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Scottish Translation -

bràthair - Brother



After Axel's little confession of enjoying allowing me to take the main role of dominant in our relationship, I feel incredible. The knowledge that he's comfortable and trust me enough to voluntarily step down from being dominant for me is the most rewarding feeling ever, especially because we haven't necessarily gone over what this relationship would entail just yet.

He came up with this himself, he wants me to be main dominant with himself submissive to an extent and both of us dominate over Zyon. I understand he won't be fully submissive, I wouldn't force him to be either, I know he means in decisions and that he'll probably dislike being dominated in a sexual situation. I respect that fully, and we'll have a discussion about that when we feel it's the right time.

As of right now though, I'm on the top of the world. Not only is Zyon still in my life and I get to hold him, care for him, but I have another man to care for and he just chose me to be main Dom. I never imagined another dominant doing that, especially for me. The emotion is one I want to keep, its better than anything, being trusted and having that consent.

I can't remove my smile, even as Lewis smacks my yellow hard hat with the side of a hammer at work the next morning. He grumbles about not getting a kiss from Tommy—the boy decided his Dom didn't deserve one and smacks me again.

"Oi! What got to you? A unicorn horn up your ass?"

I pause what I'm doing, placing pink installation on the first floor walls, to look at him. Someone barks a laugh above us and I chuckle as Lewis smirks under his face mask, I can tell by the corner of his eyes wrinkling, he always says unique things to get my attention and it works every time.

He raises an eyebrow at me before placing more installation in an empty space between two stripes of wood. I sigh as if I'm irked and bothered, "If you must know, Axel basically nominated me to be the main Dom of my-hopefully-soon official relationship last night."

Lewis hits his head on the wall as he bends down to grab more of the pink installation, cursing loudly- he doesn't wear his hard hat. Then he promptly snaps his head up, hand rubbing his forehead, with his green eyes wide.

"Congrats, mate! That's awesome! But..won't that be confusing to Zyon?" he tilts his head, going from excited to curious in under a second like a domestic animal.

I shrug, having not actually thought about that, "We're both dominant with him, he knows we care, he trusts and listens to us. He probably won't even notice if Axel is sometimes less assertive with me, besides, Axel will still be dominant. We both know he won't be submissive."

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Lewis think it though then shakes his head and shrugs, kicking some installation into the correct place. "Whatever you say, bràthair. I don't know how that would work, just going to a club and being round other Dom's is a hassle."

I laugh, knowing it is sometimes an aggravation to deal with other dominants, especially in a club environment where single subs are free game and its like lions fighting over a mate. It only makes me dread going to Axel's club to work, I can only hope it won't be as bad as others I've been too.

It's past seven when we finally finish installing every wall with installation, having started around five. The sun is almost down when we climb back into my truck, Lewis sighing loudly as his eyes close.

"I can't wait to go home. Maybe Tom will finally give me a kiss, knowing I worked so very hard in the hot sun." He smirks, no doubt having a plan in place to get his very important kiss.

Huffing out a laugh I pull out into the road to take him back to his and Tommys' apartment, only now remembering what Axel had asked last night.

"Axel mentioned wantin to invite you and Tom over to meet Zyon, and him. He was wondering if our boys got along, maybe Tom could come round to help Zyon get settled more." I keep my eyes on the road, understanding Lewis will take a minute to think the situation over and do what he thinks is best for his boy.

It's silent for a minute, the only sounds are the cars passing us on the road and the faint music on the radio. Then Lewis shifts to place his elbow on the window and rubs his beard to caress it, "Tommy boy does need more friends, and he's been askin to meet Zyon, now Axel too."

"They'll probably get along, Zyon and him. Tom's shy and Zyon has little to no social skills, Tom could help him get used to people slowly."

As I point this out I notice a black SUV behind us with tinted windows following us quite closely, flipping on the turn signal I turn right onto another road, watching as the SUV does the same. An unpleasant feeling enters my body, like suspicion or distress.

Shaking my head I dismiss both, for now, it's most likely someone who had just happened to be going the same way today. Sighing, I attempt to relax. If it is something then I'll deal with it later, I can't just stop and accuse someone without valid proof. I have something more important to deal with anyway currently, getting Zyon a new friend.

Lewis side-eyes me, wondering why I turned onto the road that takes us around the neighborhood and takes several more minutes to get to his apartment. I pay no attention to him, keeping my eye on the car behind us while also focusing on the road. "So, will you come by with me, whenever Axel asks or something, and let Tom meet my boys?"

He grunts, tilting his head side to side, playing into thinking with a smirk. "Ah, I don't see why not. They seem nice enough to meet my sweet, lovable, and absolutely adorable, Tommy."

I laugh, shaking my head at his praise of Tommy, which he does simply to push into the conversation in public places when we go out; it's become somewhat of an inside joke, we both know he means every word, but also that he mainly does it to show single ladies and men that he's happily taken.

"I'll call you when Axel decides when the best time is. He only asked bout it with me, didn't be specific." He merely smirks at me, like he enjoys hearing me speak about the new man in my life, besides Zyon. He probably thinks I'm already whipped, I mean, I wouldn't argue with that.

"Aye, I'll tell Tom. He'll gotta give in to the kiss now, or he won't be goin."

We laugh at his new plan to get his daily kiss—which he always demands first thing in the morning according to Tom, as I pull into the parking lot of his apartment building. Instantly we see his beat down gray, rusty dodge truck sitting slightly sideways in the parking space. He groans while I turn into the spot next to it, grimacing the more he stares at it.

"We need to get it fixed. Tommy Boy doesn't want to make you drive us to the coffee pub before work, apparently, he feels guilty." Lewis shakes his head, not comprehending why Tom would possibly feel bad for asking his boyfriends' friend for a ride to work.

"And what'd you'd say?"

He looks over at me, green eyes bright with mischief, "That you're me dear bràtheir, You owe me for dealing with you."

I can only punch his arm while we laugh, then, after a short minute, he sighs. "Better get going on in, he'll start to worry here soon. Can't have that, I'd never get my kiss then."

"Aye. If you want it so bad, why don't ya just take it?"

He growls, deeply bothered, "I tried, Mate! He stopped talking to me."

Smirking, I nod, finding his situation very amusing. "Ah. That is a problem ya got there then, shame really. Sympathies."

He smacks my head, ignoring my laughs as he climbs out of the truck, slamming the door as he goes. I can only chuckle to myself, starting the truck back up and going to back out of the space when I see the same SUV from earlier flip its lights on. Watching it as I reverse and pull out onto the road, feeling a small chill go down my spine as it follows me perfectly.

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