My Mafia Men

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Chapter 5

Rosemary Pov (fifteen years)

The sun begins to peek through my window i forgot to close the blinds last night, but well as i said, today began a new day and i was eager to start it because today is my birthday. Yes, today i turn fifteen i am happy and excited for this new stage in my life i can not ask for anything because i already have everything. I have one beautiful parents that i love with all my life, two super protective and loving brothers and very troublesome friends but they always make me smile.

Today i got up very quickly and went to take a bath, brush my teeth and dressed in my favorite clothes, a whole of jean with my white shirt and white sneakers.

I put on some makeup and headed towards the kitchen, when under the stairs i see my mother preparing breakfast, my father reading the news with his newspaper, my brother Dexter playing with the cell phone but i do not see my brother Matteo.

“Buongiorno cara famiglia” I always greet my family in Italian, since i was a girl i have learned my parents’ language with private tutors, my brother Dexter and i already know how to speak it since childhood. So the language for me was not so complicated, at first it was very difficult for me to speak it, it confused me with the words but with practice i was able to solve it and now i am an expert. I approach my parents and give them a kiss on the cheek and my brother is ruffling his hair, it bothers him that i do it, it makes me laugh.

“Sister, don’t touch my hair, you know it bothers me” says my brother with an angry face.

“But if i can’t help it, your hair is soft” I say with a smile on my face.

“Stop fighting the two of you, it’s too early to listen to you,” says my dad as he continues reading the newspaper.

“Well enough guys, breakfast is ready, let’s eat” My mom says putting the dishes on the table.

My mother makes the best breakfasts in the world, well in general she makes the best meals, she is a great cook, thanks to her i can cook since i was little i always wanted to learn to prepare Italian food or from another place and thanks to her who taught me now i can cook good. With my mother we have a great relationship, we are always together, we have no secrets between us, it is the best mother and friend i can ask for.

The relationship with my dad is great, when he is not working we always share moments together, i like to spend time with him, when he is in his office i always make him company, although sometimes i am afraid that something will happen to him because of his work i know that he will always be with me. I am not as involved in the Mafia as my brothers, but sometimes i help with financial problems, i am very good at math and i like to solve problems. I know, i’m a little nerdy, i like reading books, i don’t get in trouble, i’m not going out to clubs but i know how to have fun.

My brother Dexter as Matteo always help my dad with the Mafia, as Matteo will be the next leader he has to know what the family business is like. At first i did not want Dexter to join but we were talking about the subject and he told me that he is interested in all these things, he also does it to protect us. I’m scared when he goes out on very dangerous missions but i can’t tell him not to do it because i know he loves it and even if he doesn’t believe it he is a good shooter, since he was eleven he knows how to use a weapon and although he never have killed someone, i understand that sometimes you will have to do it in self-defense, it is as he says, it is the other person or me.

On the contrary of them, i know some things that happen in the Mafia, but i try not to get too involved, although i know how to defend myself thanks to my dad who taught me some defense attacks. My weapons are martial arts, i know how to get rid of a fight and simply hit the weakest areas of a man’s or a woman’s body if i have to. I don’t have fun doing it but i understand that in the world where i live, nobody is a good person, some people will try to use you or hurt you for the simple pleasure of doing it, so you have to be prepared for that and let nobody defeat you or create you better than you. During my growth i have met people who approached me just by having a little power from my family, i have been able to differentiate who are the people that are worthwhile or which are a hindrance, in this case my best childhood friend Nadina is one of the people i can really trust and to whom i can tell my deepest secrets, for example, having feelings for my brother Matteo.

It is a very difficult subject to explain but i cannot help feeling things for him, since i was little i felt this and although i know that he does not feel the same and it hurts, i try that our friendship is not affected. He knows about my feelings for him and he has made it clear to me that he only sees me as a sister and nothing more and that hurts. It hurts because this is wrong, we are brothers not of blood but i have shared all my childhood with him, i have very nice agreements with him and i do not want to ruin him. That’s why i decided to forget it and focus on myself and my career.

In a few more years i finish high school and i will join the Models program in Spain, that’s right, i decided to move to Spain where my grandparents are and start my modeling career there. I still didn’t say anything to my family but i hope that with dinner tonight i can have the opportunity to tell them. It will be difficult to leave, leave my family behind, but i do it for two reasons: one to start my dream and the second to close these feelings for Matteo and try to forget him.

“And Matteo mom?” I asked my mom while i ate my pancakes with fruit and a glass of juice.

“He got up very early today, Fiorella’s plane landed today so he went to look for it at the airport” My mother says very quietly eating her breakfast.

I had forgotten another reason because i go to Spain because of Fiorella, Matteo’s girlfriend, they have been together for six months and those months have been a nightmare for me and safe for Dexter. From the beginning when he introduced us to Fiorella everything was fine, with her we had a good relationship, we shared some moments, we went out to buy clothes and sometimes to the movies, but then everything changed. She stopped talking to me and always pouted me, it seemed like she hated me for something i didn’t do. I talked about this with Dexter and he understood me because the same thing happened to him, but the difference is that she always looked for him when Matteo was not at home. She always had an excuse to come to our house, i remember when we were watching a movie in the living room, we were Nadina, Pierce, Dexter, Matteo, Fiorella and me.

I was sitting next to my brother Dexter, Fiorella was to his right and Matteo next to her. Nadina and Pierce were sitting on another sofa, we were watching an action movie, our parents had decided to have a day to enjoy their company so we were alone. In the middle of the movie Matteo got up to look for something to drink when suddenly my brother grabs my hand tightly and i see him scared, i thought something was wrong but he makes a gesture with his eyes saying “look for my side” and when i look to his side i see that Fiorella’s brazen had her hand resting on Dexter’s thigh. I get so angry that immediately with my hand i take hers and i see her as saying “do not touch my brother, Matteo is present”. I looked at her with such hate that she just rolled her eyes and kept watching the movie as if nothing had happened.

At that moment Dexter and i knew that she did not love Matteo, she always tried to approach Dexter but he never allowed her, he felt nothing for her besides that would be a betrayal for our brother. I told him that we had to tell Matteo about her but he told me that it was useless because we didn’t want to have problems and surely he wasn’t going to believe us. So we prefer to shut up and let time speak by itself and that only lies and deception be discovered. Since then when she comes to our house, Dexter goes to Pierce’s house and stays there until Fiorella leaves again. She lives in New York with her parents, they met on summer vacations, we had gone to New York to celebrate Matteo’s birthday and at the party she was present, they started talking and since then they are inseparable, but to In the eyes of my brother and i, she is only with Matteo for the money and for the power of the Mafia, she knows what our family business is, but she is not afraid on the contrary it is “exciting” as she says.

I can’t stand her, she’s a liar, she cheats on my brother and she also has the nerve to say that she’s in love with him. I can’t stand to see her in front of my sight, she is a spoiled, disrespectful, not intelligent girl and also an ugly sense of fashion and makeup, for me and for Dexter she is a witch, i hope Matteo realizes the class of “girl” who has next to him and can see the reality, but that will not be possible he is very much in love with her and that hurts me, but well that is not my problem and i will try to enjoy the day.

Someone Pov (nineteen yearls old)

“I already know, it’s tiring to be in this house, besides this Rosemary idiot can’t stand her, she’s innocent but she doesn’t fool me, i know she feels something for Matteo, but i’m not going to let her take it away, i’ve come too far with my plan for her to come and ruin me. Do you think i love him? Of course not, i am not interested in him even in his brother, i just want the power and it is very easy to get it, some of my friends already know what Matteo will be the next leader of the Mafia and being with him i can solve some debts that i have without speaking of the protection and the life of luxuries i would have. I just need to spend some more time holding Matteo and his whole disgusting family, not to mention Rosemary’s innocent, but luckily i won’t have to do anything, she decided to move to Spain, that leaves me free to do what i want with this family”

“Okay, i trust you can do your job properly, i warn you not to hurt Rosemary until she leaves, i already have the flight to Spain and there i can have time alone with her”

“I don’t know what interests you about her, it’s unbearable”

“That is none of your business, let me make my plan and you make yours, is that clear?”

“I understand”

“Well, i have to hang up, keep me informed of everything, i want Matteo to fall into his own hell”

“Understood, we’ll talk later”

I’m sorry Matteo, but i do this for my own benefit and i know i do wrong but i don’t really care because i want to see your whole family destroyed, including your father, i’ll have my revenge and nobody can stop it.

Translation of Italian words:

Buongiorno cara famiglia ~ Good morning dear family

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