My Mafia Men

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Chapter 3

Matteo Pov (twelve years old)

What would you most like to have but your parents give you excuses to give it to you? This time it is the opposite, i did not ask for anything but my parents gave me something that i never thought i would have: Brothers.

Yes, i have brothers but not only one but two something that i thought i would never have in my life but fate gave me a big surprise and this time it is my favorite. I am a spoiled boy, i am not egoncentric or obstinate, i am honest, kind, i do not get angry easily but if they make me angry i am very fierce in that sense. I always get what i want, they can’t tell me no, i know the difference between good and bad, i don’t get in trouble, i try to make my parents proud of me and now that i’m an older brother i have the greatest responsibility of my life, but it is not a complaint i like what i have and what i receive, it is more now i have the opportunity to share my toys, to have company to play and i will never be alone at home.

I have a decent family, it’s just my parents and i, now it’s me, my parents and my two brothers. I love the word “brothers” is something i will never get tired of saying, but going back to the beginning, my parents are never at home, my father how to say it has a hard work that passed from generation to generation, first it was my great grandfather, then my grandfather and now my father. It is a difficult job for that you have to have a clear mind and a cold heart, only with others but with the family you have to be yourself. My father Antoni Santoro is the rudest, coldest, most respected leader in all of Italy and if i must say of the world, he is the leader of the Italian Mafia. Yes, they listened well, Mafia.

It is not an honorable job but everyone looks for their future in life, this time no one asked for this, they delivered it on a tray since my grandfather retired. I know what i get when i grow up and i’m old enough, my father has already told me, that when he retires i will be the next leader of the Mafia. My mother and father met at a charity party, my mother with her parents were the ones organizing the meeting and my father with his parents were the guests. At that time my grandfather was the leader, according to my father they fell in love at first sight, he was delighted with his beauty and his personality. By that time my mother already knew who Antoni Santoro was and she never bothered her she loved him and continues to love him from day one, although my mother is afraid for her safety i know she understands the consequences of having this type of work, a once you’re inside, there’s no way out. For us, our code of silence and honor is important or, moreover, our Omerta.

I already knew how i had to act from now on, i would have to show everyone that i can be the same or worse than my father, it is something i can never change for my future, but as long as i have my family by my side, nothing could make me change as i am now. Returning to the topic, my mother is a great businesswoman, she has one of the best companies here in London and one in Italy. She is the director of the “Apericena” brand, a very famous and popular restaurant chain these days. That’s why i’m always home alone when i return from school, but now i have company and i will never feel alone again.

Since the arrival of my brothers, the house has suddenly changed, now there are laughter, shouting, stepping sounds and joy in our lives. My father wrote Dexter to the same school as me but in another grade, because being the youngest he has to take a year longer than me, but we always see each other at recess and share good times together. When he first came to school, i immediately introduced him to my best friend Pierce Jones. With Pierce we are childhood friends and we go to the same course, so we are inseparable, but now it’s me, Dexter and Pierce.

My little sister Romsemary started kindergarten and quickly made a friend, her name is Nadina Fleming, she is a pretty girl, with curly orange hair, medium height and a little plump but not bad for my taste. It does not mean that i feel things for her, on the contrary i see her as a friend but i do know who likes her and my friend Pierce is crazy about her. When Nadine comes to our house to spend time with Rosemary, Pierce immediately comes to see me but i know he comes to see Nadine. Although sometimes it bothers me a little but i know what he feels for her so i try to understand the situation.

Although i have a great connection with Dexter i cannot say the same with Rosemary. I want to try to approach her but it is difficult for me, it will be because she is shy or something similar but i will not give up, i want to have an older brother connection as i have with Dexter. So these days i will try to approach her. I asked my mother how to approach Rosemary and she told me to go slowly with her to ask her how she is doing in school, how her classmates and teachers treat her and try to help her as much as i can, so following the advice i did that in the following days. Dexter also helped me and so far i am making progress, when she is doing homework or playing with her dolls i always try to keep her company and ask her how she is and she did not respond at first but then she began to have confidence in me and i am happy for we are very well.

Now we are always together, the other day i was, my brothers, Nadine and Pierce playing in the garden of the house and the truth that we are all friends, i am beginning to meet these people who are my life and although they know what works my father, they are not afraid of me, they understood me and supported me in what i do from now on. I can say that my life is complete and that i cannot wait to have adventures and create new memories.

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