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The Boy From the Band

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Love story for a band and a musician. Dacy is attending the funeral of the lover she has been with for the past 25 years. She's not supposed to be there, his wife would be furious, but a friend from his band got her in, knowing she wanted to be there.. Part of her feels like her life is over, but has it been worth it? All the ups and downs, all the doubts? Yes, every step of the way. 25 years earlier: Dacy Lee is having the time of her life. She's left her family in Washington and is living and working In California. And she has a new friend, Gina, who finds the most fun, most outrageous things for them to do. Like going to a party celebrating the opening of a new recording studio. There she sees Rick, the bassist of the band that owns the studio and has a gorgeous blond on his arm, But he catches a look at Dacy and smiles. The smile wins Dacy over and one day she decides to be brave and go to the studio to see if she can meet him. Is it luck or fate that she meets him? She's only 23. He takes her under his wing and looks out for her. It's easy, the chemistry was there from the start, they looked at each other and just knew. Now she must navigate his alcoholism, his drug addiction and the pressure of being in a relationship with a man who, though he is married, loves her to distraction and won't give her up.

Romance / Drama
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Prolog: The Funeral

“When you awake you will remember everything

You will be hangin’ on a string from your...

When you believe, you will relieve the only soul

That you were born with to grow old and never know...”

Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel

It’s two p.m. in the Bearsville Theatre, December 15, 1999. There’s a line snaked out in the parking lot, but I’m sitting in the back, doing my best to cry softly when what I want to do is totally break down. I’m not supposed to be here, Robbie made arrangements so I could come to the memorial so I’m going to behave myself for him.

I see people that I know from the studio, Eric and George are here from England, Dylan’s here, though it surprises me. I see my friend Bob Weir smiling at me and it helps lift me up. “He wouldn’t want you to cry,” his eyes say so, “He’d just want you to remember all the good things.”

Robbie turns to look at me, and I nod. I’m strong enough to be here after all.

I can’t believe Rick is dead. I caught up with him on his last tour and we spent the final days together before he had to go home. It was hard, watching him and worrying about him. He did not look good and the sex wasn’t much but we were together and that was what counted.

We were together for almost twenty-five years—what am I going to do now? I’m forty-seven and that seems too old to start over again. Besides, how can I find someone who loved me the way he did? Who cares if I was the other woman, I was his other woman. We had our ups and our downs but we stuck it out. You don’t have to be a wife to have a happy relationship.

Twenty-five years.

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