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BILLIE-HALES Book 14&15 of the K&Q collection *Welcome to my show* 👑 Eighteen-year-old Billie-Hales pretty much lives her life on the edge. Will, she ever manage to settle down, or will she carry on with her downward spiral of falling for the bad boy? Her parents think she's heading down the wrong path. Yet, what they don't realise is that path leads her to, her perfect King. 👑 Please, don’t leave any big spoilers on reviews. Thanks in advance.

Romance / Drama
Dembie Rose
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Chapter 1

~ Book 14&15 of the King & Queen Collection ~

“Hey Star, what-cha doing there,”

I ask while I look at my horse, from across the way. She’s a beauty, one my Grandparents got me for my birthday last year.

I’m standing here, only because I couldn’t be bothered to make the trip home. This came after another night of partying, so I crashed here.
Well, there’s that and I ran out of money for taxi fare.

I’m just watching on, with a grin on my lips. It’s when she “tuffs” and bounced her head up and down. It’s like she’s showing off, telling me she’s happy to see me.
She’s trotting around in my great-Grandfathers field. I call him grand-pops mostly, but to all his friends, they know him as, Wayne.
I always see a twinkle in his eyes every time I call him it.
Bless him, he’s in his nineties now so it’s left to us to look after this place, along with him. Of course, he doesn’t like it. I guess he’s just, too proud to admit he’s too old to take care of the place.

Neena, his wife... she’s a little younger than him and she struggles too, so we look after both of them.

Speaking of my Grandad, that’s my other Grandad Bill. He’s still around, but he’s not doing so well. Mum said he’ll be fine but I don’t know he’s just not the same. Not since last year since my grandma Olivia had passed away. I can see it I feel how broken he is.
He misses her so much I can see his hearts, literally broken.

He’d told me there’s no healing it, especially not at his age. I don’t understand it myself only because I’ve not experienced love. I mean, not like theirs or my parents anyway. Oh, I’ve had boyfriends but none that’s stuck around. I guess I’m still young and I have time to “fall in love.”

I did at one point think I was in love, but this was before I’d started college, which was only last year. But he’d turned out to be, just like the rest.
Yep, he was only out for “one thing” which was inside of my under-kecks. Though little did he know, I’m pretty wise, which is thanks to my mum and my dad’s... mostly my Grandad Bill.
He’d always, always tell me, I should never settle for anything less. You know, especially if all they talk about is my virginity too.
I’ve found no one worthy enough to give that part of me too, not yet anyway. Some men just see me as an easy lay. You know, like I’m a sure thing to get in the sack. Some girls even look at me like, I’m a slut too. Yeah, believe it or not, some have tried it on with me too.

You see, I’m a bit of a wild child. I like to party. I like to drink too. I’ve been, known to party a little too hard too. Not all the time, of course. Oh no, I couldn’t afford it. No, not now I’m in college anyway. It doesn’t help that my parents’ put me on a budget, and it’s because of all those reasons too.
They said I’m wasting my life, pissing it away with my crazy life.

Yeah, I could calm it down but where’s the fun in that? Hell, I’m in college now and you-only live-once.
I intend to live my life to its fullest. That’s my plan anyway. At least until I get my career, underway anyway.
What am I studying at college? Well, my Granny Hales had introduced me to a lady one that goes by the name of Mars. Oh lord, she’s so pretty crazy but really, pretty.
My family and I have known her, for a long time.

One day, I was in her tattoo studio. I also saw a few works of photography. Oh boy, they were amazing ones of the sea with birds and people walking along the beach.
I was, fascinated by them. So much that, Mars had found me checking them out. Of course, I asked who had taken them and shortly after that day, I was, introduced to Mar’s niece, Hope Headley.

She also knows a lot, of photographers. She knows a lot about that world too. So the first thing she’d done was help me out with buying, my first camera. She’s helped me, with signing up for, a college course too.
Oh yes, a college course in photography. She said it’s where it all kicked off for her, but she’d always mess around with taking pictures too, you know, before then. But college is where it helped her the most.

Luckily for me, my college is only a short drive from my parents’ home. So I sometimes walk there or if I cannot be, arsed to walk, I take my car.

I’ve not been driving long, about three months. I guess it’s a decent car, but I’m more of a ‘bike’ kinda-gal. Oh, let me tell you if there’s one thing I’d inherited from my grandparents. Well, it’s a love for bikes, preferably Harley’s. I also have a thing for a good old Honda fire-blade... Oh baby, get me on one of those bad boys you’d have a friend for life.

Once I made it back home, I showered and dressed for another day at college. Once dressed, I grabbed my car keys.

I’m in my car just now, pulling up for another day of photography. Luckily for me, I got my class with no one making any snide comments about me.

Eventually, after I get settled at my desk, my tutor tells us what we’ll be doing today. Yet, I’m too busy with my phone to even hear what he’s saying only because I’d received a text from my buddy.
It’s my buddy the one who happens to be Hopes relation. Yep, it’s Zealous Junior. I think it’s his name that brought us together though, that and the fact that he’s half Italian too.

Oh boy, he’s hot as fuck but it’s mostly because he likes to party too. He’d introduced himself to me when I’d arrived at Hopes place after she’d invited me over one night. She wanted to show me some of her works and of course, he was there too with his mum Jenna she’s Hope’s cousin.

Anyway, it was his name that pulled me in, which was before I’d even locked eyes with him, Zealous Junior Dalton.
I like to call him Zelie and he just calls me Billie. However, that’s only because I’d threatened to kick his Ass.
If he even attempted to call me anything else, aside from when he calls me Baby-B. I allow it, only because he’s hot. Aha, but anything else, I’d kick his ass.

*Hey, baby-B there’s another great band on tonight if you’re up for it?*
I end up grinning when I read his text only because he knows I will and I tell him so too.

“Miss Lawrence. MISS LAWRENCE.”
My head snaps up my, and then my phone suddenly drops on the floor.

“Y-yes, Mr Graham, what’s up?”
He rolls his eyes and then he grins after shaking his head.

“Could you maybe, leave the texts alone? At least until I’ve finished.”
As he’s asking me this, I hear my phone it’s chiming again.

“Sure thing... Sorry about that. My friend wants to party, tonight. Well, you know me, I can’t ignore an invitation.”
Again, he rolls his eyes. Then I hear somebody fake cough, calling out “slut” from across the room. Of course, I ignore the fuckers!

“Okay, as I was saying.”
He moves on telling the class that we’ll be going on a field trip which happens to be on Saturday.

“What, what do you mean? I can’t do it this Saturday I mean, it’s my only chance to get my new Ink finished.”

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to rearrange your plans, Miss Lawrence. That’s if you want to pass this exam?”
My eyes open wide, shocked there’s an exam this week. I ask about this too, I ask when he discussed it.

“Well, now if you weren’t on your phone and partying, you would’ve known about it last Friday and Monday. Oh and this morning too. Miss Lawrence, you’ve until tomorrow to rearrange your plans.
We’re invited to watch a game, so this week’s exam will comprise taking a few shots of those players. Not forgetting, the grounds they play on too.”

Fucker! I’m sure he likes to pull this shit on purpose only because he looks too pleased with it.
Just as he finishes telling me this, the bitch-face Charlie sits forward. She’s looking at me when she speaks, telling me something that really, pisses me off. It pisses me off to the point of where I leap over the table just to get to her.

“This should be, right up your alley. You know, plenty of men for you to screw around with. We all know just how much you and your family love to share.”
Mother fucker!

Mr Graham calls out ordering the bitch to get out of his classroom. Though Norman, he’s the guy who sits next to me. He stops me, by pulling back and preventing me from kicking the crap out of him. He does it, just in time before I could get my hands on her too.

“Miss Foreman, you’ll wait outside for me. Stay there, until I speak to you.”
She’s up and out of her seat all the while I’m staring at her desperately wanting to slap the grin off her face as she goes.
Jesus Christ almighty who the hell does she think she is? Bloody hell and she claims to be twenty-one years old?

For fuck sake! Talk about being, a Mega-Bitch!

A few hours later:

Once class finished, Mr Graham called out to me to hang back. Basically, he wanted to make sure I was okay.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Mr Graham.
Thank you though, you know with getting her away from me. I mean, I’m sorry if it upset the class I.”
He cuts me off when he shakes his head telling me not to be silly.

“Miss Lawrence I’d heard what she said so there’s no way you’re to blame for any of it.
Miss Forman, she’s unfortunately known for her. How do I say this without, getting myself in trouble?”

“Being a bitch, her bitchiness?”
I ask knowing full-well, that’s where he’s going with this too. Naturally, I end chuckling when I see him grin.

“Yes, well I wouldn’t have said it so bluntly, but this is between us.
Anyway, if you have any more issues with her then please don’t hesitate to ask for help. I’d hate for her to cause you to react like that again, and I’d really, hate for you to lose your place here. I mean, your potential is far too great to just throw away, especially on silly girls gossiping.”

About half an hour later:

I’m back at home, and I’m just walking into our kitchen when I hear my mum greet me. She’s asking me, how college went and I respond with, a grunt.

I need a drink first, so I make my way to the fridge. I wish it was stronger stuff, but unfortunately for me, she hates it when I drink.
Once I grab it I tell her “Fine” and that’s all I say too.

She knows when I’m not happy about something and I really, don’t want to discuss it. However, with mum being a mum, she asks again after she sends me the look one that says “I’m not giving up until you spill it.”
Of course, I skip around the mega-bitch crap and just go in with telling her about Saturday instead.

“Wow, and this upsets you? I thought you’d jump at the chance to do this. I mean, it’s pretty big, especially for an exam.”
Yes-yes this is a pretty big deal but I really, wanted Cookie to finish my ink. I tell her this too and yeah she rolls her eyes in response to it.

“Sweetheart, you’ve all the time in the world to get that finished. Trust me; I’m sure that Cookie winy mind. He of all people will understand you have to reschedule the appointment.”

I end up sighing. She’s right, this is more important. Yet it still doesn’t stop me from feeling disappointed about it.

“Okay, I’ll call him and reschedule.
Crap, it’s going to be months before he’s free again.”
Once again, I’m sighing feeling gutted.

“Good girl. Okay, go on, go get yourself cleaned up, your tea will be ready soon.”
I’m shaking my head while telling her I’m off out to a club with Zelie.

“Nope, not tonight, sweetheart,
I’m sorry, but if this exam is tomorrow? Well, you need to do some researching.
You can’t go to that game and not know, what’s going on.”
My eyes go wide is she for real?

“Mum, I’m doing a photography course. Why the hell would I need to learn about bloody Rugby? I only need to take a few shots of them. They’ll be running around and throwing a bloody ball about. They’ll be running around, grunting like animals.
Ack! I can just imagine the sweaty pits.”
I gagged, just at the thought which makes my mum laugh.

“You’re far too much like me, but just trust me on this. Somebody’s bound to ask you a stupid question about the game. So it’s always handy to know a little about it just in case.”
Again, I can’t help it when I end up, sighing.
Jesus, this is just great. Not!

“Okay, so remind me again, why am I doing this course?”
She grins and then shakes her head slightly and now she’s looking at me with a stern but knowing look.

“Because you, were made for this and your fathers and I want the best future for you. Plus, college is better than jail, especially with the way you party, young lady.”

I end up rolling my eyes, only to turn on my white converse and make my way upstairs to my room. Then I plonk myself face down on my bed and yes, you’d heard right. She’d said “fathers” that’s what the mega-bitch was talking about when she’d said, my family, like to share.

Well, my family don’t like to share it’s just you can’t help who you fall in love with and my parents had fallen in love.
My mother had fallen in love with my dad’s. My dad’s, who happens-to-be, twins too. The reason she’d said “my family like to share” is because my grandparents are doing the same.

My granny Hales married twin brothers too. Believe me, it’s a long story. Yet they all love each other, very much. They’re very, happy too.

Anyway, I’m just lying here on my bed sulking just trying to figure out what to do for the best. Only, my sulking doesn’t last long, especially when I hear my phone. Circles by Vanic plays. So when I look at the screen I end up smiling as I swipe my finger on the accept button.

“Ciao, baby-B, how’s my favourite Bellissima-party-girl doing?”
I end up chuckling at this.

“Ciao, my favourite half-Italian-partner-in-crime, what’s up?”
I bypass the “how I’m doing” part, only because I’m not feeling the best.

He goes silent for a beat, but then he reminds me of what we’re doing. Of course, I end up sighing again.

“Sorry, buddy. Unfortunately, my tutor had sprung an exam on me just after you’d text me this morning. The unfortunate part is that it’s tomorrow, so my mother-dearest wants me, to do some research.
Fuck knows what for? I mean, I take photos I’m not a bloody sport-brain-box. I’ve literally, no clue about sports. It’s why I’m taking a photography course and not a bloody course on how to throw a fucking ball around.”

He’s laughing at me and when he speaks again, I’m feeling pretty gutted again.

“What happened to, getting inked?”
I huff out and tell him, I’d have to reschedule.

“Ah, that sucks baby-B.
Oh Well, then it’s a good job your best friend knows a little about ball games I can show you if you wish? But you may need to lock your room door you know just in case we’re interrupted.”

Inserts, a shitload of laughter...

“Nice try, but no, I think I’ll stick to good old Google, but thanks anyway.”

“Your loss, baby... Damn, I can’t help feeling a little disappointed now. Though, I guess your career comes first. So I’ll call you tomorrow, let you know how the gig went.”

Yeah, he’s such a gent.

See, Mr Dalton here loves to party. Any chance he can get to Party, he’ll do it. Even when his best friend needs help, he’d quite easily ditch my backside, just to party. This right here is nothing new for me.
No, Mr Dalton, happens to be the one I thought I was in love with. Only it turned out, he only wanted to party and fuck. He basically told me that’s, all it would ever be with us. Hell, or anyone for that matter.
Just sex, just fun, and I could only give him one of them, only because the other? Well, I’m saving that for the one.

Oh yes, I’m saving myself for the one who will hopefully be thankful I’ve saved myself for him.
Zelie, of course, doesn’t know this about me he doesn’t know I’m saving myself. He doesn’t know that I’ve not done it yet. I mean, he might know but I’ve never told him. I don’t intend to either only because if he knew I was a virgin? It’d only make him want it just for the sheer dick-headed-ness of it.

That’s another thing about Zelie he’s a player. Well, you’ve guessed that already, but he’d take pride in taking my V card, and boast about it to his buddies too.
So yeah, it ain’t gonna happen... no matter how much I’d like it too.

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