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Selena is a plus size 31 years old gal. She's into serious shit financially with her parents. She started working at a big real estate investments company for the last month as a Marketing Manager. Nobody knows about her financial problems or health ones. This job is important to her to help her family situation just a bit. On survival aspect. The staff at the company thinks she's an Ice Queen. Too arrogant for a fatty, though she's really smart and has a strong attitude. She never gets intimidated in work or by men. Not even the hot guys don't leave an impression on her. She's cold as ice. At an important meeting with a big client, Eric Rodricks, a billionaire, she gets late because of a coffee accident that forces her to make a change of clothes and look. The guy is a big time player in business and with women the like. No woman can resist him. He's a God in their eyes. She isn't his type in general, but something leaves a strong impression on him and he can't take his eyes off her. Will she be the ice that will cool him off and turn him into a one woman's man, or will he melt her ice and make him his? Will he take advantage of her financialL NOTE: This is a first draft. Mistakes such as typos, grammar and such might be in place. It's not edited. Sorry about that. This story I started it today and wanted to have it online for you guys to enjoy and give an opinion over it.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1 - Coffee Is A Bitch...

“Jeez! Would you watch where you’re walking for a change?!” The hot brown content is snaking down my shirt and skirt drawing out a monster on me. Why am I always met with such accidents?

“Sorry... I didn’t mean to... I was on my... Let me help you.” a nice forty-something years old woman says, flustered on the event she caused, looking for something in her purse to give me.

“I-It’s okay... Sorry I yelled... Having an important meeting and this happened. I snapped.” I take a napkin from a near empty table and try to clean a bit while the woman gives me one too. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“I’m really sorry. It’s my fault. I was reading my emails and didn’t see you. Here, let me pay for the cleaning.” she gets her wallet trembling a bit. That was strange. I know I have a killer look when I go mad, but I’m not a pulling-out-hair bitch. She didn’t see me? I’m no skinny one. I’m a 16 size for some loose “fabrics” and 18 for others. Whatever.... She looks nice and sorry.

“No. I don’t need that, thank you. Let’s forget about it. I’m late for my meeting. Bye-bye.” I give her a quick smile and start to the café’s bathroom to see the damage in plain sight, leaving the lady behind saying something to me in the background. I don’t have time for other apologies and pleads for amends.

I enter the bathroom like a storm, scaring a young lady that was grooming into the mirror. I shot a smile on her. “Someone spilled coffee on me.” I say, like she cares about that. She gives me a weird look, packs her things and goes out, leaving me alone. “Jesus Christ! How am I gonna clean all this?” my shirt is a mess, the front of my suit jacket and my skirt in diagonal. I saw it earlier, but to see it in the mirror it is pure horror. My phone buzzes. “Great! Just great!” I get my phone from my purse. It is Marta, my secretary. Yeah, I’m a marketing manager at a big company, Donahue Estate Development. It’s my first month and having a big client today. He’s such a big of a client that some other four managers from our company are attending the meeting. I take the call, fanning under my lips.

“You’re running late! The client is here! Jesse’s in heats around him! The Big Wolf is asking for you to take the meeting for presentation! Where are you?” The Big Wolf is our 34 years old playboy CEO. A muscle model with fine Greek God features, wavy black short hair, hazel eyes and exciting every girl that lays eyes on him. Always in a tailored expensive suit. Not me though. Jesse is the Planning Manager and the one that must have all the hot guys. The client must be hot.

“I’m at the coffee shop across the street. Haven’t slept all night working. And someone slipped her entire coffee all over me. What am I gonna do?” I send another look into the mirror making me have cold shivers on my spine.

“What? Are you kidding? You should be here in five! They’re on to the meeting room!” she’s freaked out. If I lose my chair she’s out too. I hired her.

“But he is earlier! It’s 7:30! The meeting was at 8:00!” I’m sure it was at 8.

“Sent you last night a message. They pushed it at 7:30. The guy is besties with the Big Wolf apparently and they want to see a new land for investment together after the meeting. Oh!” Why am I getting angry at that pause? “I didn’t send you the....”

“Marta?!” She always does that! She’s young and she’s learning. She’s 21 and having a new boyfriend. She’s aloof making everything hard for me sometimes. But she’s diligent to learn, so I don’t want to fire her.

“Sorry! I’ll make some excuses and you come as fast as you can!” and she abruptly ends the call. No she didn’t!

My head is spinning, I’m sweating, and I could kill someone for real at this point. I’m still in the “testing” period on my position. Didn’t have problems so far, but this could be one. I take my purse and go out of the bathroom, on through the tables, making some heads turn at my sight of how I look with all that coffee on me and go out. I really don’t feel embarrassment at this point. I see a clothes shop nearby and that’s my target.

“Hi!” I approach the lady there who gives me a weird look all over. “Do you have women’s suits like this one?” pointing at the one I’m wearing.

“Not one that would be on your size unfortunately.” I hate it when they say that. At least she didn’t make the grimace of “you are fat”. “But we do have some casual clothes that might fit you well.” That’s a savior right there. “Would you want to try them?”

“Of course! Just give them to me! I’m pretty late for an important office meeting! I really need your help!” I kind of yell a bit because I feel like I’ll faint if I’m too late for the meeting. She gives me a warm smile.

“Follow me then.” She says and takes me to the changing room. “Wait here. I’ll bring them right away. Any preferred color?”

“Black or dark blue. Thank you so much!” I smile at her with all my face but having a drummed heart.

After a few minutes she comes back with black leggings in an office style and a black top having a dropped cleavage, office style again, and an over the bottom black jacket with one golden button to close it. Fine material and trendy for businesswomen. I wonder if I’ll fit in it and how much is that going to cost. Never mind. I’ll try it.

I dress up in a minute, at least that’s what I want to think it was, and look at myself in the mirror.

“Can I see it?” the lady says outside the changing cabin. I open the door for her to give me the look. “Wow! You’re so hot in those! You look amazing! Why do you wear that ugly suit! That’s a keeper on you!” she puts her hands over her mouth like she is Cinderella’s Godmother and genuinely smiling over my transformation. Yeah, I looked pretty hot for my figure. Don’t you think I’m the kind that has bulging fat all over. No. I have a defined S-shape figure (though I’m fat), with a cute butt out, some breasts, not big ones, but they’re there, thick tights and nice legs overall. I’m not a model, I know, but I’m OK. I do have some belly out.

“So, I’m passable?” I really don’t want to make a wrong impression in the company, going out there with my fat screaming through my clothes.

“You’re more than passable! You look like on a magazine! But let your hair loose like this and you’re a doll!” she takes out my hair band and arranges my hair. “There! Everything’s perfect now!”

“Great! I trust and thank you! Let me pay it quickly!” I give her my dirty clothes as she asked me and go with her at the cashier’s desk. She puts my clothes in a shopping bag, takes the tags from the clothes on me, registers and swipes my credit card. Well, office credit card. I’ll have the accountant take a hit-and-run over me, but I’ll deal with that later.

“Here you go! Wish you good luck on your meeting!” she gives me everything and smiles.

“Thank you! Hope it will go well! You have a coffee from me later! Bye!” I rush out like crazy from the store and send a glance on my phone. 7:55. Shit!

In five minutes, I’m at the elevator to go to my office’s floor which is the tenth floor. The receptionist and the security guard say hello, but I just wave at them as I was super late. Finally, I’m at my floor with Marta waiting for me at the elevator with my file and laptop.

“Give me those. Here’s everything. The Big Wolf is upset. I’ll be there too quick. Go!” she gives me a look with a smirk when she realizes what I’m wearing and pushes me to go. “He’s not going to be so upset anymore.” She grins.

I go with quick steps in the meeting room already hearing Jessie’s high-pitched voice, sweettalking what I think is the client. I knock on the door and enter. Everyone stops talking and all eyes are on me. Derek, our CEO, has the chair with its back at the door.

“It was about damn time you...” and he turns with the chair to criticize me but stops at the sight of me scanning me from head to toes.

“So sorry. Traffic.” I ignore everyone’s stares and he comes back to his senses while I go to my spot.

“Yeah,” he says, “this is Eric Rodricks, our client, CEO of Rodricks Real Estate Investments, and this is our Marketing Manager Selena Dutchmond.” The guy is hot, Adonis style, Greek God, towering, with beautiful dark blue eyes, chestnut wavy hair and a billionaire. That suit on him makes women stay at his feet. GQ magazine model. That’s why Jessie’s high-pitched voice was on.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” I extend my hand; he takes it and stares into my eyes with that ravishing waves he had into them, not letting go of my hand. I’m not intimidated. Jessie roles her eyes and clears her throat while I try to have my hand back. Jessie’s sending me spears across the room at this point.

“The pleasure is mine.” And I manage to take my hand back. I sit on my chair and open the file and then the laptop starting the marketing presentation for him. Marta enters the room and sits on the chair behind me near the projector to work on the slide show while I speak.

I deliver all the information and I ask if there are questions or things that need to be changed. Eric is looking at me laid back on his chair with his hand on his cheek in a thinking pose. He had a smirk on his face. I guess he’s satisfied with the presentation.

“That’s interesting.” Eric says looking at Derek who’s staring at me. He does that often, but now it is longer than usual.

“What? Yeah. She’s our best.” he snaps out of whatever he was thinking. “Anything you need a correction or addition on?”

“No. It’s fine. But I would want to have a word with you alone.” He stares back at me like I’m under a metal detector.

“If there’s anything, I’ll be in my office.” I say with a professional smile, standing up and leaving Marta to pack things up. “It was a pleasure to work on this project, sir.” I extend my hand for the final handshake. He takes it in a strong grip like trying to get a reaction from me. I’m cold as ice.

“You did a great job. Rarely I’m so impressed.” He gives a smile landing his gaze on my lips.

“Thank you, sir. Have a good day.” I try to take my hand back while he is resisting. He lets go after a few good seconds to Jesse’s despair, who is still in the room with a short tight black dress and a white jacket on her to die for model body. She is a Barbie doll all over. Even I, as a woman, can fall in love with her beauty. In the sense I would want to look like her. I’m not a lesbian, though many think I am. Why? Because I don’t have a boyfriend and I always keep it friend zone for males or strictly business. I don’t have time or want for a personal life.

I walk away and straight to my office. I need to drink something cold for the heated morning I had since the coffee shop till present.

My office is one with a view over New York City. I have a leather chair with a wide neat oak desk. There are a few framed posters with motivational quotes on the cream walls and a big library with books on law, management, marketing and economics. I’m 31. I have Law school and Finance-Banking-Accounting bachelor’s degrees. I may seem I have it all, but I don’t. I’m in huge shit and this job is the one that keeps me out of bankruptcy. Not all out, but it helps my financial situation a bit. But that’s a story for another time.

“Hey! You were awesome!” says Marta coming in with all the things placing them on my desk.

“Thanks. I worked my butt off for that presentation. Can you bring me some cold Pepsi Max, please? I’m so thirsty.” My mouth is dried out and I’m feeling hot. Hope my blood sugar levels aren’t too high. I’m a diabetic. Insulin dependent. Five shots a day. Stress increases my diabetes’ levels.

“Yeah, in a minute. No! You looked so sexy and like a vixen! That Eric guy couldn’t take his eyes off of you! And Derek too! Ouch! I see romance!” she was grinning like a high school girl.

“Stop dreaming. It’s normal they were staring at me. I was delivering the presentation. Now go and give me that drink. Don’t think I forgave you for the message.” I answer my ringing phone while she pouts and puffs at me. Kids.

“Selena?” That’s my mom at the phone. Hope nothing happened. She’s tensed.

“Yeah, mom. Everything okay?” I try to keep my cool, but I can feel something happened.

“Sweetie? We are losing the house...” Shit! She started crying silently.

“Mom! Calm down! I’m coming over. Where are you?” I keep an outside cool yet inside I’m sinking. The shit we’re in since the economic crisis has all my family on the edge. We were rich people, at some level, not millionaires, but we had it going without lack of money. We had and still have construction companies. Small ones, but they were family business. An investment project with bank loans cut our throats financially and lost many things. The house is next.

“At home. Your dad went crazy and I don’t know where he is. He can’t take it anymore! I think he’ll do something! Lord! Why is this happening to us?” A tear escapes down my right cheek and my heart is in pieces for both my parents and for our family. Marta comes in with my drink with widened eyes on how I may look at this point.

“Calm down, mom. I love you and everything will be fine. Dad’s going to be fine. I’ll be there right away. Wait for me, will you?” I still try to keep my cool to make my mom feel she’s not alone and that she has a strong daughter to protect them. Now you understand why I give a shit on men and don’t want to get involved with them? Love is never going to help my situation, only complicate it.

“Yeah. Come safe, baby. Love you.” she hangs up crying. I’m all teary but not voicing it.

“What’s the matter? You look like shit. Here, have a sip.” She gives me the drink which I take and have some. I feel like yelling and raging out loud. This shit is never going to end....

“Nothing. Help me clear all the meetings today. I have some family problems which I can’t avoid. Send me on my email all the work I need to do. Please, don’t forget anything, okay?” Nobody in the office knows about my problems. They think I’m healthy, only fat, and living on high horses. That’s the image I’ve created. I stand up in a hurry and take my purse.

“Wait! Derek called. He wants to speak with you. Now.” she says but I’m out through the door not looking back.

When I reach the elevator, with my gaze down, I bump into someone. “Oh! Sorry!” I look at the person I bumped into. It’s Eric, followed by his men and having Derek beside him.

“It’s alright. Something happened?” he sends me a worried look seeing my probably red eyes.

“Where are you going? Didn’t Marta tell you I’m expecting you in the office?” Derek is pissed and worried at the same time.

“Nothing happened.” I dismiss coldly Eric. “Yes, she told me. I have some unexpected family situation and I have to leave for the day. You can cut my paycheck. I’ll still run all the work at home. Marta will send me on my email. I really have to take a leave, sir. I’m not going to wait for your approval. If you consider you want to fire me over this, you can do it. I’ll understand. Have a good day, sir.” I don’t give a shit at this moment if I lose my job as well. If I’m sinking, let it all sink. Why not? I can take it, right?

The elevator comes at perfect timing and I go in, leaving Derek with a dropped jaw with a “What’s going on?” expression and Eric? I don’t know. I totally ignored his presence. He’s not my boss. I go in and press the lobby button and the elevator closes with only me in it, which is great.


Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter! A comment, vote and follow would be awesome to encourage me to write more on it. So, what do you guys think about this chapter?

Hugs and kisses!

Anda xoxo

Author’s Note. 06.01.2020 ----

It’s live! Chapter 1 - Coffee Is A Bitch from ICY SHOTS ON A HOT BILLIONAIRE is online! Pfiu... Done this too... He, he, he... Well, don’t expect a great interpretation as I’m not a pro at this, just a crazy person, writer and such. Had a first version, but one of my crazy co-workers took my laptop to search for some documents and accidentally deleted the video, which was, in my opinion, a better interpretation of it. I had to record it a second time, and because of my hectic, busy life and agenda, I’m so tired that it may have affected the interpretation, but, what the heck, it’s there, it’s done, I’ve enjoyed doing it, I laughed and had a backstage of grimaces and squealing for stumbling upon some words and needed to record again the slide and such, however, I made it! Am I not great?! Ha-ha! Yeah, I’m crazy... Laugh all you want... Anyways, it’s live! Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/TIls6TkROZA Hope you guys will enjoy it! If not, well, at least I tried... Any comments on the video are highly welcomed... Love you! Anda ❤💝💕💞💗💓💖


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