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Scottish Gaelic translation-
Mo Peata - My Pet
(According to the Internet, it's not spoken much anymore, this may be wrong and I'd appreciate it if someone who knew would inform me.)


Last night went fairly good, I met some of the other bouncers and got along just fine with them. Standing outside isn't a big bother, even with the sprinkle of rain here and there. I did notice some Submissives eyeing me up, but no one approached me yet and I do know sooner or later someone will. I'm prepared to reject all of them.

Axel warned of his friend Robert, a cute submissive who stumbled over his sentences and blushed whenever he caught my eyes. He had ran right up to me, all wide-eyed and grinning prettily to ask if I was me. He also hugged me to try to cover up the groping his hands did to my arms.

All in all, a cute and sweet boy, and a good start to a new job.

Although, Lewis called me after the shift ended and told me there was an emergency with Toms's sister and they were taking the five hour trip to Phoenix, Arizona to go see her. Tommy wants to meet my boys before they leave, he doesn't know how long they'll be gone and doesn't want to wait.

I have to work this morning and can't stay for hours, maybe one or two, my boss doesn't care as long as I work off the hours I missed. Axel was excited when I called him, worried about Toms's sister yet happy Zyon would meet more people.

Leading me to now, walking into Axel's apartment building with both Lewis and Tommy following. Lewis won't stay long, he hates the highway in the mornings and starts as early as possible, this is an exception. He'll give them enough time to speak and allow Zyon to be around them, then he'll grab Tom and leave to try to make it through traffic.

The big Scottish man is holding little Tom's hand, the boy about Robert's height and the size difference between them is adorable. Tommy is skinny like Zyon albeit in a more healthy way, his features are soft and angled smooth, his hair is always messy; it was a beautiful chocolate brown but Lewis let him get it dyed pink.

He's still in his pajamas; small shorts and Lewy's red hoodie that covers said shorts and gives him sleeve paws. Lewis's fault because he just picked Tom up and walked out to his car, then only woke the poor boy up when he was driving to meet up with me.

Tom is yawning and rubbing his mismatched eyes as well step into the elevator; he has one blue and one green eye, giving him a unique and gorgeous look. It's one of the many things Lewis fell in love with, he'd talk my ear off on how beautiful his boys' eyes are.

"You're cruel ya know that? Waking him up in the car. He's not even awake."

Lewis follows my gaze down to his submissive now leaning against his torso with his eyes closed, obviously half asleep. Lewis doesn't even bother to pretend to be sorry, lips lifting into a smirk.

"He's fine. It's just payback for teasing me yesterday mornin, did me blow job and stopped to go back to sleep. Tsk," he shakes his head.

"I was tired. You kept me up all night." Tom whines tiredly into Lewis's shirt as he shifts his head to rest in the middle of his dominants pecs.

Lewis just laughs and nods, his hand reaching down to pat Tommy's ass right as the elevator doors open and we're greeted by Axel. He doesn't seem put off or bothered by the position my friends are in; Tom on Lewis with a large hand resting casually on his ass.

Tommy is quick to notice Axel, having opened his eyes when the doors opened and pulls Lewis into the apartment, smiling widely at Axel. Lewis allows himself to be pulled, throwing me a playfully bothered expression and quiet groan.

I can only laugh at the scene, eyes already searching for my other boy, Zyon is missing from the kitchen and living room. Looking more closely at the hallway I can faintly see his silhouette peeking around the corner, the sun that's just raising casting shadows through the windows.

"Hello, I'm Tommy. You're Axel right?" Toms cheerful voice brings me back to the scene happening, Zyon needs to come out when he feels comfortable, if watching everyone interact first makes him more comfortable than being in the center of everything I understand.

Axel's blue eyes are practically shining like his smile, he clearly enjoys meeting new people and the excitement of Tommy, even if the boy was just half-dead to the world, spreads to him.

"Yes, it's great to meet you both, Seàn always talks about you guys." Axel looks to Lewis who has wrapped around Tom like a huge koala, the Scottish lumberjack smirks.

"Aye, 'course he would! We're the only friends he's got!" He laughs when I slap the back of his head.

"Nah. You're just the only one who risks my life."

Tom giggles as Lewis glares and scoffs at me, shoving my arm, "One time, Mate! You were back to work in a few months."

"Actually, he was in the hospital for three months with four broken ribs and head injuries." Tom helpfully adds, looking up at his boyfriend, seeing his glare.

"You're getting a punishment when we get back for that."

Axel just laughs at the scene, sparing a glance to the hallway to check on Zyon. "I can definitely see why Seàn talks about you. Can I get you guys something to drink?"

Lewis shakes his head, rejecting politely as he looks around, finally noticing a missing person. "Where's your guys' boy?"

"He'll come out when he's ready. He was hesitant on meeting you guys, it might take a while for him to wander out here." I answer him, flinching my head to the hallway to silently tell him where Zyon is.

Lewis glances at the hall and simply nods, understanding that Zyon is watching and listening. Axel steps closer to give me a side hug and to place a kiss on my cheek, my hand instinctively comes up to the small of his back to press him closer.

He slides his head slightly near my ear room whisper softly, "Go talk with him, he wanted you here last night and was waiting for you. He might come out if you're with him."

Nodding I return his cheek kiss before breaking away to walk towards the hallway where Zyon quickly hides behind the wall, I can hear Axel make conversation with my friends as he plays host.

When I turn the corner I see Zyon sitting on his knees and leaning against the wall, hair falling in front of his eyes. He's dressed in one of my shirts and sweatpants Axel bought coming back from work Saturday.

"Hey, buachaill leanbh, missed ya. Where you good for Axel last night?" I run my hand through the mess of his hair, feeling him quickly relax and nod at the question.

"Ah, stupid question wasn't it? Course my boy was, you're always such a good boy." I sit myself down next to him, arm lifting slightly for him and instantly he's clinging to my side with his nose buried in my armpit, small hands fisting my shirt and his legs curled up.

Hugging him to me I kiss his head and allow him a few minutes to calm down from his anxiety over Lewis and Tommy, knowing this is all new and scary for him. Hopefully, after this, he'll have a new friend to come over and talk with, Tommy will be great company for him to get used to others and a good introduction to the lifestyle Axel and I are in.

Tommy isn't ashamed to be a sub or have Lewis as his Master, he's slipped up on multiple occasions— once to an older couple on a flight to Florida for a trip to Disney World, and he just shrugs and laughs. I know he'll openly call Lewis 'Master' in front of Zyon and eventually my boy will be used to the idea of calling someone that.

As long as he's comfortable hearing and listening to Tommy talking about his reward or punishments that Lewis does to him, or for him, I think he'll be curious enough to try with me and Axel. If he doesn't like it, we'll work on being just Seàn and Axel instead of Masters.

"That Lewy?" Zyon mumbles into my armpit, watching me nod from behind his hair, green eyes vulnerable.

"The big man, aye. The other one with him is Tommy boy, his boyfriend."

He shifts closer, if possible, and moves his head to my chest as he takes my hand and starts playing with it. "Lewy big..."

"Same as me, boy. Axel too."

"...Axel smaller.."

I huff out a laugh, silently agreeing with a nod. "Point is, Lewy, can't— and won't— hurt you. We won't let him, I promise that. Tommy will probably hug you, but no one will hurt you."

He's quiet and pauses in bending my fingers, then his head tilts. I can feel his lips open on my nipple through my shirt, vaguely wondering if we're discovering another fetish of his. "They nice?"

Rubbing his arm, I hum. "Aye, Tom is very nice and Lewis too. He only pushes me because we're brothers, he doesn't really hurt me, Baby."

It seems as though that's all the reassurance he needed as he shifts up to his knees and pulls my hand gently, "go now.."

Smiling widely I jump up and pick him up off the floor, holding his thighs to my chest so his head is above mine. He giggles quietly as he grips the back of my shirt, arms wrapped around my neck.

Axel has moved them onto the couches, Tommy happily on Lewis's lap and repeatedly moving a large hand that sneaks around him to paw at his crotch. Axel grins when he sees us, Tommy nearly jumps off Lewis to greet Zyon excitedly but Lewis quickly wraps his arms around the boy to keep him seated.

I sit us next to Axel, a few feet away from my friends and allow Zyon to situate himself to sit on Axel's thigh and mine. The boy keeps his eyes on my hand that has been grabbed again, glancing up every second.

"Hi, I'm Tommy! You don't have to talk if you don't want to, Seàn already told us about you. He said you were really cute, he wasn't wrong." Tommy giggles when Zyon goes a pretty pink like his hair. When my boy glances at me, as if to confirm, I only nod.

"Calm down, Mo Peata." Lewis orders gently, purely for Zyon because the man is a stern dominant with Tom— the boy can barely function without a schedule and a firm presence to give him structure. He needs, wants, to be spoken to at times with more force; it comforts him and also calms him to be, 'put in my place under Lewis. It relaxes me.'

Tom takes a second to realize that was an actual order and not a request, probably only now remembering Zyon isn't officially a sub or aware of the lifestyle, but he quickly nods and takes a breath to calm down. "Sorry, Master. I got excited."

Turning to Zyon to see how he reacted to the name and scene, I see Axel has done the same, and we both see the slight head tilt and furrowed brows before the boy seems to mentality shrug it off. Axel smiles and rubs his back softly, glancing at me happily because our boy didn't freak out. Gives us some hope, he'll accept the lifestyle.

"Zyon, why don't you show Tommy some of the cartoons you like? If Lewis doesn't mind Tom watching some." Axel suggests, genius really.

Tom will talk Zyons ear off, anything and everything; recent punishment, whatever Lewis bought him, even what he had for dinner yesterday. Anything is a topic with the boy, it's a great way to let Zyon get used to him. Just sitting there with Tom close and talking like they do it every day.

Zyon glances at Axel and I as Tom instantly turns to Lewis with an excited grin, much more awake than earlier. "Can I, Sir? I'll be quiet...well, I'll talk quietly. Whisper! I'll whisper."

Lewis takes one look at me, my narrowed eyes, and barely gets to nod before Tom is kissing his lips and standing up. I nudge Zyon gently to get him to stand, whispering against his ear, "Go sit with him, we're right here. Don't talk if you don't want to, it's okay. Just sit and watch the tv with him."

The boy slowly lowers himself from our thighs onto the floor to cautiously crawl closer to where Tom has settled on his knees on the floor in front of the tv, smiling happily. Axel switches on the Tv and boomerang pops up first thing, a Scooby-Doo movie playing.

Tommy inches closer when Zyon is seated criss-cross by him, starting to whisper a one-sided conversation, not that he minds; he understands Zyon doesn't know him and isn't comfortable around people.

Lewis moves seats to be next to me, leaning back and watching his boyfriend gain Zyons attention with something he said. "I'll admit, he isn't as sickly as imagined when you told me about him. More cute though, I understand why you went through hell to wait for him."

His voice is low as he talks to us, not wanting to interrupt the bonding the boys are in the middle of. Axel sighs, relaxing against both me and the couch. "At least he's meeting people, giving you guys a shot. I thought he'd never come out, he was hiding all morning after I told him."

I wrap my arm around his shoulders and give him a firm squeeze, "He'll warm up to Tommy, everyone does. Toms a ray of sunshine."

Lewis snorts quietly at that. "He's also a brat."


It's an hour later when Lewis sighs as he stands up from the couch, gaining both boy's attention, Tom pouting up at him while Zyon just blinks. They're sitting closer than before, Zyon has ignored the tv, instead listened to Tom's voice and stories with cute curiosity and intensely.

"Time to go, Boy. Traffic is probably horrible." Lewis states, gesturing for Tom to get up and go to him.

Zyon is picked by Axel, a new cute pout on his lips as he watches Tommy drag himself up and to the arms of his boyfriend. We lead them back to the elevator, Axel placing Zyon between us as Lewis softly messes the boys' raven hair.

"It was great to finally meet you, bràthair. You're family now, boy; you too Axel."

When the elevator doors open, Tom quickly steps up to Zyon smiling friendly. "Can I hug you, Zyon? If you don't one it's fine too."

Zyon takes a few long seconds to slowly nod and Tommy grins, gently hugging my boy, and surprisingly Zyon returns it. When they break, Tommy squeals, "He hugged me, Master! He likes me!"

Zyons lips twitch into a smile even as Lewis practically forces a jumping Tommy into the elevator, waving goodbye.

When the doors close, we turn to Zyon and only get a giggle. "I like them.."

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