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It's been four days since the incident with the men and nothing has happened to either Seàn or Lewis, I'm getting anxious waiting for something because my gut is screaming something will go wrong.

Zyon has clung to Seàn whenever he's here in the mornings before work and evenings, begging for him to stay here. Seàn's been sleeping with us on the my bed since he can't and won't say no to him.

Seàn doesn't seem as bothered by the stalker or the men, but I know he's freaked out because every night he won't sleep, instead he watches over us until his body forces him to sleep. Whenever we get ready for bed, he'll lock the bedroom door and close every curtain on the windows.

He just keeps himself from showing it too much because he knows Zyon would be more upset if he was, he wants — in his mind, needs to keep his feelings and uneasiness to himself. His main priority right now isn't himself, it's to reassure Zyon and I, to protect us as much as he possibly can.

He still works mornings at the construction site even when I suggested he ask for a few days off to make sure nothing could happen, he insisted no one will attempt to attack him with the other workers around.

I managed to get him to take tomorrow morning off, he explained the situation to his boss and the man was more than happy to give him some days to try to figure everything out; same with Lewis.

Besides all the stress within the past few days, we discovered new fetishes Zyon has.

The first one is spit; he had seen Seàn spit into the bathroom sink and whined when the larger man washed it away with water. He asked what it was and very shyly with flushed red skin, asked if he could try it, as if spit was some kind of juice.

Again, Seàn can't say no and I assume he has the same fetish from how easy he gave in. He had took the boys chin and instructed him to open his mouth with his tongue out, Zyon didn't even hesitate to follow it.

Seàn gave him a small drop of his spit but enough to have Zyon asking for more, even coming to me. I've come to the conclusion that he mainly loves the idea of having a piece of us with him, something that has been in us was for him and he enjoyed that thought.

The second fetish was nipple sucking; it happened by chance like the first. We were watching Tom and Jerry, Zyon was laying on my chest with his head turned to the tv. I was shirtless as all of our clothes we're being washed, besides the new dirty shirt from Seàn that Zyon had been wearing.

At one point, he turned his head and his lips brushed my nipple, I didn't think much of it and just started to play with his hair. After another few seconds, he did it again. Then he licked it and the feeling had shocked me, but I didn't stop him and let him explore on his own terms.

He did the same pattern for a few minutes before he eventually got bored and boldly wrapped his lips around my nipple, then gave one, two small experimental sucks. Zyon hadn't been shy at all when he figured out he liked it, and laid there on me, watching his cartoon and happily sucking my nipple.

We don't mind his fetishes, in fact we encourage him to do them and ask for them. Ask us for spit, or to suck on our nipple, even ask to smell us. It just shows he like and trust us, that he's getting comfortable. We love it.

Ever time Seàn leaves now Zyon will tug on his hand and whine, shyly showing his tongue. Seàn never rejects him and gives him a small amount of spit, allowing the boy to get used to it before giving larger drops.

It's the fourth day today and Seàn had gotten up earlier then normal, he usually leaves around nine, but today he wants to leave at seven. He mentioned wanting to help some others get the last of the walls up and get started on the roof of the building. The later he gets there, the earlier he gets off.

Zyon is still sleeping in my bed, he had moved rooms on his own when Seàn started staying the night, I assume he thinks his own bed I took small. I'm busy with making breakfast knowing Zyon will be hungry and Seàn will eat anything that's on the table, it's become our routine.

I'm chopping up some strawberries to add to a smoothie, Zyon had seen me made myself one and wanted to try one. When I hear the shower cut off in the bathroom, Seàn had called dibs on it first thing last night and practically raced me to it when we woke up.

I only look up after I place the knife down just in time to see Seàn stop next to me, smiling and giving my cheek a scratchy kiss as his beard tickles my chin. "Zyon's still sleepin. Should I wake him up?"

"Not yet. I want to finish this before starting on breakfast, you'll still be here right?" As I ask this, I pour some whole strawberries into a blender with a frozen banana in it, along with milk, yogurt, fresh orange juice, and honey.

"Aye. He'd be mad at me if I left without saying goodbye." Seàn pouts at the idea of Zyon being mad at him and I can't help but laugh at it.

"I don't think you could do any bad to him. You're basically his superhero." The blender is slightly louder than I'm comfortable with, we do have a boy trying to sleep.

Seàn grins at my comment, obviously loving being Zyons superhero. He waits until I turn off the blender before speaking again, "That's good, he trust me. Now, what do you see me as?"

I understand what he's searching for, he wants to know where my trust for him stands. If I still see him as a good enough man to submit to him like I said I would, and I do. I'm more confident than I was when I said that, he had shown me he's worth being the main dom of this relationship.

He also helped me be more comfortable in allowing him to take control, the small things he does like telling me— not asking, to help Zyon pick a movie while he cleans up after dinner. Comforting me and reassuring me of things, his firm touches on my person.

I'm comfortable with him, with knowing he'll take care of not only Zyon but me as well.

But I also see an opportunity to get him to speak about his feelings on the situation happening. He's been physically protective of us; staying as close as he can, calling to check in, locking doors at night.

Yet he hasn't spoken out, and I want to be able to comfort him also. Being a dom doesn't always mean that we have to be strong, we can still need to be held or comforted.

"I see a strong and protective man who is freaked out, and needs to talk it out." I glance at him as I pour the smoothie into two glasses for Zyon and I, seeing him frown slightly but he doesn't argue.

After I set one glass in the refrigerator I stand next to him, touching our arms. "You're uneasy, I get it. But talking might help, Seàn, take some stress off you."

"I don't know what to do and it's killin me. I want to protect you guys, but I don't even know what I'm protecting you from." He sighs deeply through his nose and let's his head hang as he leans against the counter with his hands gripping the edge of it. "Someone's been watching me, that means you and Zyon are in danger too. I couldn't live with myself if either one of you got hurt."

His accent is thicker, it usually gets stronger when he's frustrated or stressed. I know this must be hard, the need to protect the ones you love but I never had a situation like this with any of my sub's or friends.

Rubbing his muscluar back I inch closer to him to press against his arm, hoping the contact comforts him. I feel his shoulders lose some tension and mentally pat myself on the back.

"We don't know when they started watching me, or Lewis. I only saw one car following us. Those guys. All this plus the murders, it's- Axel, I'm scared." It breaks my heart to hear such a proud and strong man sound defeated, frustrated and emotional.

Stepping behind him I wrap my arms around his stomach and leans against his back, cheek between his shoulder blades. "It'll be okay, Seàn. We'll figure something out, go to the police tomorrow when you're off. Lewis and Tom can come too."

He grips my clasped hands gently with his own callused one, allowing me to feel the faint small scars he earned from building and probably a fight or two. The feeling of them causes a swell of pride in me for finding a man like him, and for knowing he works hard enough to get them.

"You're protecting us best you can and I'm happy you are, I'd rather have you here than anyone else. If whoever is stalking you comes here, we'll make them think again."

"Damn right." Is the only response I get as he turns to face me to wrap me in a tight hug, thick muscled arms curled around my waist.

He squeezes me like I'm a teddy bear and I feel him kiss my temple, I don't mind him not verbally responding to the other things I said; his actions always speak louder than his words.


It's two hours after Seàn left for work that Tommy calls my phone.

Zyon is watching Animal Planet on the floor in the living room as I lay on the couch, I had been thinking about what we'll do tomorrow when the phone rang. I went into the kitchen to answer it and never got to great him.

"Axel, is Lewis with you?" Tommy's voice is full of worry, the question rushed out.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion even as dread and anxiety curl in my body, my heart speeding up. "No, he's not. What wrong, Tommy?"

Tommy breathes out a breath that sounds like a sob, "H-he was supposed to call me! He promised to call every hour to check in! An-d he won't answer his phone!"

The feeling increases and I have to mentally calm myself down to talk to Tommy, "Tommy, listen to me. Why don't you come over here? I'll call Seàn and see what happened, okay?"

Tommy is sniffing like he's crying now, "okay...I'll be there in a minute.."

When he hangs up I don't waste time to find Seàn in my recent calls and call him, heart beating faster with each ring, beginning to pace the length of the counter and gripping my thumb.

"I'll call you later. If I remember." *beep*

I curse him in my head as I get his voicemail, hanging up and trying again. My heart and stomach sinking when it continues to ring then goes to his voicemail.

I tried fifteen times by the time Tommy burst into the apartment, making Zyon jump and turn to the crying boy who makes a beeline to me.

He grips my shirt and cries into my chest, "He's gone! He's gone! They're gone! Axel, they're gone!"

My body freezes in trying to comfort him at his shouts, he's not talking only about Lewis now. Zyon has came closer and looks about to panic himself at the words, so I drag him to my side and hold them both.

"What do you mean, Tommy? Gone?"

The boy sniffs and swallows thickly, "I- called Brian, he works with them, to ask but he said they never showed up! He hasn't seen them!"

Zyon has seemed to catch up with the situation and is now crying also, I just feel as if I'm numb. The news that they never made it to work, never called and won't answer leads to only one conclusion I don't even want to think about.
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