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Lyrics by Calvin Harris Story by Totallynotquanahparker Part of the “Song Lyric Stories” series.

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Chapter One And Only

Before we start our journey, let us thank a dear friend of mine.
For suggesting this song as part of my series.
Make sure to follow her because she is a wonderful person.
Thanks, Jade!
Anyway, let’s go onto the story!

When I met you in the summer,
To my heartbeat sound.
We fell in love,
As the leaves turned brown.

I stare at the impossibly cute girl, Adeline, who just said she’d be my girlfriend!
I’m gonna be such a player, I’ve already got my first girlfriend and only 10! And Adeline’s 11! Them older girls...
“Are you exicted for the rest of summer, John?” She ask one fine early summer morning
“Yes-very. Now that I have such a great girlfriend.” I blush.
We go and swing on the swing set together, and hold hands walking around the playground. Then I call her and talk to her for a whole 30 minutes, until she has to wash up for dinner.

Years later...

And we could be together baby,
As long as skies are blue.
You act so innocent now,
But you lied so soon.
When I met you in the summer...

Adeline and I, 20 and 21, lay stretched out on the couch, her head resting in my lap while I flip channel last on the T.V. She is concentrating on something in her mind, her gaze somewhere in outer-space.
“What is it?” I ask her, gently snapping her out of her daze.
Adeline smiles and looks up at me.
“Just thinking about when I met you in the summer!”

And there you have it!
317 words just for you, Jade!
Hope you like this story. It’s dedicated to you!

On a different note, see!
Totallynotquanahparker can write a love story when she wants to!

Can’t wait for the next one in the series!
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