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Seàn+ Shower

Irish Translation -

buachaill leanbh - Baby Boy


"Breaking news, three more bodies were just discovered in a dumpster by the restaurant 'Crossroad Kitchen' this morning around ten, putting the total up to eleven since they started two months ago. The bodies were in unrecognizable condition, the waitress who called the incident in told us,

'It was in science class in school, where we cut open a was horrible -they didn't even look human anymore!'

As of right now-"

The lady on tv is changed to the talking dog -Scooby-Doo, I learned. I turn from my spot on the floor to look up at Axel as he sets the remote down back on the table, he was just making us breakfast.

He smiles at me as he runs his hand from my hair, it causes me to focus on him entirely and forget about the tv. "That's not something we should be watching, huh? It's not Zyon appropriate."

He chuckles as he bends down to pick me up and I happily cling to him, arms around his neck as his arms settled under me like a seat. I giggle at what he said, knowing that lady was on a channel Axel and Seàn watch sometimes in the morning or evening to see the weather; appropriate for them, my cartoons are for me.

"For you." He grins at me and wetly kisses my cheek, causing a whine to leave me as I whip it.

"That right, Sweetie. The News is filled with bad things, stuff you shouldn't worry about. We only watch it to see what we need to protect you from." He placed me down on a chair in the kitchen where a plate with yellow, fluffy eggs and shredded hash browns with more fruit, lay in front of me.

Axel sits next to me with his own plate, placing a small silver thing, he called it a fork, on the plate. "Seàn said he'll be here after work this evening, he managed to get the weekend off to stay here with you. I, unfortunately, have to go back to work."

Pouting I nod, I love that Seàn is coming here to stay but Axel leaving is sad. I like it when all of us are together, it's more fun and I get double the cuddles. Axel must notice because he nudges his broad shoulder against my smaller one with a smile, "I won't be long, I promise. I just need to check on people, then I can back home and be your other pillow with Seàn."

Smiling widely at the promise I nod, and carefully started eating seeing as I haven't mastered the use of the forks yet. Axel eats his food, watching me to make sure I eat like Seàn always did when I had my alley. The thought of my alley doesn't make me sad anymore, I have Seàn and Axel now, but sometimes I still crave to go there.

I know they both care for me and that staying there isn't good for me, they explained that a lot. Seàn had promised to take me back to visit when a month with them passed, saying it gave me time to get used to living here and being around Axel.

Being here has been amazing, I love it so much. Not only does Axel cook for me, but he also lets Seàn come over and watch movies with us. I also get to sleep in a really soft bed, I had gotten used to it after Seàn put me in it when I fell asleep during a movie. I feel better than I can ever remember, much better than laying on the hard and dirty ground.

The only problem is that Seàn doesn't stay here with us. I wake up by only Axel coming and getting me, only Axel is here for breakfast; only Axel washes me, only Axel tucks me into bed. Having Seàn here would be even better, his presence makes me feel safer than when its only Axel; I feel safe with Axel, of course, but both of them together is an overwhelming sense of safety.

I'm working on eating the hash browns when I hear the big, metal doors ding to announce someone's here, instantly I turn around to see Seàn walking in as if he owns this place instead of it being Axels. His black shirt isn't wet and instead of little holes, it's missing sleeves to allow his large arms to show and his gray pants aren't dirty unlike his tan, mud-covered boots.

Wasting no time, I run to him and he laughs when I hug him tightly. His arms move to pick me up and the wind from the action allows his scent to surround me, there's none of that deodorant smell, only musky, heady, and delicious Seàn. It makes me melt into him.

"Hey, buachaill leanbh! Missed ya too, boy."

Seàn easily picks me up, like I weigh nothing to place me on his arm while his hand rests on my waist. He grins at me when I, on impulse, start playing with his beard and after a second or two of hesitation; kiss his cheek.

"I thought you had work this morning?" I hear Axel ask from the table, a faint clatter of a plate being put on the table.

Seàn doesn't reply immediately, only taking my seat and moving me around to face my unfinished breakfast. "Boss forced me to leave, 'parently Lewy and I ain't to be workin."

Axel chuckles at the displeased tone of Seàns voice, and I smile since I know Seàn likes his job with Lewy. I never met her friend, but he always said Lewis would like me, maybe I'll meet him someday now that I spend more time with Seàn.

"That reminds me, you never called, what did he say?" Axel places a new filled plate in front of us for Seàn just as I finish what's on mine, his eyebrow raised in question.

Seàn smile seems guilty, "Ah. Sorry, I got a bit distracted when I gave Lewy a ride home. He was to busy trying to get a kiss from his boy to give an answer, I told'im that I'd call when you decide what day."

Axel only nods, head tilting, confused. "Why is he planning to get a kiss? Couldn't he just..well, take it?"

Seàn shakes his head with a large, amused smirk on his lips. "Then Tommy Boy will stop talking to him."

"Why did Tom reject him anyway?"

The larger of us shrugs, not concerned for Lewis and just shoves eggs and hash brown into his mouth. A small piece of hash brown is stuck in his beard, right under his lower lip, and I can't seem to look away from it. A new impulse to lick it away fills me and it surprises me, I've never had an impulse to lick another person before.

Before I can do anything though, Seàn's tongue comes out to lick it away for me. The slight disappointment I feel is odd.

"I have to work, so maybe Monday after you get off." Axel changes the subject, gaining mine and Seàns attention. "Would you like to meet Lewis, Zyon?"

The thought of another person coming here punches me in the gut, a new web of fear crawls up my back. I know about Lewis though, Seàn aways spoke about him and he assured me I wouldn't be hurt by Lewis and that if I was, Lewis would be in trouble.

Glancing back at Seàn I only see him watching me with kind eyes, he must see my hesitation because not even a second after I turn to him, his big hand is petting down my hair gently and he smiles softly.

"It's okay if you're not ready, he'll understand, we'll understand. We won't let Lewis hurt you, or Tom. You remember Tom, right?"

Leaning into his hand, and glancing up at Axel who had come to stand next to Seàn, I nod. Tom is Lewis's boyfriend, someone he loves very much and is quiet and nice. Seàn always said he couldn't hurt anything, he always placed bugs back outside before they could be hurt.

"We'll be here with you, keeping you safe, Sweetie. There's nothing to worry about, we promise." Axel rubs my thigh as he makes this promise, Seàn agrees with a nod of his head and a brush of his beard against my neck.

Swallowing, I slowly nod. I can try to meet Seàns brother, he mentioned a few times that they're more brothers than mere friends. They'll be here with me, they'll protect me.


Axel is dressed in a fancy looking outfit, suit I think. It's deep blue, almost black in color and it fits tightly to his chest, arms and legs. He also smells like deodorant.

Seàn whistles when Axel walks out of the hallway, eyes slowly going down the others body even as Axel smiles and pushes Seàns face away. I'm sitting on the top of the back of the couch with Seàn holding me to keep me from falling, giggling at the scene.

"Ah, jeez, it was a compliment! Rude." Seàn defends himself, although his smirk is unapologetic.

Axel rolls his eyes, but his smile gets wider. "I'll be back at five, Robert will have to fight me to keep me from being your pillow."

His words are directed to me and I can't stop myself from grinning widely, happy he'll come back to us and won't be kept away.

"Be careful out there, there's a maniac runnin round; heard bout some more murders from Tommy." Seàn warns, accepting the hug Axel moves in for.

Axel hugs me tightly, and I do the same, not liking the tone Seàn had. "I will, besides the club has more security than others. Especially with you starting in a few days."

Seàn snorts, "Flattery, will get you everywhere."

Axel laughs and waves as he walks to the metal doors and steps in, I wave just before the door close.

Then suddenly I'm being grabbed and spun around, Seàn shouting 'He's all mine! Finally!' . I laugh with him as he drops gently on the couch and starts rubbing his beard on my cheek, the scratchy feel making me squirm under him laughing.

He switches where he does this, my neck, my tummy, anywhere and everywhere. I can't stop laughing, it tickles yet feels good at the same time. Eventually though, he stops and grins down at me as I pant, out of breath from laughing.

"Lookin tempting, boy." he dunks down to kiss my cheek. "Have ya had a bath today?"

Unable to answer from shock that he kissed me, I shake my head and feel my face heat up from thinking about Seàn washing me. He chuckles, picking me again just to walk to the hallway that leads to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Seàn doesn't turn on the water in the tub, he goes to the glass cage Axel uses and turns a nob for water to spray down.

"I can wash you, right? You're okay with that?" He turns to me to help me remove the shirt I'm wearing; Axels dirt one he wore yesterday.

Eagerly, I nod and he laughs while also removing the underwear Axel bought that came in a package. After that he tells me to get in the glass cage to wait for him, hesitantly I do as said and almost instantly sigh at the feels of the water. Baths are my favorite, I love feeling clean and having Axel wash me, but the pressure of this water feels very good.

I stand under the water as I watch Seàn quickly undress, his body is just as big and intimidating naked as he is dressed. All muscle and confident, assertive. His chest is lightly hairy like his arms and legs, his waist is lean but defined like his tummy.

He keeps his underwear on as he walks in too, closing the glass door behind him. When I point to them in question, he only smirks. "'fraid its too early for that, buachaill leanbh. Maybe next time they'll come off."

He grabs a bottle and the sponge Axel uses on me, then pours some soap onto it before starting to lather it on my chest. A deeply pleased sensation builds in me by the feel on his strong yet gentle pressure on me, it has me sighing and leaning into him, feeling his other arm wrap around me.

Seàn rubs the soap all over my chest and torso quietly, except a faint noise he makes like a kitty would. He then leans my chest on his as he does the same to my back, going further down to wash my backside and legs. My face is heated but I don't stop him, it feels good and my head wonderfully blank, body tingling in pleasure.

He moves away an inch and I whine, wrapping my arms around him to keep him close. His chest rumbles as he silently laughs, but he stays put and hugs me to his wet and hairy chest, and I can only sigh happily.
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