“Yes ma’am, i can talk and understand everything. I am an intelligent girl”

“Good girl, from now on you will leave your past behind, everything bad that happened will only be a memory of your lives and at this moment you are part of the Santoro family. From now on we will be your parents and Matteo will be your brother”

“I have two brothers! Yes, we are going to play and share good times together. I protect you with my life and i will always be there for you, i will never fail you”

“Benvenuti nella famiglia Santoro”

At that moment i felt that we could have a family, i felt that my sister and i were safe and that we could start again, a better life for us, the pain we felt we would leave behind and joy and wonderful moments we would have in our lives. Never again would i have to worry if Rosemary had something to eat or where we could sleep. We would never be in this situation again. We left our last name behind and now we were Dexter and Rosemary Santoro.

Translation of Italian words:

Benvenuti nella famiglia Santoro ~ Welcome to the Santoro family

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