My Mafia Men

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Chapter 6

Rosemary Pov (fifteen years old)

After our breakfast my brother went quickly to Pierce’s house, my friend Nadina had come to my house to hang out together and we also had to prepare for dinner tonight. My parents made a small party with friends and family to celebrate my birthday, i was happy to see my grandparents again, with them i have a good relationship they are the best grandparents i have, my grandmother (my dad’s mother) is the one it gives me all the tastes and tells me that a princess has to have the best in the world, although my dad tells him that i have enough gifts but she ignores him. My grandparents (my father’s parents and my mother’s parents) already knew about my trip to Spain, i had talked to them first about this opportunity and they told me that they would support me and that they were happy with my decision. My dad’s parents were happy that I lived in his house for a while, we also had the opportunity to spend more time together.

With Nadina we were in my room watching a movie when her cell phone starts ringing, i think she received a message, when i approach to see i realize that she talks to Pierce. In these weeks i realized that they spend more time together and always talk on the phone or see each other. I knew Pierce felt something for Nadiina since childhood but i don’t know if she feels the same.

“Who is Nadina?” I ask her as i place my head on her shoulder.

“Nobody” tells me hiding his phone.

“Don’t lie to me, i know who it is, you can tell me,” I say as i sit in bed with my legs crossed.

“It’s okay” She says putting her back on the back of the bed and looking me in the eye.

“These weeks i’ve started talking to Pierce, we’ve been seeing each other and we always talk on the phone”

“And what do you feel? What’s wrong?”

“I do not know, i feel that it is wrong but my heart says to continue. I do not know what to do, we are friends since childhood and i do not want to confuse these feelings that i have and that our friendship is ruined”

“Do you know what i think friend? I think you should give yourself a chance, we all know that he feels things for you since we were children and if he talks to you all the time and always wants to see you, it’s because he wants something more than just a friendship. Besides don’t worry about us, we are people we fall in love with unexpected people, you also have an advantage”


“You already know the boy and your parents too. Isn’t that the best?”

“Hahaha, you’re right, thank you friend, you do know what to say and what advice to give me” We gave each other a big hug and we kept watching the movie.

When the movie was over we went to the living room to see how they were decorating the room, the house was beautiful there were balloons everywhere and a giant pink sign that said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEMARY” you could notice some employees coming from one side to the other cleaning and tidying the house for the party, i could tell that my mother was giving directions, my father was with her and was making sure everything was perfect, in the distance i could see Matteo with Fiorella coming out of the kitchen holding hands Nadina looked at me and said: “the witch is here” we let out a loud laugh and everyone stared at us. We felt a shame and said sorry in a low voice and they continued with their work. My brother approached us and he gave me a big hug. You could feel the face of hate in Fiorella.

“Today is your birthday dear little sister. Are you anxious?” My brother says with a smile on his face and his arm on Fiorella’s waist. I had to put a fake smile on my face.

“Yes, i am happy and anxious for the party. I also want to see the grandparents for a long time that i have not seen them”

“I’m glad, you know even when you turn fifteen you will always be my little sister. You know i love you”

“I know Matteo and you will always be my older brother, i also have a surprise for the whole family”

“Really? But today the one who has to receive gifts is you,” he says with his surprised face.

“I know, but i want to tell you something very important to me and i hope you understand me about this decision”

“You won’t be pregnant, right?” The witch of Fiorella says with a fake smile on her face.

“WHAT!?” I can’t believe it, my parents, Matteo and Nadina heard that, what a witch, how you can invent that lie. I’m going to kill her.

“What did i just hear?” My dad says with a seriousness in his eyes.

“No, it’s a lie, i also don’t have a boyfriend. Dad, you must believe me, it would never hurt you even the family.”

“I believe what my friend says, Mr. Santoro. Rosemary is always with me or her brothers,” Nadina says, putting her arm on my shoulders.

“I believe you daughter, i know that girl raised and cared for in all these years and i do not think she is able to do it, so Fiorella your comment is too much” My mom says with a serious tone in her voice.

“It was a joke, you don’t have to take it seriously,” says Fiorella defending himself from his mistake.

“I understand you, but it was a misplaced and misplaced joke,” says my dad.

“Sorry Mr and Mrs. Santoro”

“Don’t apologize to me, do it with my daughter.”

Fiorella looks at me with hate in her eyes and falsely says:

“I’m sorry Rosemary for the comment” I could tell she didn’t like asking me for forgiveness, but that happens to say something like that. As a good person, i will forgive her, but i will not forget.

“I forgive you Fiorella, we are human we make mistakes.” Since she couldn’t stand the humiliation she went to the garden and you could tell how angry she was. I wanted to laugh in his face but i had to act and act as if i didn’t care.

“Sorry little sister, it was not nice what Fiorella said” says my brother with pity on his face.

“Don’t worry, i already told her that i forgive her, let’s go back as we were before” I gave her a hug to calm down and he left in search of his pathetic and false girlfriend.

“Do you think the news of the trip could affect them?” Nadina tells me.

“I don’t know, my grandparents, you and my brother Dexter are the only ones who know about this, i do not want my father to be disappointed in me, i know that it is something very important but i want to follow my dreams you know? And besides, the Mafia theme was never my forte”

“Okay, whatever you decide i’ll always be by your side, let’s get ready for tonight”

And what a night the Santoro family will have.

~ In the night ~ .

Everything was ready, the decorations, the dinner, the guests were all here at my birthday party. My grandparents had arrived this afternoon and i was happy to see them, my mother did a great job with the party and i was happy for the beautiful gesture she had. I was dressed in a beautiful short navy blue dress, my shoes of the same color, my hair and my makeup was done by Nadina.

They were all beautiful in their costumes and dresses, there were some school friends, my grandparents, my brothers, my parents and my closest friends and also the witch of Fiorella who did not take off from Matteo at any time. But i tried to enjoy the party, i took many photos with everyone to have a memory of each one when i went to Spain, my grandmother (my mother’s mother) asked me when i was going to give them the news and told her it would be after that my father gave a special announcement. I knew that some of the Mafia members were present at the party and also some leaders of some Mafias, but i tried not to be afraid, some were my father’s old friends, almost all of them were not enemies.

We were having dinner and telling funny stories about us, i couldn’t stop looking at Matteo he was well dressed, he was very handsome and he couldn’t hide feeling a little envious for Fiorella but it was also wrong because when he finds out the truth he will be destroyed and i hope it’s not my fault.

My brother approached me and said to my ear:

“Are you ready to tell them the news?"

“Yes, no, i don't know”

In that my father gets up from his seat and says:

“Dear guests, family and friends, first i want to thank you for coming to the party of my little girl who turns fifteen today. Daughter, you know that i love you with all my heart and you will always be daddy’s girl”

Thank you dad, i love you” I couldn’t stop some tears from getting out of my eyes, i was crying but happy.

“I am proud for the family i have, for my wonderful wife who accompanied me during this long journey and for the children i have. I am happy for how you are three, companions, faithful, strong and for the support that you give each other. Do not let anyone stand in your brotherhood, let no one separate them and always trust each other. Because this is the Santoro family, strong, loyal and always the first to the world”

“Today i have an announcement to make, as you will see i have been discussing this issue with my wife and we conclude that it is time for me to announce my retirement from the Mafia”

Silence and whispers could be noticed in the room, we were all surprised by my dad’s announcement, especially my brothers. So it will be time for Matteo to be the new leader?

“I know it is a surprise what i just said, but you will understand that i have reached a stage in my life where i want to rest and enjoy the company of my beloved family. That is why i ask that my three children get up and take a step in front”

The three of us look at each other with surprise on our faces, like all three? Wasn’t it that my brother would only take the position of leader of the Mafia? Matteo, Dexter and i got up and approached our father.

“As Matteo is my oldest son, then his brother Dexter follows him and in the end my daughter Rosemary. They are my heirs of this empire and in the future they will be my grandchildren, but for now only they will be in charge of this empire. Matteo Santoro from now on you will be the new leader of the Italian Mafia, Dexter will become the right hand of your brother and Rosemary will accompany your brothers as the left hand of your new leader. I have seen them in all these years and you have proven to me your loyalty and your respect for this organization, that’s why i decided that you three will be the new members of the Italian Mafia”

My dad can’t do this to me, he can’t make me abandon my dreams and my career, he promised me that he would support me in whatever i do. I do not want to be in the Mafia, it is not the lifestyle i want for myself. I can’t allow this, i look at my mom and i see in her eyes sadness and a little pride, i look at all those people who are happy for us, Dexter takes me by the hand and looks at me as if he was telling me “I know what you feel, say something before it’s too late “and i’ll do that, i’m sorry dad but i can’t allow this.

“With great pride i present to you -

“STOP!” Everyone is silent and all eyes are on me, my parents, my grandparents and some members of the Mafia look surprised.

“What’s wrong daughter?” My mom tells me approaching me slowly.

“I have something to say” I look at my father with pity eyes.

“Father, thank you for this honor but i will not accept it”

Whispers are heard in the room everyone is surprised by my response, Matteo looks at me with his face in amazement as saying “what do you say”.

“What did you just say Rosemary Angelica Santoro?” When my dad calls me with my full name, i know that it is that i am in trouble.

I take a breath and release the most painful words that can be said to your own father even to your family.

“I will not accept the position of the Mafia because i will go with my grandparents to live in Spain”

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