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Gonna be a small time skip to further the story plot along, hope you don't mind.

Irish translation-
A mhuirnín — my darling/my dear


"Zyon, look! It's so cute!" Tommy squeals, shoving a fuzzy pink teddy bear in my face. I can only nod in agreement, the bear is cute and the color of Tommy's hair.

It's been two months, according to Axel and Seàn, since I started living with Axel and met my new friends. I even met Robert, Axel's friend, although he scared me when he matched in our home and shouted at Axel for not signing some papers for something.

When he saw me though he calmed down and spoke nicely, he even gave me a bracelet that was tied to his wrist. It's a pretty rainbow rope one with a small red heart in the middle, he said that he made it himself and that he'd make another for Tommy if they'd ever meet.

Seàn and Axel had taken me back to my alley and even though I love living with Axel and being with Seàn, I missed it. I guess I've spent so much time in it that it's always going to be home to me, no matter if I consider the men I'm with to be home.

My tarp was gone, along with it the blanket and pillow I had. I don't mind, I'd rather someone else use them instead of them being ruined. I could also tell both Seàn and Axel were concerned I'd ask to stay instead of go back with them, they were tense and ready to reach for me; to convince me to stay with them.

I love being with them and wouldn't leave them for anything, so after I looked around at my old home and considered what would've happened if Axel hadn't come to scare me, I turned and pulled them to Seàns truck—he insisted and cleaned it out after Axel complained about the mess of dirty clothes and tools—and asked for ice cream.

Tommy and Lewis had visited a lot after coming back from the trip they went on, Robert met Tommy and gave him a bracelet like mine so now we all match. I love Tommy, Lewis, and Robert, they're funny and make me feel like I'm accepted in my new life. I was scared that growing up on the streets would push others away from me, but Seàn and Axel assured me that they would never judge me for living on the streets and only seeing me as a new friend.

Axel had been taking me out for small shopping trips during each week, every Monday we'll go to a store and shop for an hour, if I feel okay in spending more time there we'll stay longer. Seàn joins us when he's off work and always lets me ride on his back as well walkthrough, but usually, I just hold their hands.

Today Seàn had to work a little longer with Lewis so Tommy asked if he could come, we're in a huge store called Target. Axel already has the kart half full of things Tommy put in, both of them are throwing clothes in it for me and I'm uncertain if I'll wear all of it.

"Can he get it, Axel Sir? It can remind him of me when I'm gone! He has my hair!" Tommy eagerly stares at Axel, the man is next to me watching us with amusement.

"I don't mind, it is quite cute. If you want it Zyon, go ahead, pick any others you see too." He smiles and gestures to the shelf of stuffed animals.

My eyes skim through the variety of animals for a minute before I see a fuzzy gray puppy with blue eyes like Axels and instantly grab it, then a small tiger inches from it that reminds me of Seàn because I know Tigers are protective from tv and Seàn is protective of me.

Turning to Axel I happily show him the puppy, "You," then hold out the tiger. "Seàn."

Tommy squeals again, "That's a great idea! I need to get Master One!" Then he pauses when a lady with a small kid looks at him weirdly, "Oops... I meant Lewy. Get Lewy one."

I've grown used to him doing that, at first I was confused at it and when I finally asked, albeit quietly, he explained his and Lewis's relationship. He allows Lewis to be his 'Master' and in return Lewis takes care of him, he mentioned rewards and punishments.

He went into detail about them and it made me curious like Tommy was really good for Lewis so the larger man took Tommy to get his hair colored as a reward. He makes it sound so fun to have someone else worry and care for him it makes me want to see if I could do it.

Tom said Seàn and Axel are basically my masters if I was in a relationship like his and it excited me. Because they do care for me, Axel rewards me if I eat all my dinner normally instead of really fast. I think they'd be awesome Masters, but Tom also mentioned that everyone has different feelings on their experiences and just because I think I'll like it doesn't mean if it happens, I'll enjoy it.

It happens a lot, he said, that people try doing a relationship based on one like his, thinking they'll enjoy it when in reality they enjoy the idea of someone caring for them. When it actually happens and the power dynamic is put in place, they don't like it.

He did explain that Seàn and Axel were both like Lewis, dominates is the word he used, and that they wanted to ease me into everything and I'm happy they did, or are doing so. If I was instantly thrown into everything I'm sure I would've run away.

Axel gains my attention when he pets his hand through my hair, a grin on his lips, "They're wonderful, Sweetie. Seàn will be happy you have something help you feel closer to him, but I must say, mine is cuter."

He laughs when I giggle, placing the plush animals and the pink bear Tom picked out for me in the seat of the kart. "They'll ride up front, away from being hurt by everything, how's that?"

I eagerly nod, disliking the idea of my new friends being hurt. Axel hugs me gently to side to kiss my head while Tommy jumps and turns to show us a plush lion with fur around his neck, and fuzzy hair on the tip of his tail.

"He's perfect! Lewy can really roar when he wants too..especially that one time, he woke the neighbors." I blink as Axel laughs, Tommy flushes as if he didn't mean to say that and I believe he didn't; he has zero filters.

Shrugging it off I lean against Axel's chest, I don't think I should ask what Tommy means, Axel and Seàn will eventually let me experience whatever Tom means. Unless they doing something bad, then maybe not.

"Okay, boys. I think we got enough for today, I have no clue where you'll even wear this stuff, but we got enough home clothes anyway. Besides, you guys have to be hungry. Let's check out and go stop for food." Axel doesn't really leave room to argue, even if his tone wasn't harsh or commanding.

Tommy seems to want to argue, but after a moment of hesitation, he decides against it. Only nodding and following next to me as we follow the larger man through the store, Tommy grabs my hand when we end up going through a small crowd and Axel places his hand on the back of my neck.

I relax more with both their reassurance, having their hands as anchors to help the uncomfortable building up in my stomach. I hate the feeling, it makes me feel the same I did in my alley, except this time my body acts like I'm in danger and I need to run. They keep the feeling away though, to where it's manageable and I can walk through the crowd.

"Good job, Sweetie. I'm very proud of you, Seàn would be too."

My heart always skips and my body feels so light when I hear Axel, or Seàn, say they're proud of me. I honestly don't understand how I went so long without having someone there to praise me, it would've made building my small shelter so much better.


We're walking out of Target when it happens.

Axel is holding my hand as we walk through the underground parking lot, Tommy wanted to push the kart so he's walking on my other side talking about how Lewis once promised to let him go to a farm to ride the horses.

He's mid-sentence, at a part where he was defending himself for being bad and breaking one of Lewis's rules when two men walk up to us.

One is tall like Axel and wears black glasses, a muscular body like Seàn in a dark shirt and pants. He's also bald, no smile or expression and terribly scary.

While the other man is my height with graying brown hair and no facial hair, he has a round belly trapped in a blue button shirt with a white coat over it, black pants on and round glasses that touch his chubby cheeks and showcase his dull brown eyes.

"Ah! Mr. Addams! A pleasure to meet you!" The short man greets as he stops in front of us, stopping us from continuing.

Axel doesn't react much besides from stepping in front of me, his body blocking most of mine but allow me to watch from behind his arm. Tommy also moves closer to me to be behind him and holds my arm, obviously being just as intimidated by the scary man like me.

"Do I know you?" Axels voice isn't the one I've grown used to, kind and gentle. Now it's like when he came into the alley, stern and spoken with a certain warning edge to it.

The man doesn't seem bothered, only chuckles with an patronizing smirk which make his belly jiggle slightly. "No, no I'm afraid you don't. I'm a...friend of Seàn MacManus."

Axel is quiet for a second, thinking the answer over in his head. "How can I help you? He's never mentioned someone I haven't met yet."

Tommy tenses against me, whispering, "That's because Seàn doesn't make friends with people outside the site. I've been to parties with Lewy..this man was never there."

Instantly I tug on Axels shirt, my heart suddenly beating faster than a second ago. This man just lied to us! Axel needs to know! What if they do something bad to us?

Axel gently squeezes my hand, not looking back, but keeping the men in his view. I hope he heard Tommy, especially when the man glances down at me and suddenly grins as if I'm the last puzzle piece. It creeps me out and I grip onto Axel and Tommy harder as my body starts to tremble in fear.

"And this boy must be Zyon! Oh, Seàn always talks about you two; his boys! Such a pleasure to meet his little Streak, I've been waiting a very long time indeed." The man speaks in an eager excitement that makes Axel go stiff and tense his muscles.

Before he can say or do anything, the other scary man places his hand on the shorters shoulders and the man pouts like his favorite toys were just taken away.

"Anyway, I must go. It was wonderful, just wonderful, to meet you both! Oh, and you Little Tommy! Lewis is such a great friend of mine also! Dreadful I've got to leave, but what can I say? I'm a working man. Good day."

Tommy goes pale and tightens his grip on my arm as the men turn and walk away, Axel watches them to make sure they disappear before turning to us, allowing me to immediately hug him and Tommy doing the same.

Axel hugs us back, petting my hair calmly for a minute before gently pushing us back to look at us better. "He lied. Seàn never made friends outside the construction workers, Lewis always said he had issues with too many people in his life. Lewy took me to parties with him too, I've never seen that man before! He can't know Lewy!"

Tommy multi-colored eyes well with tears, scared or frustrated I don't know, but I hug him again in an attempt to calm both of us.

"I know, Tommy. Calm down, Honey. We'll work everything out. Let's go home first, yeah? I'm sure your Master and Seàn will be waiting, it's about time they got off." Axel says gently, voice soothing as he guides me to the car quickly.


Axel spoke to Seàn in the car on the way home and decided to leave the bags in the trunk when we got to the building but gave us the plush animals we got before we walked through the building to the elevator.

When the elevator did open into our home Seàn and Lewis we're standing at it talking, but stopped once Tommy and I ran out to them. Seàn picking me without hesitation to hold me to his chest as I hug his neck and wrap around him.

"You okay, A mhuirnín? Get spooked did ya?" I can only nod into his neck, holding him tighter as I feel his hand rub my back and Axels appear on my lower back. "Well, you're safe. We're all here, all at home. No one is getting in here without a big ol' fight. It's okay."

I can hear Lewis trying to calm down a frantic Tom, reassuring him everything will be okay and that no one will be hurt. But eventually, both our bodies — Tommy and mine, get tired from the adrenaline the scare and stress gave us.

I'm awake enough to feel an hear them laying Tommy and I on the couches, covering us with blankets and making sure we have the plush animals. I hear them walk to the kitchen, glasses being set down then a long silence.

I'm nearly asleep when Seàn speaks, "What happened? You only said emergency."

"When we came out of Target, these men stopped us, one said he knew you and that he had waited a long time to meet us. As if he knew about us, but you never let him see us. Then he mentioned about knowing Lewis. He knew our names, he greeted me by using my last name; I don't even really use it."

He pauses and I can imagine he drank something from the following clink, "Tommy freaked out after. Saying he never saw the man before, that you don't make friends outside the construction workers."

"I don't, people tend to get into my private life so I stick to a small group. I haven't told anyone about you or Zyon other than the men at work." Seàn sounds like he's thinking and I hear the faint sounds of him scratching his beard.

"If I know someone, Tom does. He wouldn't freak out over someone unless he knows their lying, especially bout me." Lewis adds.

"He didn't stay long, but long enough to creep us out. He acted smug like he knew something we didn't and was eager to talk to us, all excited and smiling. He was like a kid in a candy store."

It's silent again after that and Tommy shifts in his sleep, hugging the lion closer to him and tugging the blankets up to his chin.

"It might be nothing, but," Seàn starts than pauses, thinking something through. "Few months ago, I was driving you home Lewy and I saw this car following us. I thought it was a coincidence until it turned up in the parking lot of your building and followed me out."

My eyes widen, someone was following him? What if they want to hurt him?

"Is that why you turned—fuck. You telling me, someone coulda stalked us?" Lewis seems mad a person would do so, voice in a growl.

"We have to consider the murders too. The person stalking you could also be murdering people, you have to be careful— more than careful." Worry is in Axel's voice and I hear someone get up and walk a few steps before stopping.

Seàn must've hugged Axel because he speaks softly, "Don't worry, A mhuirnín. We fight dirty. Ain't no one getting us."

Seàn unknowingly reassured both Axel and me.

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