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Over the next two days, everything is great.

Seàn spent the weekend with Zyon and stayed the night at the apartment, even helped me with dinner and offered to do the dishes while Zyon and I picked a movie.

Zyon had a blast, a beautiful grin on his lips all weekend while we were all together. He insisted on cuddling in his bed, in fact, when Seàn picked him up for bedtime, he snatched my hand in a surprisingly strong grip and had pulled me right along with them. He had placed Seàn on the right and me on the left on the bed before crawling in, then pulled our hands.

It was amazing to think not even three weeks ago he boy was scared to sleep in the bed and of me, now he's loving being pressed between two men who he trusts.

I didn't imagine him trusting and liking this new situation so quickly, I was prepared for months of a suspicious, jumpy, scared boy who didn't trust me.

I can confidently assume I was correct about having Seàn present in this adjustment in Zyons life, evidently, he had been what Zyon needed; a consistent reassurance, positive authoritative presence that would and could protect him if something bad happened.

Seàn coming in and staying, confidently walking around and casually talking, and sometimes touching myself in a friendly way; helped assure Zyon that I'm not bad and he could trust me. To him, if Seàn likes me, he will too.

I'm just relieved that he accepted me to be apart of their relationship, as I fully understand they had a regular schedule and relationship before I came along. It's like being accepted into a secret that could save the world, precious and needs to be handled with care, but it's so honorable to be apart of.

Sadly though, today is Monday. Which means this morning is my last day for the week as I can't leave Zyon alone when Seàn comes to work for the first time tonight at the club, he had been given the day off again on courtesy of another man taking his morning swift.

Currently, I'm standing at my desk putting away an old file that dealt with a shipment of alcohol to the previous location of the club, I had to call the company to correct the new address. Just as I'm grabbing my keys and mentally going over what Zyon and Seàn would eat for lunch, the door opens without a knock and in walks Robert, my best friend slash assistant.

Robert isn't as tall as me, he's roughly five foot two with gray eyes and no facial hair beside his eyebrows and lashes, his raven hair is cut short and a stripe of faded blue is present. He's a little chubby, not fat, but in the cute soft sort of way; like a baby panda. Soft and cuddly. He's a shy submissive when you first meet him, but once he knows you and he trusts you enough; full one-eighty and full-on brat.

He's single right now, but I do hear some dominants talk positively about him when I'm on the floor, so he might have a date soon.

Right now though, he's scowling at me. I may be six foot and his boss, a dominant and his friend for over six years, but when he does that he scares me. It either means he learned something I kept from him and he's offended, or he has more work for me and is annoyed at me trying to, god forbid, leave.

Some might say he looks adorable, what with the black oversized sweater he stole from me years ago and his bright pink leggings that showcase his thick thighs and ass wonderfully, his arms crossed and his plump lips in a pout.

I know better, though.

I smile as calmly and lovingly as I can, wary of were his attitude with me is. Is he pissed or merely throwing a mini tantrum over something stupid I did? "Hey, Bert! I was just—"

"Leaving. You were gonna leave me here alone again! Right?! Right!" His voice, normally quiet and only slightly squeaky, almost busts my eardrums as it went higher than he usually allows.

Two options, that's what I have. One, I can agree with him and get punched in the face. Two, I could calmly ask why he's angry with me for leaving and going home — to my house and now two men, but I already understand he feels abandoned, if not stressed about being here without me.

Which I can't exactly help, I need to be at home with Zyon and Seàn starts the job tonight. Usually, I'd be home with Zyon while Seàns off building someplace. We don't want to leave Zyon alone as everything may be too new still, and he could decide the empty apartment is scary by himself and leave.

But I understand I haven't necessarily been around here either with Robert, and I feel bad. I just haven't been able to explain at a good time, over the phone seems a bit rude and here something is usually catching our attention.

Option two it is, time we talk.

Setting my keys down as I lean against the desk, I wait for Robert to slam the door closed and to stomp further into the room before I calmly request, "Bert, could you please sit down?"

I gesture to the chair in front of me and watch as be glares at me, the chair, then me again. He huffs, yet still drops into the chair, crossing his arms and glaring at me with his pout.

"Before you start, I'm sorry for not spending time here — or with you. I understand I have hurt you, I apologize, I didn't do it purposely." I speak with as sincere as possible, and when his eyes soften up a bit I know he sees this.

"I mentioned a distressed sub when you called, I never explained why when I should've. Long story short, is that the homeless man that was here is young and needed help, I took him home. He came with a man named Seàn, who is currently also at home."

Robert stares at me for a minute, taking in the information slowly and processing it. Then his mouth opens, "Your letting two strangers stay in your home!? Are you crazy?!"

I wince when he kicks my shin as punishment for being stupid. "Robert, I trust both of them to be alone in the apartment without me. Seàn is admirably caring, he trusts me. Zyon is too scared to run on the rugs, let alone steal something and use the elevator. I think my stuff is safe."

Now he just seems curious about them, sitting straighter as if doing something would be god enough for gossip about the two men waiting for me. "Really? Scared of rugs? Why?"

"Don't know. I assume because he's never walked on one before. He was wary of walking on the hardwood floor too, at least before Seàn came in."

"Shawn?" He pronounces it as an American would and I've grown so used to hearing Seàns accent it sounds ridiculous, I can only smile.

"Seàn. S-e-a-n, the a is accented. He's Irish." I correct, "He knew and feed Zyon for years, he's the only person the boy trusted and I couldn't force them apart. We decided we'd both care for him and be together, basically."

He nods, then suddenly lights up and jumps to stand, poking my stomach in the process. "Can I meet them!? Please, I'll be good and quiet."

It pains me to watch him deflate when I shake my head no, "Zyon has issues with people and he hasn't even met Seàns friends yet. When he does, and if it goes well, if he takes being around others good enough, then you could meet him. I think he would like you, just don't give him ideas on being a brat."

He pouts, but giggles and pokes me again. "No promises. What about Seàn? We could meet right?"

"I've hired him to be a bouncer. You'll see him tonight, he'll be the huge Irishman with the beard."

He promptly squeals and claps, a grin on his face. "Ohh! I can't wait! Did you call dibs..or?"

Rolling my eyes, I grab my keys and gently shove him into the chair again with a laugh. "Yes, Bert, I've called so many dibs on him."


I receive a tight hug from Zyon when the elevator doors close, it shocks me as he was just in Seàns arms on the couch a second ago. Nonetheless, I hug just as tight and pick him up to walk him to the couch where a shirtless Seàn is sitting.

I earn a squeal for my troubles and dump the boy next to the larger man, who laughs. Zyon giggles and has a grin on his lips, pulling me down to sit on his right and trap him against both me and Seàn.

"Stay." Is the order I get, and it warms my heart even as I laugh and Seàn snorts.

"Wouldn't dream of moving, Sweetie. Sorry, I missed lunch, my friend wanted to talk to me. I had to explain why I have the cutest boy at home waiting for his pillow." He flushes as I pull his legs up over my lap, shifting his body to lay down with his head on Seàn lap, leaning down to place a wet kiss on his cheek is when he flushes a deep pink.

"'ave I been given a punishment, no kiss for me? Ah, I see how it is." Seàn smirks at me when I sit up, pretending to pout and wipe his eyes with a finger.

Zyon giggles and watches me playfully roll my eyes before leaning on Seàns' side, feeling the hand that was resting on the back of the couch slide along my shoulder blade in quiet reassurance that kissing him his wanted and will be well received, even when he already stated he wanted it.

He hums, practically purrs, when I kiss his cheek. Softly taking my chin between his thumb and finger to turn my head when I pull back, only to place a scratchy kiss to my own cheek, his beard tickling my shin. When he pulls back his hand pulls me into his side to wrap his muscular arm around my shoulder, hugging me to his body while both hands play and mess with our — Zyon and I — hair.

We both have the same reaction to the large, firm hand going through our hair. Leaning into the touch and sighing, bodies going slack and eyes shut in pleasure. Seàn doesn't stop, even when I fully lean on him, head going to his collar bone from the angle I'm sitting in, but I couldn't be more comfortable.

I could get used to this.

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