My Mafia Men

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Chapter 7

Rosemary Pov

“Can you explain what is happening here?

All the guests had retired, we were alone, my whole family was in my father’s office, there was a silence around us that not even a fly would pass. The atmosphere was ugly, my dad’s angry face said everything, my mother was next to him trying to calm him down, Dexter was hugging me, Matteo was sitting on the sofa away from Fiorella, it may seem like my idea but it seemed he had a face of disappointment that could not hide. Why can you be disappointed? I did nothing wrong.

“Honey, let Rose explain”

“But i can’t understand, because you want to leave if here you have everything you need, i’m giving you a position in our family business and you’re letting go on a whim?”

“It’s not a whim dad, you always knew that i never liked this dangerous life for me, i can’t be watching my back all the time and be on my guard in case anyone wants to kill me. Accept this for my brother and why i love you, but i never wanted to participate in this”

“Son, listen to your daughter she wants a better life and she wants to follow her dreams and you as a father must support her in every decision she makes, that’s the job of every father”

“You knew about this and you never told me?” My father looked astonished at my grandfather’s confession.

“We all knew it, she called us and told us about her plan, your mother and i agreed in the beginning, besides she will not be alone, she will live with us in Spain” My grandfather said trying to make my father reflect.

“Dad” I approached my father and looked into his eyes.

“Sincé i was little you taught me to be strong, to no one to tell me that i cannot do what i want, to nobody to challenge me and say no. You told me that you would accompany me in my dreams and in what i wanted to do , you promised me that you would always be with me in everything. Remember?”

In my father’s eyes you could reflect the love and pride he felt at this time, he knew what woman i had become in all these years and that he had educated me well.

“I remember it, i remember every word, every action, every moment we spent together. I remember everything and i promised you that it would always be there for you that no one could love you more than me, that you will always be my princess and my adoration” My eyes filled of tears for my dad’s sweet words.

“And you know that the promises and our words are unbreakable, that we are strong, determined, that what we say at the time is fulfilled. You taught me that.”

“I did it, and what you are saying is true. Our word is sacred.” He took me in his arms and we gave each other a tender hug, I always felt safe in my father’s arms.

“If this is what you want, I will support you in all my life, you know that I love you with all my heart and you will always be welcome in this house, because it is your house. Your mother and I will always be with you”

“Thank you daddy for understanding. And i will always be with you, i will not leave you alone it will be until i finish my career there, there is a great opportunity for me and i want to take it, I will also be with the grandparents, i will be fine”

“I already decided, Matteo will be the new leader and Dexter will accompany him as his right hand while Rosemary will go to Spain to begin his career. Tomorrow i will talk to the other members and tell them my decision. And this time is my final decision”

“Well guys, you heard your father, today was a chaotic day but i’m glad my daughter has had a great time on her birthday, it’s too late and it’s time to go to sleep. Tomorrow we’ll talk better and we’ll make Rose’s trip details” My mother said and everyone left the office, the last one was Matteo and he was looking at me with a serious face and disappointment. I don’t feel like fighting so i will leave him for tonight.

“May you rest my love, we love you daughter” My mother approaches me and kisses me on the forehead.

“It was the best birthday, thanks for this party and for the gifts”

“Your gifts are in your room, you can open them but now it’s late. Tomorrow you can”

“Yes mommy, see you tomorrow”

I said goodbye to my parents and my grandparents and was heading towards my room, it had been a day full of emotions and confessions but in the end we could solve it and i am happy with my father’s decision. I knew he was going to support me but i had some doubts, but he is an understandable man and a great person and i am proud to have him in my life. When i was walking down the hall i could notice my brother Dexter stuck in the door of Matteo’s room, what will this boy be doing? I think he heard me because he pulled his head out of the door and looked at me, he came quickly to my side and grabbed me by my arm leading me to the door where he was before.

“What’s wrong with you, why are you at Matteo’s door?”

“Shh lower your voice i don’t want to be heard”

“Who can hear us” Speak in my low voice as if it were a whisper.

“I am spying on Matteo and Fiorella, they are arguing” I was surprised by Dexter’s response, were they fighting?

“Seriously, they are fighting but why?”

“I don’t know, i want to find out, stay with me and let’s listen together”

I didn’t want to get into Matteo’s relationship with the witch, but i was curious, so i put my ear on the door and could hear what they were talking about.

“Why can’t you understand? It was my father’s decision, he wants Dexter to be with me in our business and more with Rose’s decision. I can’t tell him not to allow it.”

“Of course you can, you are the oldest son, you must have everything instead of your stupid brothers”

“Don’t say stupid to my brothers, i won’t let you insult my family”

“They are always half of us, but Rosemary always has what she wants and not even your father can say no.”

“But what bothers you? She has nothing to do with this and you know it.”

“She will always have to see, don’t you understand? I don’t like that brat”

“Why? She doesn’t do anything wrong, she was always with me since my parents brought her home”

“You’re foolish Matteo, she loves you and don’t tell me as a brother because it’s not like that, she loves you as a man and don’t deny me”

“I do not deny it, she confessed it to me a month ago, but it is a moment that she had and it will surely happen to her, i already explained to her that i see her as a sister and friend, i love you”

“I hope so, because i don’t want anyone to separate us and get into our relationship ”

“It’s okey love, nobody gets into our relationship, i love you and only you, you are the only woman i want in my life”

“I love you too Matteo”

“For this you make me listen, it makes me nauseous, i will go to sleep”

“Don’t wait, they’re talking about you now”

“What? Let’s see, move aside and let me hear”

“And what do you think of your father’s decision about Rosemary’s trip? For me it’s unexpected, i didn’t think she would leave”

“Me neither, i am a little disappointed, i never thought that she would turn her back on her family for following a silly dream, here she will have the greatest protection in the world and that she better have that position, can help us a lot to be bigger”

“I know, what better way to be protected than to be with her family, here everyone is united in the same place and the same feeling, but she is acting very selfishly, if i were in her shoes i would not leave my family even if we have a very dangerous business and that has consequences, but even so it would not be so coward to flee”

“I hope she understands someday that once in the Mafia, you can’t go out, the only way out is if you’re dead, besides being away everyone knows what kind of people we are, everyone knows our faces, the danger she can run being there in Spain is giant”

“Not to mention the boys who are going to approach him and take advantage of his innocence”

“What guys?”

“You know, they say that the boys of Spain are very attractive and very possessive, apart from that they love power. Imagine being alone, helpless, knowing that kind of people, very bad”

“Do you think they can hurt her or worse yet take advantage of her?”

“I don’t believe, you heard her, your father taught her how to defend herself”

“Yes, but she was never close to a boy. I know her, she is not that kind of woman”

“I think so too, but for anything talk to your father to change his mind”

“You’re right love, tomorrow i’ll talk to my father, now i want to be with you all night”

I can’t believe what i’m hearing, does my own brother think that of me? That i am a fool, a coward, who cannot defend myself? I never thought that Matteo would hurt me that way, now i see it clear, if he thinks that of me, i think he is the worst man i have ever met and will do everything possible to forget him and all this stupid love that i have.

“Do not believe everything Matteo said sister, is being manipulated by that witch, let’s not let anyone get into our relationship, our father told us that tonight, we have to be united”

“I’m tired of being next to a person who thinks that about me, from now on i will think about my happiness and my well-being”

“Rose please, don’t do this to yourself.”

“Enough Dexter, i’ll leave here and forget everything. See you tomorrow”

With tears in my eyes i went to my room and from this moment i close my heart to be a man who humiliated me and hurt me. Arrivederci, Matteo Fabio Santoro, arrivederci per sempre.

Translation of Italian Words:

Arrivederci, Matteo Fabio Santoro, arrivederci per sempre ~ Goodbye, Matteo Fabio Santoro, goodbye forever

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