My Mafia Men

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Chapter 4

Antoni Pov

The hardest thing about being a leader of the Mafia is dealing with heavy and hard-to-handle people, not even talking about having enemies that want to destroy everything you’ve built, including your family. But it has its advantages most of the time, such as having the police or the government on your side. I control the entire southern part of Italy, the only thing i do illegally is to sell drugs and weapons abroad, i do not sell women or children to anyone i do not get into that field, i have a lot of respect for human life but if someone gets into my land or on my property there i do not think twice to put a bullet in the head. In this business you have to have a hard and cold heart, you have to deal with very heavy people and you always have to distrust others, but i have people by my side that i can trust and i know that they have me loyalty and respect.

The good and the wonderful thing that i have when arriving at my house is a beautiful, intelligent and faithful wife who always awaits me awake when arriving from work. Three spectacular children, two boys and a girl that i love with all my life. Since the arrival of Dexter and Rosemary the house has changed for good, there is joy and harmony in the environment and i am happy to have made this decision with Eleonora.

In the second week of the Graves brothers i called some people i know from the government to do the corresponding adoption papers, i wanted everything to go legally so that they can give me permission to take them to Italy. That’s right, we live in Italy we have a house here in London for our respective jobs, but our residence is in Italy. My parents live in Spain, they went there when my father left the Mafia and passed the command to me. They have a farm in the city of Malaga and live very happy there. Eleonora’s parents live in Italy and are always in our house. My parents with my in-laws were the first to know that we would adopt two more children, they were happy with the news and when we took the children to our house they received them with love and joy.

After having all the adoption papers and legally the boys have my last name, we immediately made the passports and headed to Italy, to our beloved home. At the beginning with Eleonora we thought about not telling the children about my work. They already had some ugly experiences in their lives and we didn’t want to bring them another suffering.

But as the days passed Dexter had been asking about my work, they already know about their mother’s work but not mine yet. So one night after dinner we were talking with the children and we explained how our life is. I had my doubts and fear about how they would react, at first they didn’t know but then they fell into reason.

Dexter took it normal or i think so, he said it was cool to have a protective father and servant of the law, for him i was a superhero who saved the world every day but my little Rosemary was afraid and said that something bad could come to him happen to her or us, but i told her that she has nothing to worry that no one would ever harm her and that i would always protect her, she trusted my words and slowly accepted reality.

I can say that i have a wonderful family and proud of where i am now, i never thought that someone like me with the lifestyle i lead someone could come to love me and give me a wonderful son. Now life gave me two more children to protect with my life and i will give them the best that the world can offer.

“La famiglia è importante, ha detto mio padre e ha ragione, la vita può darti molte cose o portarti via cose da te, ma nessuno può togliere il tuo amore dalla tua famiglia.”

Translation of Italian words:

La famiglia è importante, ha detto mio padre e ha ragione, la vita può darti molte cose o portarti via cose da te, ma nessuno può togliere il tuo amore dalla tua famiglia ~ The family is important, my father said and he is right, life can give you many things or take things away from you, but no one can take your love from your family.”

Apericena ~ Free buffet.

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