My Mafia Men

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Chapter 2

Rosemary Pov (five years old)

I had my hand taken from my brother Dexter, i was nervous and i was a little scared by what could happen, i did not know how to react or how to behave in this situation. We were in front of a big house for me it looked like a castle, we were about to enter a new and unknown family for us, especially for me. I always thought that it would be just my brother and i and no one else, since the death of our mother i knew that i only needed my brother to survive and that at some point in our lives we would be fine, if only the two of us were together. I was surprised by the proposal of Mr. Santoro, he wanted us to be his children, he wanted to adopt us and more his wife Eleonora, she kept looking at me with love and with a sparkle in her eyes as if she was telling me that i would be the new and unique princess of the house.

When we were in the car heading to Matteo’s house I could not help noticing the beauty of Eleonora, she looked like a queen in all her splendor with her long and shiny hair, her white dress that looked like a dream and her beautiful smile reflected in her face. I knew that my brother had had a connection with Matteo from the first moment they met, i wanted to have that connection too but since i am a shy person i did not know how to behave.

I could see everything around me, Mr. Santoro was talking to his wife while he was resting his hand on top of her hand, i could feel the love and admiration they had for each other, something i never saw in my mom for my dad. I wanted to experience that love when i grew up, but for now i wanted love from father and mother something i never got. I wanted to tell him what i felt but i was afraid how they could react, so i was courageous and said those words that i wanted to say so much.

“Mommy” When i said that word everyone stopped talking and immediately everyone was looking at me. I felt nervous and scared, i thought she would react badly that she wouldn’t love me at first or never, but when i looked into her eyes and saw her tears come out and touch her cheeks i knew i did the right thing.

“Yes my love?”

“Can i hug you?” She had a big smile and more and more tears were coming out, i thought she was sad but immediately she approached me, she took me in her arms and sat on her lap. She put her hands around me and i put my head on her chest listening to her warm heart. Those beats that calmed me automatically and that i felt loved for the first time.

“You know you can always count on me my love, now you are part of the family you are my little daughter, my only princess. Never doubt the love i can give you and that i want to give you. From the moment i saw you i knew i had to protect you and i knew that i could love you unconditionally. You are our princess and that nobody can change it” Those words on her part made me feel protected and i trusted every word she recited. Finally everything made sense, my life had taken a new direction and i was ready for what will come.

“Your mother is right my little sun, from now on you are a Santoro, no matter who you were in your past, now we are your future and you are our princess. You will always count on our love never doubt it and do not let anyone say the opposite: In this world there are very bad people who will surely want to harm you, so you need to be strong and not let anyone destroy you. Did you understand il mio sole?”

“I understand everything but the latest”

“What do you mean love?”

“What did you say i sole or something like that”

“Yes, hahaha is a word in Italian princess. Il mio sole means my sun”

“And how do you know Italian?”

“Because we are from Italy princess”

“From Italy?” I always wanted to meet someone from Italy. I knew from a neighbor of mine that the Italians were very respectful, humble people, with a different accent from ours and very protective.

“Yes, any problem?” My mother was telling me with attention all over her face.

“No, on the contrary i always wanted to have friends or families in Italy. But i don’t understand anything they say” I said with a pout in my face.

“Calm down my Rosemary, we will teach you every word and very soon you will be speaking our language” My father tells me with a love on his face.

“Okay daddy” After that talk we arrived at our new house or as i said at the beginning our new castle. When we arrived a man and an old lady received us with many kisses and hugs and in that we knew that they were Antonio’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Santoro or as they told us grandparents. We apparently had a very large family, our new father showed us the whole house and our rooms, my brother had the secondary room that was next to Matteo’s room and mine was next to my father’s office. I was getting used to calling them that way, and they always answered me with a smile. So it was good for me to call them that way.

As the day went by my brother and i could feel that family connection that we needed so much, the most excited was Matteo as he always wanted to have siblings but as Eleonora for an accident he could not have more so they decided to adopt but never thought that they would be two children. But the whole Santoro family welcomed us with much love and very welcome to this new place.

We were talking all night about our likes and dislikes, how we were and what we wanted to do when we grew up. I told them that i wanted to be a professional model, i wanted to stand out in the world of modeling and that it was always my dream since i first saw a video in my neighbor’s house about a fashion show by a famous designer, i didn’t know the name but i remember all those beautiful women and dressed in those clothes, they seemed all princesses and i wanted to be one of them.

My new parents told me that they would help me fulfill my dream and that i would be a beautiful princess for everyone. My brother didn’t know what he would want to do when he grew up but he said that when the time came he would tell them immediately.

After that night we were tired for the day we had so my parents put Matteo to bed, then my brother and finally me, they put me in pajamas that they had stored there, they laid me on the bed and sang a beautiful song to me in Italian.

Fa la ninna, fa la nanna

Nella braccia della mamma

Fa la ninna bel bambina,

Fa la nanna bambina bel,

Fa la ninna, fa la nanna

Nella braccia della mamma.

I did not understand the lyrics but that did not stop me from closing my eyes and starting to dream, but first i heard something that captivated my heart.

“Sweet dreams our princess, you are our light and our greatest desire. Ti amiamo la nostra principessa, il nostro amore”

With that said and with a smile on my face i went into a deep sleep.

Translation of Italian words:

Il mio sole ~ my sun

Song ~ Makes the lullaby, sleeps, in the mother’s arms, do the beautiful girl lullaby, she is a beautiful baby girl, makes the lullaby, sleeps in the mother’s arms.

Ti amiamo la nostra principessa, il nostro amore ~ We love you our princess, our love.

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