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Talk and Plans



Seàn had texted me after he left last night that he spoke to the restaurant owner, he said he quit and that he'd receive his last payment in a week or so. I'm proud of him seeing as when we talked he seemed determined to keep the job for Zyon, course I had to offer him another job at the club so he'd have a more healthy schedule.

I don't mind, there is an opening for a bouncer, I just failed to mention that bouncers have every other day schedules. There are three bouncers; the one at the main door, this is what Seàn would get, the ZIP bouncer, and one that walks around the floor to make sure everything isn't getting out of hand.

Each bouncer is switched out every day to get the crowd use to them and get them more in tune with the community, there's six guys in total that work as bouncers, only three work each week and allow the others a week off. Seàn will have more time with Zyon and me, and get paid for working two jobs.

I admire Seàn for doing as much as he does for Zyon, without even looking for anything in return except the boys' love. Working non-stop for four years to have money for an apartment and spending cash is more than others would have done, he's what everyone wants in a partner; supportive and caring.

I have no doubt he would've supported Zyon alone, paying for everything and giving the boy whatever he wanted. Seàn would've, and did, work himself to the point he couldn't sleep just to get the means to save enough money to spoil Zyon with.

It doesn't matter that I'm here now and that I have money to do so, Seàn strikes me as the man's man; the one who has to support his family no matter what happens, the man who protects his family, the man who works to give his family what they need and want. Seàn probably just sees me as another person to support and he will work to make sure I and Zyon have what we want.

It's comforting, knowing the man already is determined to support me even if I don't need it. I never had someone to take that kind of role over me, to do all the work to earn money to spend on me. It doesn't actually matter that I'm my own boss and have money to support all of us, it's the meaning behind it; that Seàn cares enough to go out and work, spend his sweat and sometimes blood, to earn money that would go to me and Zyon without hesitation.

He would rather do anything else than allow one of his partners, official or not, to support themselves. It amazes me because never have I met a man who will do this, it fills me with pride just knowing I have stumbled into a relationship with one of the most protective and caring men I will probably ever meet.

Because of this, I feel as if this relationship will work out and that we'd get through anything.


I'm making Zyon pancakes when the elevator doors open with a ding to announce Seàns arrived, I can only grin as I watch Zyon leave the cartoons on tv to go the man, who is still dirty from the construction site. Covered in a layer of sweat and dirt sticking to his skin, his light blue worn jeans freshly ripped and his white shirt dirtied.

"Hey, A stóirín!" Seàn doesn't even think before picking Zyon up, laughing at the squeal he receives.

I have to turn away before the pancakes burn to flip them, but I have Zyon mumble about Seàn smelling good and smile a bit wider because the boy is still shy about it.

"Yeah? Well, it's all for my boy, I was told he likes it. What do you think?"

I glance over just in time to see Seàn rubbing his beard on Zyons cheek and neck, the boy can only giggle and whine.

"He just had a bath, so unless you both want to share the tub I suggest you let him eat his lunch." I call out to them, getting Seàn to stop and look at me with a smirk.

"I wouldn't mind sharin, I bet our boy here would love to help me wash up. Wouldn't ya, Little one?" We glance down at Zyon in the man's arm, who flushes a deep red and shyly hides on Seàns' neck as he nods.

We laugh as I plate the pancakes and Seàn gently sits Zyon in one of the chairs at the counter before sitting next to him, "I think you'd overwhelm him if we put him around a naked you. So much of you all at once, especially after work. He'd probably faint from all the smells."

Seàn only chuckles at the tease, not bothering to disagree just helping himself to a pancake, barely even chewing before swallowing. I raise an eyebrow at him as I serve Zyon with two and a side of syrup with some fruit.

"Didn't you eat breakfast at the site?" Even as I ask Seàn piles his plate with about five pancakes.

He seems to realize his hurry to eat as he freezes and looks up at me sheepishly, smiling innocently. "Well, it was Lewy's turn to pick up food, but his truck is down with a blown engine and we haven't gotten round to fix it. When I went to pick him up, Tommy; his boy had an accident that involved some questionable liquid on the floor and some bread. In the hurry to clean it up and to get to work, we forgot the food and the guys never mentioned it. So, uh, I... forgot?"

I can merely blink, amused by the way his morning started yet concerned he worked most of the day without eating. I just shake my head and give him more of the food after I plated two for myself, he smiles then almost instantly shoves most of a pancake into his mouth.

"Is Lewis also a dominant?" I ask while cutting more fruit for Zyon, he seems to like the watermelon and apples rather the grapes.

Seàn grunts in acknowledgment, while Zyon perks up at Lewis' name, "Aye, convinced him into trying the lifestyle out and he loved it. He thought I was crazy when I first told him bout it, now he thanks me. Kinda."

"Lewy?" We turn to Zyon, who blinks cutely at us as he eats his

Seàn rubs his hair with a smile, "Ya remember Lewy? The bastard who got me drunk and pushed me down some stairs."

Zyon nods, I question how Seàn and Lewis get into situations, and Seàn laughs.


"Do you think he'd be okay to meet Lewis, or maybe his sub?" I ask Seàn as he helps me clean the dishes, Zyon occupied with his cartoons.

The man shrugs, setting a plate aside to be put away, "Lewis is a lot to handle and with Zyons anxiety, I don't think he'd be able to deal with Lewy, let alone him and Tommy. Toms 's more quiet and shy, sure but Lewy makes up for that."

Sighing I nod, "It would be good for him to have a friend, maybe his anxiety would let up a bit. Someone for him to play with and talk with, or Tommy could help him with learning stuff."

Looking over at Seàn I see him nod as he glanced at me, "You're right, it would probably do him some good. Lewy can turn himself down when he needs to anyway. I'll ask him bout what he thinks, call you if he agrees or something."

I smile at him and hand him another wet plate, "You know, I was always the main dominant role in every relationship I had...but I think you're taking over that role, and I surprisingly don't mind it."

That catches his attention, his eyes quickly jumping to mine, shocked. I laugh, "Yeah. Usually, I work and spoil my sub and everything, make appointments and shit for them, plan everything, do mostly everything I could. Yet here, I realize that you're doing that, working even if I have money to support us, making sure we're both comfortable and smiling. It's as though I naturally fell into taking your lead into whatever Zyon needs, and I'm pleasantly shocked, to say I'm content to keep doing it."

He's silent for a few seconds, blinking as he dries the plate, then when he sets it aside, he speaks, "Thanks, I mean for letting me into that role. I understand it's sometimes hard, but I enjoy knowing I have Zyon and now you to care for. It makes me work harder and more motivated."

Theres a faint color of pink I see along his beard and I grin, "Like I said, it was natural for me to take a step down and let you take over. I'm content being dominant for Zyon, but submit sometimes to you in cases I feel I should. It's..comforting to have another take over and have knowledge that I'll be okay with you."

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